Learn Why HR Is Often Misunderstood by Employees

Why Employees Often misunderstand HR



   By John Wolf

Employees Don”t Appreciate the Balancing Act Human Resource Performs.

The image of the human resource department and its staff in the eyes of the employees is as an incompetent careless and clueless of the workforce life, feelings. The HR staff is accused of being out of touch with what employees need and always are in favor of the company’s interests against the interest of the employees. The worst accusation is about the blindness to sexual and racial harassment and bullying by superiors, co-workers and teammates, and an egregious treatment by their employers. The HR staff is also blamed for being ignorant of the law and not following the same companies written rules and procedures.

Human Capital new concept

The reality of human resources is not that bad as its stigma as the dumb, evil, company sided and careless of the humans that are under its control. It is frequent to meet some HR that do gain a lousy image.

As an example, the HR manager asks the staff if they are happy with her, a colleague reacts saying that this is a dumb question. The CEO replayed that this was not a silly question coming from the HR staff that is involved in things that wary the workforce. HR is there when there is a disciplinary issue. An HR staff member will be witnessed in the hard moment of an employee termination. HR staff will take an essential part in hiring new employees, that mean only one or just a few happy faced and many disappointed hearts that were said no for their dream job.

Promotion and salary ranges are treated by HR; there will always be some level of wary about the HR department.

Treat your employees

HR employees cannot join the gang at the workplace; there will always keep a distance from other employees, getting too close and have friendship may create a conflict in the case of taking a side, it will always be the company. Most of the employees will not know the HR staff as people. As a response to the complaint frequently made by the employee, here are some thoughts that may help you understand the human resource view.

7 Your Workforce misunderstands reasons HR

It seems that most of the HR staff are having a double commitment with the employees and their employers. .They are not there to cause pain to the employees.

The employees have their reasons why they may perceive that the HR do look for causing them pain.

Below are some of the reasons for HR horror stories.

  • A manager or staff of HR have to balance between the role of advocating the employees and the task of defending the company interests. The employees can not see or understand the dual purpose of human resources function.

    The employees gauge the HR in their narrow selfish point of view. Occasionally, employees what an exaction but do not understand that allowing an exception can become a precedent and convert in general rule. Employees will say “why only him and me” the dame will break about this exception. In cases like this, HR must say NO!

  • The data on the employee and any other information gathered by the HR is confidential; all steps or measures are secret. Any questions by an employee will be replayed as “employee confidentiality,” An HR staff cannot reveal more. That can leave the employee with the idea that the issue was not addressed. The results and outcome of a formal complaint on sexual harassment charge are disclosed.

  • Any problem presented to the HR should be in written and have the documentation and witnesses to support the evidence

  • Human Capital
  • It can happen that the HR will not see as irrational behavior of the complaint subject, HR may find it within acceptable bounds of organizational behavior and expectation. The employee may have a conflict personality. The boss can be over supervising one employee. HR can talk with all parties and see who is wrong or find that both have a problem.

  • When an employee can not feel comfortable in her job because of the goals of the company or the manager style, it is time for a change of position or change of employer. For the HR it is not an easy mission. A new post will need a new onboarding process. It is better to help the employee to feel better in her position. The best job will be the present job with some help to adapt the employee to the situation.

  • You manager can tell you about a raise and promotion, but it must be made through the HR department, documented as a reward or the completion of a specific time before the promotion is made. Make sure you have documentation about the promise. Do not fall into the Peet of your word against the managers. If your manager does not keep his or her word try to move to another department.

  • When the company higher managers made the decisions, and not by the HR staff, the HR may not tell you who took the decision that may not agree. They will not go into gossip or talk bad on the other coworker or managers through the other managers can blame HR for their own unpopular decisions.

  • Misconceptions About Your Company’s HR Professionals

Most of HR people are there form help resolving the problem for the employees. The HR job is balancing between the needs of the company and those of the employees. They cannot take side they must think on the employee that needs high morale and feel good in the workplace. At the same time, they must look after the employees to see that there are no disciplinary issues and protect the employees from harassment of any kind by coworkers or managers.

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