Top Strategies Avoid Unconscious Bias

In today’s post “Top Strategies Avoid Unconscious Bias” here on paystubmakr.com, You will read about the critical topic of unconscious bias. You’ll read what unconscious bias, Its importance, and how to overcome prejudices at your workplace is.

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Unconscious matters when you are looking for diversity and inclusion in your workplace because it works faster than the conscious action of our mind.

The unconscious mind catches the patterns instantly and influences our decision making before we start thinking consciously about what we are going to decide.

Our brain is made for instant decision taking like run or attack when there is a danger to our life. Other decisions may need more time to think about the options we have. Unconscious associations can make us take the wrong choice when we get bad information.

Your implicit biases can avoid you from having success with your diversity project.

Here you can see some examples of a wrong decision made as a result of implicit biases.

  • Choosing the wrong candidate for a job.

  • Misunderstanding your customers

  • Under or over evaluating employees

  • Losing talented employees who got frustrated and leave.

  • Promoting the wrong employees to the wrong job.

Your biases can affect any decision making in your business. Those biases are hiding in our unconsciousness so we have to learn about them and how to overcome those biases. In this article, we will help you how you can achieve your higher goals by diversifying in your career and business. We hope that you will be treating people better and making the world a better place

1. What Is Unconscious Bias?

Since the day we were born we accumulated tons of information, our parents, friends, school, and anything that passed through our lives.

All that information created associations and patterns that are essential for surviving in this world. Your reactions to this learned information are automatic. You do not have to think “Ho there is a Lion” to run away, you just run away. It is your unconscious that makes this conclusion for your conscious.

As your mind is like a sponge, you learn thing like instantly slamming your car breaks when someone crosses your way.

Some things that you learned are not helping when you have to deal with the diversity of your workforce. The information you absorbed about the place of women in the society, it may be that you associate women with home and family and not working in your business. If you did not live with another ethnicity, you might think that they have a lake of traits or the wrong traits and lose a good brain in your think tank. It will be the same with other dimensions that you have in your mind fixed idea or implicit biases.

Our conscious know very well that there is no base for the stigmas that we can have in our unconscious biases about Dimensions of diversity

From Where Does Unconscious Bias Come?

The Doll experimentresearch made by Kenneth and Mamie Clark Show’s us that Biases can be formed at a very young age. Young Kids Take Parents’ Word on Prejudice found that young children can learn prejudice ideas and have negative attitudes toward other groups even when they had a positive relationship with this groups.

You can read When Teachers Highlight Gender, Kids Pick Up Stereotypes and learn that only with saying “Good morning boys and girls” teachers sawed the gender stereotypes and discrimination that appeared when the kids were choosing with whom they are going to play.

When you add in the life experiences of absorbing stereotypes from reading or watching on the media, your friends and family it will be a miracle if you did not get some unconscious biases.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Do not blame yourself about unconscious biases. You are not a bad person because of it. It is out of you to control to get it. You can do something to overcome it and correct your judgments when you have to decide for employees promotion recruiting or your life out of work.

When we proceed with this article to make a self-diagnosis, you may be overwhelmed by finding that you do have some unconscious biases.

A diverse team on your payroll

There are unconscious biases. Otherwise, we will not have this article written for you to show you how to overcome it.

There is a big difference between Conscious or explicit bias and unconscious or implicit biases. In this article, we do not talk about the overt racism or sexism when we talk about prejudice in the workplace.

Unconscious biases can make the same damage as an explicit bias. Hide in the sub-conscious it is more prevalent than implicit biases. The way to overcome those biases is first to accept it and then work on overcoming it.

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