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Career advice: ‘Be selfish’ and don’t box yourself in

1. Don’t box yourself characterized

Four decades ago people used to look for a career that was reflecting their qualifications and previous experiences which is the logical result of their action at school and first jobs. If you graduated as an engineer you look for a job as one, you studied it for a few years thinking considering that it is what you liked to do. Starting a job as an engineer completed your auto-categorizing. Your job radar has been limited to look for engineering work offers. If you put yourself in the box, you will not see any interesting opportunities. Nowadays we have to be more open to new options in the work market. Some professions are disappearing, and others are changing. For example, building engineering now is made using a computer with software like Auto-cad. An engineer can use his traits and study by writing blogs or consulting online. Taking a gig job open another set of options. In conclusion, do not box yourself from the many opportunities that today’s market offers.

Making a move from field engineer to a consulting job in a big international consulting corporation can open new horizons for you. By consulting your clients you learn about many other industries than the one you went to school for, and many contacts that graduated as computer engineers, both took jobs in the same company. After five years of working John opened is wings and went back to school to study Business Administration. Bob kept working and ascending in the company’s production department up to be the head of it. All this three year Bob had a juicy salary and benefits.

What John got is degree as a business administrator and start looking for a job. It took him some time to find a job, John savings were almost gone, He took a job in the same company he used to work, but this time it was the technical assistant to the CEO. John became the link between the head of the production which is our friend Bob and the CEO. Bob riched the top of the pyramid in the production hierarchy he had nowhere to go higher in this organization. Three years went by, and John climbs up to be the second in command in this company, his wage was already higher than Bob’s salary. Another three years passed, Bob his yet in the same place doing the same work and making the same money while John became the new CEO making some real money. This is the difference that you can see when someone launches himself to be unskilled.


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By changing you kind of job, and dealing with new business challenges you will gain new skills, a new way of working as a team, a new type of presentation and enriching you over whole work experience and giving you more confidence in yourself. Amplifying your experience will make of you better a person as well as better professional.

2. Don’t be afraid to jump into the water with the faith in a lucky star

Jumping into the water can be taking a job overseas in different countries. This move can give you a very special experience in work language and culture that will make you an internationally experienced figure, and new opportunities in more new places and jobs. Working in Europe will give you the mature working culture with a high level of administration and a good level of technology and modern working conditions and wages. A Job in Japan will be hard to catch up with cultural issues, while a job in Latin America will need another scale to use for productivity and an easy style compare the North American meat of work and life. Having so much of unique know-how and acquaintance with another part of the world, you will have an edge on other applicants of a top job.

Afraid to Take a Chance?

3. Take risks with no fear

A friend that sold his own business and took an executive job. His past employees told him that “In your first day on a new job you have to start looking for the next job.” In younger age you better take a break from you successful career for a upskill to move like going back to school, a degree in business management will help you more than longer time in the same job that you are happy and successful. Dominating the technical base of your profession will keep you at the same chair but adding the business management on top will open for you the higher level jobs in your industry and any administrative job in other businesses areas.

Looking for pasture in new fields can be risky, after all, it can happen that you got to fall in Apache land and will have to retreat and look for another job.

Being conservative with your employment will bring you up to retirement with a solid career and good pension, while gambling with attractive new jobs may reap the largest rewards.

Our classmate

4. Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

More than likely that we will hire first the people we already know from school, another job, we would like to build our team by people we know how they can work as a team of resolving and innovating people. We have to start at the very beginning of our adult life. Choosing your friends is one thing you should do with a lot of care, they will be your friends and coworkers for any future enterprise or employment. A vision for the future on their personal and career life is the first characteristics you need to look for. Those people I know for the year should be able to make things happened.

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