Learn What to do when you have to Fire an Employee

What do you have to do  when you have to Fire an Employee

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   By John Wolf

Employment Termination in a Legal an Ethical way

Hiring and firing employees are part of the life of an organization. This time we will deal with the less happy action Terminating of employment. There are some required actions to be taken for the termination of the work of one of your employees. We will review the legal and ethical steps you need to take when you decided to let one of your co-worker to go and look for a new job.

Terminating of employment is a legal issue that must is made following the law. Make sure that the company’s action is correct and above reproach.

Termination Policies

The way you terminate an employee has an important message to your employees and effects their feeling towards the organization, negatively or positively depending on your actions.

Terminate the employment of one of your stuff should be the last resort when you can not make your employee perform good enough as your company requirements are established. Your primary goal is the success of your company or your department. Retaining an underperforming employee will jeopardize your organization you must fire this employee to ensure the other co-workers and the business itself.

The employee that you are going to terminate should know that he is failing the goals required by his job. You need to notify him about his low performance. An immediate termination and leaving the working place is done only when the employee’s action needs it.

Before you rich the point of no return where you have no other options but terminate the employee, you need to communicate with the employee about the situation and hear his opinion; your goal is to support the employee to improve his or her performance and keep working in your organization.

The employee can take the situation in two ways; he can start to improve his or her performance and save himself from being terminated or keep being negligent and have low fulfillment of the goals that the company is expecting from him. You need to keep the communication and the feedback on record with time and date.

Employee Rights: Employment-At-Will Doctrine & Exceptions

 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is very unpopular by the workforce as it is seen as the last step before being terminated. This image of PIP is created because many employers are misusing the PIP sometimes as a legal safeguard for the termination that is already a final decision. PIP was made to give a second chance to the employee. It should not be used unless you think that the worker can improve. Using PIP only for legalities will only torture the employee and consume the manager’s and HR staff’s precious time.

In the case that the employee is a manager that fails with his working goals a PIP is rarely good enough for saving the loss of confidence by the supervisor.

Terminating one of your HR staff will be more complicated because of the access to highly confidential sensitive information HR staff has. Once your confidence you had in an HR employee is broken, you will terminate him or here immediately.

The right way to fire an employee

  • Providing feedback that impacts the employee by using respectful language and approach. Your feedback will create different response being respectful will avoid defensive response.

  • Strategies for performance improvement will help you to get the best of your employees and not lose them to termination with no good reason. Any worker has some value and some investment on his or here training, do not be hasty terminating people before you gave them all the support you can for their success in your organization.

  • Use coaching to improve performance. By having someone to help your employee by coaching him step by step you can achieve the improvement you are looking for and save the termination of a good worker. Coaching is a much better tool then disciplinary tools you can use to force an employee to do a better job.

    How to Terminate an Employee Legally

  • Awkward conversations with your employees are frequent if you want to guide an employee that is having some problems in achieving the goals his job requires. A soft language with supporting ideas and frankly speech will gain the employee listening and taking the message into his or her heart positively and proactively. You may save the termination of the employee in the benefit of your company and the employee.

  • Performance Improvement Plan PIP is your tool to have a constructive discussion between the staff member and the supervisor about how to improve the work performance that needs improvement. If no improvement is achieved, you can terminate the person work and not spend more efforts where there is no hope of recovery.

Kicked out of his job

Employment Termination Steps

Once you decided to terminate an employee, you will have to start a Progressive disciplinary action keeping the documentation required by law. A Discipline Warning Form should be used to establish the low performance of the individual that you are going to terminate.

Hold the Employment Termination Meeting

  • Call for a meeting to tell your employee the bad news about the termination of his o here works in your company. Make it an immediate short session to avoid more stress than is needed.

  • Make sure you have all the documentation in hand at this meeting. Let the fired employee pick up his stuff and go out of the working place.

 Terminating employees is part of the growth of your organization and an important moment in a person’s life. Looking for a new job will bring a better option for success.

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