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   By John Wolf  

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You need a job, start looking for having a pay stub every week or two. Looking for being on a payroll, and get steady income that will help you pay your bill and save for a car and home. Want to have paystubs to show to the car dealer of any lender. Finding a better job or your first job will require an online search.

Are you using or thinking of using a hashtag to improve your job search? I found hashtag as a useful tool for networking, looking for a new job, and sharing your job search to make your search visible for employers who use social media for recruiting.

Let us see how a hashtag works, and in what way we should use the hashtag. If you are a user of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you should be familiar with the hashtag. A hashtag is a sign (#) with a word or phrase. By clicking on it, or searching on a browser, you see everything that was posted including this hashtag. It is the way to see all the messages related to this hashtag.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of using hashtags to job search. If you use hashtags creatively and thoughtfully, you can give your job search a boost and impress hiring managers.  #lokingforjob on Instagram

The Ways That You Can Use Hashtags to Help Your Job Search

Survey a  Company

 Using the hashtag as an intelligence tool will help you know more about the company that you are going to apply for a job. You can use the hashtag to get inside information. (Do not forget that they can do the same with you) It is common that the company has a hashtag that is used by the employees to tell their stories about the workplace. Check about the existence of a hashtag for employees. Many workplaces have a hashtag for the employees to share experiences. For example, #Comeovolanteer allows employees to share photos and stories on their volunteering experiences. Reading insider can tell you that this company has an opening job. Allway check if they have a hashtag that can let you learn about the company.


Searching Available Jobs

It is common these days to find posts looking for employees in social media.  Some times they add hashtags to the posts. You can search for #jobsearch or #vacants or any combination that have to do with someone looking for employees. The hashtags can be more focused relating to the place you are living or looking for a job for relocation.

LinkedIn has now searchable hashtags. It will be a good idea to look for job postings on this social media that is more of business and career than general social media.

Promote Your Employment Search

You can help the recruiting managers to find you by creating the hashtags that will promote your job search on social media. One way to use the hashtags is to add them to your post that has your resume and your interest in finding a job. It can be #resume, #jobsearch #lookingforajob.

Looking for a job on Twitter

About de Use of Hashtags on Network

General Networking Hashtags are useful for looking for people from your industry to create a network that can help somewhere in the future. Look online for people from your industry, build a network with them by adding their hashtag to your post, this way they will know about you and become part of your network.  They can become interested in you for a job with their business or workplace.

Looking for the right hashtag

Helpful Conversations:  Joining Twitter chats with the same people you hashtagged to your post will make your network more reliable and with more contacts.  Participating on Twitter chats will require you to know what you are talking about, and resèct the other people opinion. You can make enemies as well as friends.   STOP WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED START WORKING ON YOUR PROMOTION

Professional Events: A good event for using hashtags are professional conferences when you participate in such an event you will see that they use their hashtag, copy it and use it on your post from this event, photos, and written posts. Keep your self informed and participate as much as you can in this kind of events.

Recommendations for Using Hashtags for Job-hunting

Use common hashtags. You do not need to create new hashtags, here are known hashtag that you better use than waiting that the people will know them and start using them. You have to check which hashtags are popular, who are the influential people in your industry that are using the hashtags that you want to use. Ask your friend what hashtags they use and which are the most important to use.  Remember that Twitter is using the hashtag as usernames. Make sure about who uses the hashtag. You need those that are used by people that can add to your network and not some people that are having no influence or just not in the right position.


For example, the hashtag #hunt will link your post with hunters groups rather than employment posts! Do a quick search before you use a hashtag.

Use hashtags only for professional content. Hashtags should be kept professional, use them only on your professional content and job search posting. Your posts on your pets or hobby are not a place for a hashtag.

Use hashtags only when it is needed.  Do not overuse hashtags, add your selected hashtags to your post that have a content that is related to your professional life.  Use two or three hashtags that are useful for job searching. Remember that traditional job search methods still work.


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