Learn How To Be Respectful in the Workplace

Here are some tips about creating a respectful workplace and increase productivity.


   By John Wolf      

Dignity and respect are the number one issue about workplace culture. Employers should be careful about it when they are treating their workforce. People like to be respected, no matter if they are the supreme boss or the janitor. All the workforce should be treating itself with respect and dignity.


Note: Feeling deep regards and admiration means having respect to an individual. To feel respect to someone means that you think that this person has some good qualities and capabilities to bring to your workplace.

Feeling respect means showing it by acting in a respectful way to your coworkers or subordinates that deserve to be respected for their rights, opinions, competence, knowledge, and experience. If you think that a coworker is not deserving to be respected you better let him go to look for a better place for him and yourself.

Respect in Popular Music

We can see how important is the respect by listening to Aretha Franklin’s song: Enjoy hearing “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

Find out what it means to me.”

“Everybody needs a little respect
Everybody needs a little time
Everybody needs a little respect
Everybody needs a little.”

How Employees Judge

The human being needs to feel respected by their family, coworkers managers or any related persons they have. We feel when we are respected or not as the respect is expressed by words their tone or action and body language. The way we are listening or being listened can show us the respect or disrespect we receive or give.

The relationships between you and your organization, your managers and coworkers can be understood as respectful or disrespectful by looking at the way they manage the rules and changes in the procedures to the workforce, and how they recognize your effort and successful job you are doing, and how they compensate and reward you and your fellow workers.

You can see the respect they express by asking your opinions, care about the changes they make and how you feel about it before they force you into hard changes.

How Is Real Respect Demonstrated?


Some Tips About Demonstrating Respect

Here you can find how to avoid needless, unmeant disrespect, insensitive action, and how to demonstrate respect in a simple way

  • Use the basics, courtesy, politeness, and kindness, it will open the hardest heart

  • Make your coworkers feel free to express opinions and ideas.

  • Be a good listener for your coworkers talk after hearing them compliantly, do not cut off another person.

  • Use your people ideas and let them know about it giving them the credits. Encourage them to present new ideas.

  • Never insult your people, no name calling, not putting down peoples ideas.

  • Be the big manger, not the nit-pick one, let your employees’ mental space to do their job. Be careful not to keep insulting and belittling for a long time. You can become a bully.

  • Be aware of your body language, your tone of voice and your demeanor, the expression on your face can make it or break it when you direct your voice to your staff. One of the human most advanced ability is to recognize another human facial expression; people can read your face like they read a book.

  • Your goal should be to improve your ability to communicate with your coworker and managers using your emotional intelligence. This will make you gain the respect of your coworker and managers.

  • Be careful from unconscious bias with the different groups in your workplace. Make the people feel good with your relationship. You do not want to fall into racism or other discrimination problem.

  • All coworkers should be included in all activities like meetings and other events. Though not all of your staff can participate, do not leave parts of them out of the opportunity to participate in the activities. The principle of equal opportunity must be kept carefully

  • Praise your coworkers more than criticize. Encourage recognition between employees and from the supervisors.

The professional speaker Leslie Charles words will help you. “You want to implement the platinum rule at work: treat others as they wish to be treated.”

Leslie Charles 

This article reviews the basis points about respect in the workplace. You can use your ideas and find the right way that can work in your organization.

Open minded look at your workplace culture, workforce backgrounds and particularities of your industry. An organization that has a big part of its workforce made of immigrants from different countries and cultures will need very careful attention to the language difference. For example, a worker from Paraguay told his supervisor from Mexico words that are OK in Paraguay but in Mexico, it is very offensive. The Paraguayan was saved only because of the help of another countryman that calmed down the Mexican supervisor by confirming the real meaning in his country.

Healthy working place will be a happy place to work; the happy workforce will work better, communicate better and resolve problems or conflict faster and innovate the production processes much more than a workforce that wastes time in gossip or offensive talk.

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