Managing and saving a business in crisis

Learn how to take over a company in a critical situation, stop the bleeding and control any conflict with the “Saving manager” create a high morale team of the employees. 

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Crisis Management by Wikipedia

The reasons for a crisis.

Mostly crisis means that the Company or business are running out of money. It can be because of many different reasons, technical, commercial or wrong administrative job.

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  • The technical reason should be faced by looking for a better team or letting the present team do their job if it was a lake of back up from the administration like to short budget for development or just keep the old technology undeveloped which will mean an administrative problem.

  • The commercial reason can be bad marketing concepts or poor execution of the existing marketing plan. A new marketing team with a fresh idea and new energy can make thing happen.

  • Bad management or administration can affect all phase of the organization; Finance issues can bleed the company to death by a disastrous bankruptcy as a result of spending too much money on too less productive actions. It is the management role to make marketing resolve sales and product developing and production be update and cost-efficient.



The responsibility put pressure on the Generals

Crisis Management Strategies For Business Owners


For the rescuing a company job to succeed it requires; Present what the plans of what and how will be done, in a clear way are. What is the goal and what time it may take to rich it? The message must be clearly and practically presented to the whole company stuff to all the different levels The company must stop bleeding and rich financial balance.

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“No matter how good you are at planning, the pressure never goes away. So I don’t fight it. I feed off it. I turn pressure into motivation to do my best” Ben Carson.

Time pressures


The recovery

A recovery process is hard and painful for the employees at all levels. Leadership must create high team morale although the people are suffered and painful because of the unstable situation of financial crisis, the fear of a layout or cuts of salaries. A good way to keep morale is to show frequently small improvements.

It is essential to be present in all the levels, even the janitor, guards or drivers. That is the way for gaining the employee’s confidence that sees the boss interested in their conditions, feeling their struggle and participating in the mission of climbing up to a new and better future for the company and its personnel.

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Being that close to the working and middle management help with keeping the spirits up and on the other side make it easier to see who is to climb up and who is the be sent to look for a new job. Looking for new and fresh stuff is important too.

Stress because working too much

Follow up

A given order with no confirmation of its execution is like it was never ordered.

In addition to the particular close look on the team. It is essential to assign missions to the managers and Implement a routine of follow up and monitoring mission using a “Computer management system” otherwise it will be impossible to recover.

The organization that needs recovery must be focused in the recovery mission, each area in a forum that needs to concentrate in its specific tasks, while the boss makes meetings with all the forums acknowledging each other and discuss the effects on each other area and the whole operation. A slogan that units the people are an excellent tool for keeping the morale up.

The story of apple comeback

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A winning team

A recovery mission needs a recovery team which means a group of professionals the best in their field, much better than the head of the rescue operation in their field. A winning team will be this one that put the ego aside and contribute is part of the collective effort.

Under pressure

Some points to note.

  • Prioritize what is most important; defining any possible situation from any possible angle.

  • Decision taking; The timing may be most important, Crisis time is an emergency time,

  • Crisis time may be panic time too; the rescue manager must act with calm and balance, make reasonable moves, not too optimistic in fast solution but not too pessimistic too. Not letting the whirlpool of fear that affects management and workers.

  • Back up the old employees but not those who made the crisis.

  • Let the good old employees the chance to fill the new posts left by those that were fired, this way giving the right people horizon to climb up and developing in the organization.

  • Communicate to the employees all the information even though it is a painful one, it is better to tell the people yourself then let rumors go fist. team hope that you have no crisis in your company. Thanks for visiting our website.