Learn about: What Is Facilitation In The Workplace Is it Useful?

What Is Facilitation In the Workplace Is it Useful?



   By John Wolf

Facilitation is used in organizations to prepare trainers, create teams, and polish the leaders. It can be used for individual issues and searching for the best idea of some competing opinions. Appointed facilitators job is to keep a team or a meeting on track to achieve the goal they were assigned. The facilitator’s role is to add value to the team that has the task of planning or any subject of the meeting by concentrating the work on the main issue and not letting the team to move to different directions and losing the focus of the meeting or any joint activity.

Howard Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration,

Characteristics of Good Facilitators

People that have specific characteristics are an easy learner of the role facilitators: Natural leadership traits. Knowledge and experience, of group structures and processes.

Experience with group dynamics and interpersonal relationship, and being an expert is verbal and nonverbal communication.

Encourage the participation of the attendees by the presentation of creative team building content. Having empathy for people and their life. The trait to listen and communicate with others. The talent to build group intervention, and meeting that will produce the result that is needed.

Facilitator Resources

Individual Facilitation

Will take part in a conflict between employees solving, find the solution to disparagement, agree on mutual goals, or implement a new project, process, or new experiences.

The facilitator can be outsourced or come within the workforce of the company and can bring with himself the package of structure, content, and process that employees will need to achieve a new level of satisfying mutuality solutions.

Meetings, team-building sessions, and training classes will not achieve results unless the leadership of a skilled facilitator will be an arbitration figure.

Team members often lake the ability, the authority, an skill needed to facilitate their processes effectively, and a leader can fill this lake by his leadership traits.

How Social Media Turns Leadership Facilitation On Its Head

Group Facilitation

Facilitation of group or a team will be made by an internal or external expert in the facilitation of employees and keeping the ball rolling and the people working.

There are some methods that they use to smooth the transition and keep the meeting moving in the right direction:

Use content and data that are easy to digest.

Create a formulation and a process that will help the group achieve before the meeting starts, and keep the rhythm of the meeting.

Prisiner’s Dilemma

For a successful meeting, you will need a structure, some training, sessions for team building, and more events.

Sharing responsibilities for the results of the meetings and other activities under the facilitator.

Hearing the participants questions and solutions offered by the same people, and building a mindset that will bring the right thinking.

Competing Conversations Managing at Your Meeting

The fact that people work in the same place for the equal company does not assure that they will have a good relationship. Using facilitation can help improve the working relationships grow better. It will require the ability to manage the interaction of different ideas and competing in a conversation to get success with the links within your workforce.

How Workplace Facilitators Can Improve Office Collaboration

Nonverbal communication: Body language can pass messages very fast and bright, moving an eyebrow or waving to someone can make a message across a message like stop or backtrack. Nonverbal communication is quicker and does not swiftly interrupt the main activity. The main conversation will maintain its flow.

The ability to ask questions: One way to make people talk on their ideas or suggestions is asking them to tell what they are thinking, the facilitator can ask one of the participants about his ideas knowing that he is thinking differently then what the majority is thinking. By asking a question, you bring the side idea to the center so the concept could take place in the discussion and may change something.

Having the confidence to intervene: The invitation to come to the middle of the event and talk must have no sarcasm or anger, people may get embarrassed, and you will lose the chance of a fertile speech and new ideas for a better solution. Encouraging the people to express different ideas in front of a competing crowd need the facilitator to have the skill to give opening like “I think that we have here some interesting ideas to hear from one of our friends, we can learn the suggestion and see if we can enjoy new ideas and solutions.”

Establish a group signal: This is a signal to the participants to stay on the topic of the discussion and not talk about other issues at the same time. It can be a nonverbal sign for time out made by a one index finger that tells “Hi guys only one thing at a time.” If the participant has excellent relationships, it can be an inside joke that can lighten the mood and low any tension considerably.

Facilitating is an essential tool for the Company life, it will bridge between individuals, or groups in the workplace, making possible the changes that are needed for the growth of the company. New ideas are not easy to implement. Some times workers reject changes. The facilitator can soften the rejection and make faster the period of adaptation. Other cases the facilitator will be doing a remarkable job are workplace conflicts.

Where are two people there is a place for a third one to be facilitating the understanding between the two?

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