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   By John Wolf  

Selling out yourself, stuck in a job that is not in a field you would love to work — compromising your goals, values, and dreams. These are everyday situations that you can see in the working world. The job market of these days is the buyers market; employers are scarce job seeker abundant. We can not afford to be picky when it is time to choose a job. It is not what we want but what we need and get. For those of you living this situation, it is a painful and agonizing decision to make in their life.  How to Choose a Career



An example: Bob worked for one year at his first job when he started looking for a new move. It took him two days to have two completely different offers, and one post was at a big desk in an office (he had a little cubicle in his first job). The other proposal was a Gig job as a producer on a new TV show that was not concretized into production yet. TV show production on a set outside was precisely the dream of his life. It is a hard decision to make or maybe the hardest in Bob’s short life.

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Bob made a list of questions to ask himself before making a decision. Here are the questions and some tips he used navigating to resolve his scary conundrum.

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What do you want?


Remember that you are still young with little experience to feel what you like more. You can imagine yourself in different situations and different workplaces. Sleep with it, and then think about it again and again. You may feel it is on a constant state of flux which is expected for young and indecisive people like you.

A young person will be sure about what he wants to do and believe that it is possible to what he wants and at the same time to have what he needs for a good life.

We all have been young, and we know that what you think today and the way you pursue it will have profound and lasting effects for the rest of your life.

Who does not have a dream, will never make a dream to come true. Having a goal is the fuel for success, but success needs some practical thing to become true, it can be hard work a bright idea and enough money. You have to be pragmatic and have a look toward the horizon. School time is over; it is time to take your decision.

Climbing to your career

How are you going to achieve it?

It is said that it takes about 10,000 hours of work to achieve anything outstanding, this time will be going to the waste if you do not have your plans where to make your experience and skills you gained working those 10,000 hours — working means selling your time and talents. So if we are talking about selling, we need to find the best buyer who pays the higher for your work. Make the connections and marketing your abilities is equally important has possessing these abilities, if not more important, when you look around and see those who are succeeding at something you what to do.  There is a reason that made them successful, it is making a connection and achieve convincing them to pay them. A skillless person will find it hard to succeed in convincing someone to pay them. Skill is first marketing is second.

It is clear that taking the TV show, that may or not become a real job will be choosing the worse option between the two. Yes, it will be doing something that is not the ultimate dream, but it will be working for someone that will help you to achieve your goal in the long run. You will be paid, gain experience both will help you make your ultimate dream into reality.

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Do you have options?

Job offers can come two in one day or do not come for a few months. Sitting at home watching TV or playing some computer game, wondering why God does not help you. At this point, you can not and should not refuse a real offer that you do not like at all.  You need the money and the job, for the time it will take you to look for the new Job. There is a rule about the first day of a new job – it is the day you start to look for a new job. You need the courage to look for a new and better job and not stuck for a lifetime in a job you do not like. Your Unique Happiest and Unhappiest Careers

 Working hard and waiting a long time before you get the position of your life needs you to be persistent?


Careers start from the bottom rung unless you are the son or another good contact of someone that can kick you upscale to the second rung and from there you will have to climb up the long way up to the top. While working hard and counting the years in any level, you will see some young people skyrocketing to success, remember that there is a cost for everything,  most of them will end in the rehab at there 30s

Life tells you that anything that worth succeeding takes serious effort, long enough time, and some skills. You need to accept that it is a long trip to success, and if you see an option for a job that will give you a lot of good connection you will have to make a decision, stay in your job for more time or move on. Do you think of a short career that one year will define your happiness? Probably not. Take your time for every job, and you can’t become a runner from place to place.


Never settle with your life and professional career. Try talking about these tough decisions with your friend and family. Look for those that know this kind of inside conflicts and your industry and care about your life. It is your call to make the final decision. You can not follow other peoples ideas, use it for your analysis of your options, and make your decision.

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What Bob decided

Bob made his decision, which is the right one for him. Otherwise, Bob would not make this decision. Bob took the job that will give him the prestige he likes, the connection he wanted, and the security of a steady paycheck. It was a big desk job. 

You can say that Bob betrayed himself, but looking at the decision, Bob made you can see that it was a mature decision and the right one. Going with the more reliable option that holds better potential for the future of Bob’s career.  The end was that the choice was even better, the show was never made into real production.    Read About: Your Current Job Needs a Refresh If You Are Unhappy Part one    Read About: Your Current Job Needs a Refresh If You Are Unhappy Part Two

Bob took the right step for his future career, a solid step for a stable life. He may have a new opportunity in the future, with a current show, that is running successfully for the near future.

Working for a long time in a job you hate can cause you health problems. Try to avoid it. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog      Paystub

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