Learn How Employee Suggestion Program Can Empower Your Business Part 2

Employee Suggestion Program Can Empower Your Business  Continuing article

Put a Manager to Keep The Control of the Employee Suggestion Program


   By John Wolf


You need to control the process of employee’s suggestions. You must have someone to push the process to a final decision of all the suggestions offered by your employees, delaying for to a long time without responding the employee will create in your workforce negative feelings toward suggesting new ideas to your company.

Having no one to be responsible for the flow of suggestions may cause an accumulation of long tail of employees suggestions.

Letting down your employees by slow response will create a strong feeling of disappointment and morale losing.

Creating an employee suggestion scheme that delivers

Make sure that your employees know the Suggestion Process and the Goals

Write a communication that will describe the procedure you have chosen for the processing of new suggestion made by your employees. This communication should have the goals that you are interested in achieving by the program for employees suggestions.

Set the guidelines for the topics that are open for suggestions.

Productivity, quality, and control, production process, costs, and revenue-generating suggest, and morale and motivation improve.

The employee suggestion program will need to have a senior manager championing and participate in the meetings of the evaluation committee. Having a senior manager on board will give the management an eye for control and the employees feeling of importance by the employer.

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Here are other ideas for administrating a program for the employees’ suggestion that is beyond the classic suggestions box.

Your Employee Suggestion Program and the Rewards and Recognition

A reward for an implemented suggestion has to be defined upfront and known by the employees before they suggest anything.

In the case that the suggestion is a cost-saving one, the reward will be a percentage of the real saving. If you do not know your numbers about the past cost and the new suggested cost you may need to make some measurements of the old way and the newly implemented suggestion.

How To Encourage Employee Involvement In Decision Making

Other fields that are less measurable can be rewarded by a known prize or bonus. Sometimes the satisfaction of the recognition itself is more important than the reward by money.

Other ways of recognition can be gift certificates, lunch with the manager or point for purchasing expensive items form a catalog.

Feedback in Your Employee Suggestion Program

Communicate the feedback about the suggestion in private especially if the suggestion was rejected. Making in public, a negative response will make people have a negative opinion about making any suggestion for the company.

When a suggestion succeeded, it will be a good reason to celebrate with the employee’s permission joining the managers and employees that are involved in the change done by the suggestion.

Once an employee made his suggestion he will be interested in knowing what is going and how his idea is advancing in the program, the employee wants to know about his baby or his favorite idea, more than having fast track yes or no information.

The best place for the suggester is in the team that is in charge of implementing his idea. Once the suggestion is accepted, you can have the suggester looking after his project and pushing the realization of it.

 More important points for a Good Employee Suggestion Program

Your employee’s suggestion quality is more important than the number of suggestions. Only important changes make significant results and money saving or good innovations.

Unanimous suggestions are not encouraged by any employees suggestion program. An idea that has no name on it will have no value unless it has something to do with bullying or harassment.

A suggestion about the job your people are doing and how to make it better should have the name of the suggestion giver that will publicly defend his ideas. It is important too to the company culture, to have this open relationship.

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A healthy organization will build the employee’s courage culture where people do not need to suggest anything anonymously, a company that accepts the suggestion and encourage presenting new ideas or suggest new ways of working will be a happy workplace with high productivity and good retention levels.

To create and maintain your culture of renovation and suggestions made by your employees you need to reward not only the suggestion giver but the managers and supervisors of these employees.

A customer or client can be a good suggestion maker too, after that you have your employees’ program mature you can start with your clients or customers suggestion plant.

Many suggestion programs fail because the organizations did not pay attention to these points.

People are not giving attention to communication, reward, and strategies a fact that makes the employees stop submitting ideas and suggest new ways of doing things in the workplace.

If a negative attitude is taken and every new idea is approached with “why should we” instead of “ why should we not” people will be discouraged from giving an opinion.

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