Year 2023 Pay Stub Authentication – Know The Real From The Fake

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How do we know fake from real?

ss oA lot of firms find it difficult to maintain records of payroll for their employees. Such firms and businewners require templates that can provide them with the actual figure of their employees’ salaries. A pay stub is a part of a paycheck that lists the information about the employee’s pay. It estimates the wages earned for the pay period and year-to-date payroll.

Everyone wants to pretend that they are wealthy when they apply for a mortgage. However, everyone wants to fake it when they have to pay it back. Most people are honest, but there are quite a few people who tend to lie about their real income. And a plethora of fake pay stub sites has been emerged all over the internet to help them in that lie.

Income fraud is the most natural fraud to accomplish or perform, and it’s also one of the hardest frauds for lenders to identify quickly. But these income frauds have been growing tremendously. Industry research has determined that 80% of loan and auto frauds include a few elements of income misrepresentation in the original application. These are instances when professionally made; fake pay documents come into play.

Real money or fake money

Why do you need to authenticate a real pay stub?

In the present generation, it is not easy to differentiate a real pay stub from a fake one. But it is not too tough for people who know where and what information to look for. It is a small thing that can be identified in secret ways. Below is a list of items that everybody should look for in a pay stub as soon as they are provided with one:

  • The digits and the decimal points – The digits should be organized in a perfect line and should maintain consistency with various columns and heads. The decimals too have to be uniform, i.e., the numbers might be presented with regular decimal places. If there is any variant, then most frequently it will prove to be a fake pay stub.

    Lies are lies

  • Proper accounting for each second on the clock – The accountants simply love numbers. If possible, they might even want to account for every breath a company employee takes. This stands for the pay stub too. Each penny might be accounted for and well segregated. The estimations and the round-off might be minimum. It might be time to recheck with your company how genuine is your pay stub.
  • Proper look and feel- No, it’s not mandatory that it should come on golden paper. However, it has to seem real. The point is more about the general feeling when you view the pay stub. Does it look and make you feel like it may have been recreated? Are all of the trademarks proper and placed accordingly? Are all the logos right and appropriate? Is every part of the stub legible and easy to comprehend?

    No Money

Authenticate your pay stub to ensure that the numbers, and everything else, are exact. If you are wondering how to check your pay stub online, and how you can access your financial records, visit team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog    Pays tub online       About pay stubs

Learn how to create your pay stub


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