Learn How to Create an Elevator Pitch for your communication

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 What does an elevator pitch is, and what is its effect on your career? An elevator pitch (elevator speech as its called) is a short synopsis of what you are and what is your background. The reason it is called elevator pitch is that you have only the time it takes the elevator to ride to the upper floor to present it. Done right it will help you to introduce yourself to people and businesses contacts in a few seconds and in a compelling way. Time is a precious resource that people do not like to waist. Being too long will make people feel uncomfortable and losing their attention.


Elevator speech

Elevator Pitch, What is it?

That is a speech about you: Who you are? What do you do? And what you want to do or what do you what the listener to do. (In our case you want the listener to give you the job you want. Using an elevator pitch is a way to share your experience and credentials in a fast and effective way with people who do not know you and do not have more than a few minutes of patience for you. Elevator pitch Wiki

  Below are our guidelines for making the correct elevator pitch and some examples of the elevator pitch.

You Made Your Elevator Speech, When and How to Use it

 For job hunting, you can use your elevator pitch at a job fair or career expo, or online in the media that is related to job searching.  An elevator speech will do very good when you introduce yourself to a hiring manager or other company managers.

 Your elevator speech will be good for your network events and other participations online. Attending conferences in your industry or science associations with a well-made elevator pitch will give you an advantage and natural presentation.

You will be asked “tell me about yourself”  In a job interview, your answer will be your elevator speech first, and if you are asked more information about your self you can always add more. Do not go broader than your elevator speech, and people may be less interested in a complete story about you.

What to tell in short words?

Elevator pitch what to say

Be brief Do not pass the limit of 30 to 60 seconds, the time that it takes to the elevator to climb to the tallest floor. That is the origin of the name elevator speech or pitch. Find the words that can tell the story about who are you and what you do.

You have to be convincing. Being compelling and short sounds complicated, but this is the goal of an elevator pitch. To get the attention and pass the message in a way that will lit the interest in your idea, organization, or background.

Tell me about your skills. Hearing or reading your elevator pitch should let the reader know who are you and what are your qualifications and skills. Use words they tell it in with no too many words. It must be focused on you.

Practice, again and again. The way to have fluent is the practice it until you have the right pitch and speed; it should not sound robotic. The more training you do, the better it will look at a conference or job interview.

Say your elevator pitch out load to a friend, record it again and again until you like the way it sounds. Remember that you have a short time to impress the people, only shooting it natural and fluently will make the magic.

Flexibility will help. As the elevator speech is not directed to a specific position, you can use it to win a great first impression

Declare your goals. Your elevator speech should be a generic saying, not mention anything specific just general idea of what you do and who you are.  You have to add what you are looking for, ” A roll in programming” “Take a part in marketing” “A relocation to Los Angeles.

Elevator pitch

Learn who is your audience and speak to them.  Use the language that is common within the industry. Take your words from the jargon that is used by your audience. If it is needed, take the time to learn some words that will make you familiar with your audience. Keep it simple.

Get a business card ready in hands. Use your business card or your smartphone to make sure they have your contact information. Being prepared with contact information will leave a good impression of your preparedness for the world of business.

75 words are all you need for career success

What to Avoid Saying and Doing During the Elevator Speech

Speak at a good pace, not to fast. Speaking fast will not do it for you; you better make the extra mile in looking for the right words. Speaking too soon will make you lose the message.

Avoid rambling.  The way to avoid rambling is practice and exercising until you domain the correct pitch.  Talk in a way that will permit the person you are talking with, the chance to interject or respond.

Don’t frown, or be monotone, give your talk some life.  Remember the content of your speech. You may forget a word and find a new one while talking. Show self-confidence and enthusiasm, your body language should show that you are controlling the situation, keep your facial expression friendly, and smile. Act like a fish in the water. Change your voice to keep listeners interested, keep your facial expression warm, and smile.

You can have more than one elevator pitch.  You may try to get a job in one of two fields. For example, it may be a public relations and marketing strategy. You will need two different types of the elevator pitch, one for each post. Another version for social media, this one may be more personal and casual.


Below are some examples that we prepared for you. 

  • A year ago, I was graduated from college with a degree in communications. I worked in the city newspaper as a reporter and editor of the newspaper’s arts section. I’m looking to work using my skills as a writer.
  • I have ten years worth of experience in programming, working primarily with small and midsize software companies. If your team is in need of an extra head, I’d be happy to consult.
  • My name is John, and after ten years of working at other dentists’, I took my- decision about opening my own office. If you know someone who’s looking for a dentist, I hope you’ll tell them about me!
  • I create illustrations for books. My interest is coming up with creative ways, drawing cartoons that people enjoy and share on social media.
  • I’m a lawyer with a John and Mira firm, based out of Chicago I grew up in California, though, and I’m looking to relocate closer Los Angeles, and join a family-friendly firm. I specialized in commercial law and worked for Fisher and Smith firm before joining John and Mira firm.
  • My name is Carol, and I run a moving company. It’s a small family business, and we think that personal touch makes a difference to our customers. We guarantee on-time delivery, and my father and I personally answer the phones, we have no automated system.

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