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PAYSTUBMAKR.COM present you an article. Do leaders are born or grown to be leaders?

Our personality is made of our genetic heritage and the way we were grown, educated and the events of our life. The same formula makes a leader.

The are some factors that influence the ability to lead.

Imitating behaviors of our close leaders like parents, a manager in out work or a religious leader. The experience of our own life and event that need our leadership to be expressed. Some military people at very young age are asked to lead their squad or platoon into battle where life is challenged.

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What are the traits that characterize the leadership?


Vision is a collection of goals and beliefs that are characterized by looking for the future. The vision should be just easy to understand and awakes inspiration. A leader must transmit his vision in a way that it will be appreciated and adopted by his subordinated or by the public.

Be consistent and back his followers at hard times when they may be unpopular and having objections and obstacles.

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Communication: an Important trait is the capacity to communicate and transmit the vision to the people’s minds. A leader needs to be exciting and direct his words to the emotions and the spirit of the public. A leader must bring hope, love his people and be connected to his followers, understand them and be close to them fiscally and emotionally.

Courage: Leaders go against the tide, they look for high goals that force them to take the hard and not popular way. Courage is the capacity to overcome the fear, the obstacles and go against the tide in a path no one has gone before. At a time of crisis, a leader should assume responsibility, lead and the be the first on the ground, though be cool and balanced in a way that transmits the faith that he is going to bring his group to a safe place.


A leader has to be radiating confidence and hopes to his followers; no one will go after a person that talks about how bad thing are and how bad it is going to be. The leader must show that he has the idea about, how and where to go. Leadership must succeed in transmitting the faith in a better future. Finding solutions, overcome the difficulties are essential for being a leader. A leader knows how to give positive feedback to his people, to be thankful, and use the “Together we can” joining the people to be robust and united.

Planning and preparing:

Thomas Alva Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Leaders Plan and prepare their actions. They are not only giving good speeches. They are hard working persons. One of the leaders most important traits is the decision making; they will use their team advise and consult the experts before taking a decision.

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Qualities and skills of a leader

The skill of taking the right decisions at the right time with no hesitation. To make his dreams real, a leader must have the courage to take fast a decision.

Self-highlighting is making himself known, heard about, active, impressive expressing his opinions. Visions being oriented to the reality, visions are not fantasies; visions must be well connected to the reality. Technical proficiency is part of the connection to the reality. A leader must be well trained in the field he is leading. One can not lead the people if he is not connected and updates on the technical part of the industry he is working. Human Relationship and emotional intelligence are the leader’s most important tools. Think and talk using simple terms and descriptions Strong ambition for the achievements of the vision he is striving to realize. A leader demand recognition for the achievement of the goals and climbing up in the hierarchy. High importance is giving to social ranking and joining high social personas. A leader must accept the higher leaders authority.

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A manager vs. a Leader

Manager – looks at the person through the task – the task is first, then the person.

Leader – looks at the mission through man – the person first, then the task.

Leading an organization to success is understanding that it lies in the people that work for this organization. Being a leader is having the gift to make the people invest their talent in the achieving the goals planted by the leader and at the same time have the satisfaction of being part of the mission. A leader knows to harness his workers or followers self-ambition to realize their talents to the goals of his vision.

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Leadership in business

Things become practical when we are talking about leadership in the world of business. Above all is the goal of making money. Vision can be representing the ways of making money, technological vision, commercial vision or human resources vision are the tool for making more money. The business leader needs to manage:

A clear and easy to understand the definition of goals and targets. Comprehensible values of the company that are the base of the organization culture. Those values are the layout of the company activity upon clients, suppliers or other business partners. A global open minded for optimization and global solutions.

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Leading necessary changes, as nothing stays the same and changes are coming faster today than in the past, the leader must be able to move on and make the changes avoiding falling back by being too late with the adaptation to the changes.

A decision took by using objective criteria, using real information and not emotional gassing will be a right decision. Developing the human capital of the company is something that a good leader would do. It can be sending employees to study, have inside courses and training and letting some employees go home and hire better ones.

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Being informed by the subordinates and clients about their activities and experience and tell them of the news about the products and services to come. Communication is the name of the game, listen, and talk makes better understanding and creation of new ideas more accessible.

One part of the leading trait comes from the gins another part of the school, and the last part can be born by an event that opens the path for extraordinary leading acts. team thanks you for reading