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Business plan Products and Services sample.

Compuplant is a products and services provider for small and medium businesses. Our main lines are network systems and the service for the same systems. Our network systems have PC and LAN solutions with minicomputers server-based systems. Our solution includes the installation and training with longtime support for our clients. video

Product and Service Description

Our support for PC has three lines:

1. The Junior-system, the less expensive line for home offices or small businesses based on home computers as a workstation, here you can read about the specifications Minimum computer specs for general users?

2. The Senior-system is our main medium line for high-end home and small business Junior line we use stronger specifications than for the Junior line. Senior-system is using this kind of specifications The best business computers of 2018

3. The Super Senior-system is made for filling the gap between the biggest systems with the Best Servers for 2018. It comes with complete peripherals for hardware and its accessories.

Plan for growth and harvest dollars

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Competitiveness Comparison

To mark a difference between other service providers we have the vision of having a strong path of Technology information to our clients. Our way to win the competition is to build a real alliance with our clientele. Our clientele will enjoy the confidence and reliability we offer by having someone real, not a chat machine to answer and help out when problems happen. We offer a big difference from the competitors that only sell the products with no personal guide.

Marketing makes your sales

Operations & Management

Your best effort will be in vain if you will not be able to manage the operation efficiently. As the sheep can be kept without the shepherd, your team will need to know who is doing what. Who is the one to leads the different teams and all of them together? The business plan should have a short CV of your all your staff or a guideline of what traits and skills your newly hired staff will have to have.

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“Personnel Plan” Operations & Management section

Wash N’ Fix Do it yourself will need only a few employees, a general manager on a part-time job that takes care of the administration of the business. Three mechanics will be required for the day to day operation; The mechanics will take care of daily bookkeeping and coordination of all activities as well as safety and regulation issues, Customer service and repair advice are the operational responsibilities.

Clerks will be hired for the custodial tasks.

Wash N’ Fix general manager will coordinate all outside business activities including partnership issues like accounting, legal aspects, commercial relations with suppliers and vendors, maintenance and services providers, banks, Marketing services and investment area. John Smith an MBA from UCLA since 2010.

Marketing strategy bring the success home

The leading mechanic will be in charge of the daily management. Wash N’ Fix is made for small or medium repairs, though it will be able to support with advice from some client that will try more profound repairs. That is the reason for hiring three fully certified mechanics; only advice can be made by our mechanics, not hands on the clientele cars are allowed only evaluation is permitted to our professional mechanics. The mechanics’ primary function will be customer service and managing responsibility.

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Marketing & Sales Plan

Here you should plan your marketing and sales strategies, how you are going to sell your service or product. The base for your marketing plan is the market study that should show you who are your potential clients Finding Your Audience: The Importance Of Developing A Buyer Persona

You will need to look for answers to the following marketing questions:

  • How to get positioned in the market.

  • How to get a more significant market share.

  • Witch channels to focus on your distribution.

  • What is the best way to communicate with your customers?

For sales questions you have to look for the answers for:

  • What sales strategy to use.

  • Your sales team for the present and how you see it in the future.

  • How many calls are needed for sale to be made?

  • The right average selling price.

    Planning your employment, payroll, and pay-stubs

“Marketing Plan”

To keep complimenting the business plan, you need to accomplish the Planning of the marketing means outlining a strategy for success, comprehensible components that are actionable for enabling the business to implement activities that will result in more sales and faster return on invested money.

Another way to look at the market planning is to take a look at the external and internal factors that will influence the results of the companies action.

Marketing and advertising plans should rich your potential buyer. Are they read newspapers you should try to rich them buy adds on the right news google adds or Social networks.

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