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Baby Boomers and Mentoring strategies



   By John Wolf

Mentoring is an Essential Strategic for Businesses

Build skills. Mentoring benefits the mentees as well as on the mentor herself, a mature employee will benefit of being a mentor,

mentoring is an opportunity to practice listening and coaching, and learn how are the younger generations.

To be able to enjoy mentoring you will need to have a certain level of maturity, confidence, and long experience.

Mentoring can reduce generational conflict. There are generational conflicts regarding issues like work hours, the use of cell phones at the workplace, the way they see and use acceptable dress. With no good communication between the different generation, the workplace can suffer from the lake of respect between the young and old generations.

Mentoring, and inducing effective communication are the best ways to reduce generational conflicts.

Enable knowledge transfer. When baby boomers retire they take with them long time experience and a lot of information. It is critical for a workplace to have good relationships between the older generation and the younger employees.

Institutional knowledge that was gathered for many years and generations back in the organization history will not be lost when the old and young generation works together in harmony.

A great mix of generation in a workplace will create a good opportunity for a powerful intergenerational synergy.

An example can be when younger co-worker pushes back on their boss, arguing the corporate rules, regulations, and traditions.

It is common to have questions like “Why do we have to arrive at work at 9 am?” or “ Why can not I make up the time that I was late at the morning?”

Dealing with this kind of questions as a mentor is more effective than by the managers.

As the population is aging, there is an urgent need to get a new generation on board and move the middle employees up to supervisory and managerial jobs.

Those new managers may have difficulties in building their credibility with the new employees that took the lower positions with no experience and not yet build respect to the more experienced employees.

It was found that some baby boomers are reluctant to mentor the younger workers as a result of their worries from losing their jobs to the younger employees.

In today’s business environment the SME (Subject Matter expert) are the most valuable to the organization.

Below are some tips that can help encouraging baby boomers to share their organizational knowledge.

The most important thing not to do is replacing the mentors with the mentees before they retire, doing it will be a clear message that mentoring is the gate out of the position. 

A reward is better than punish to get mature employees to take mentoring with love. 

A reward and recognition will be the better choice to attract and entice baby boomers to start mentoring the young co-workers.

A Guide to Understanding the Role of a Mentor

A campaign using meetings, speeches, newsletters with some discussions and mentoring and awards program will talk up the old baby boomers.

The most important thing not to do is replacing the mentors with the mentees before they retire, doing it will be a clear message that mentoring is the gate out of the position. 

Talking with mature employees about their way up to success and you will hear about the mentor that helped them “change their life” in the way up. Passing these words to the people that you want to take a mentoring job in your company will let them know that there is great satisfaction in helping the young to mature.

Share mentoring results. 

Like other cases in life, giving is more satisfying than receiving, mentors express more satisfaction than their mentees. Mentors are quoted saying that:

It has been rewarding to be able to help people at critical stages of their career by helping them analyze where they are in their careers. Mentoring gets people in the right groove for long-term career success.”

An important topic for mentors that is related to the privet life of the mentees is domestic saving. As a mentee commented:

My mentor has helped me think about the future and gave me advice like start saving for your retirement today. The two percent on the personal side is powerful.”

Many baby boomers do not plan a full retirement; they think of a part-time occupation. Consulting and mentoring are the best activities for those who like to stay close to their industry and enjoy the same world they worked all their career.

Personal and Professional Development

Mentoring is a compatible process for baby bloomer’s values and the style of work they were living in their life. Mentoring will involve values like being colloquial, talking, sharing (not ordering) and working on solutions as a team. They are optimistic, which is typical to the people that crossed the times of good economics after the war.

It was found in surveys that when generations work together in a strategic, business activities like mentoring, both parts are gaining the benefits. The mentee build is knowledge for the future, and the mentor is energized and get a reason to get up and start a new day every morning which is the retired people one of the main needs in their new life in retirement.

There is unique satisfaction in this synergistic activities.

The 20-year-old and the 50-year-old have compliantly different business experience.

One last point: The business experience of 20-year-olds and that of 50-year-old is profoundly different. 


The youth will show an unparalleled ability for technology and multi-task while the older employees will have the experience, creativity and the ability to cross hard times that are the result of at list 30 years of work.

Young people will have energy and push while older people will have the patience to use their experience before taking a move.

The traits that baby boomers are most attributed with are the willingness to put maximum effort in any goal. Also, they are known as highly result-driven, mostly retain their knowledge and need no supervision.

Baby boomers and other people on the retirement age will be looking for some occupation to fill their life with meaning, to have a reason to get up in the morning.

Some will do what they wanted to do all their life, it may be Hobbes, writing or travel, part of this people will be interested in the same world of work they passed their lives, and now they will enjoy mentoring and consulting the second or even the third generation.

The History of Baby Boomers

Taking the fact that knowledge and experience are valued more than gold we highly command you to make an effort and have some of your old chaps mentoring your workforce, building your next generation of a manager. Time will pass, and those new managers will become the new mentors for the third generation. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog


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