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Factors Every Employee Wants From work

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   By John Wolf      

Employees go to work for the exchange of their time, knowledge and seat with money. But there is more in it than just money; it is a whole made of working factors from the employer’s side that makes the employee to chose to work in this place and not in another place. Requiting new worker is important but make them engage and retain them is the completion of having a good workforce.

The motivation of an employee is his intrinsic enthusiasm and drive to accomplish his goals at work in the best way possible.

Motivation is that will to take one step more at work, see things that need change and push to make them.

The motivation of an individual is made and influenced by biological, intellectual, emotional and social factors. As a complex force, it will be affected by external factors.

Examples of Business Empowerment

A workforce that is lacking motivation will have high turnover, low productivity, and suffer from a high level of negativity between its members. The employers that let this negative situation to grow in their organization will gain low rate at sites like This kind of unfriendly workplaces will win a bad reputation that will keep good candidates or potential applicants out of their negligent organization.

Do you have a job at an employer of choice? Or all the way around are you an employer of choice? The workplace of choice would have an excellent work culture and workplace environment.

There is a lot of talking about organizational culture, like there is a big misery about it, while it is only the words that characterize the quality of the work habits and regulations that make the organization life flue in a positive and transparent way.

When a new employee comes into the organization, he or she has to find their way through the adaptation to the new place. The HR department checks on the new prospects if they can adapt easily to the local culture.

The goal of the person that is looking for a new job is to find a working place that has a good culture, and the goal of the employer is to see those people that can adapt easily to the culture of his company. A workplace of choice will look for the well being of the employees as well as of the customers.

What Employees Need

Respect is one thing your employees will need for building their motivation at work. In any workplace, there is the “in crowd” that will affect their decision making about their job future, and its growing and development.

Here is what the employees want from their career as workers

  • The fundamental right for all employees is the Respect People will respond respecting the organization when they are respected by its managers and bosses. Respect is a mutual one that will feel respected by his fellow worker, or his supervisor will respect them equally. When the environment at the workplace is respectful people will react in a responsible way to the activities of the organization.

  • Praise and feedback are two important part of what is respect. People do not like to work with no feedback on what they are doing and how well it is done. The employer should let is people to know how he sees there performance. Employees need to be treated like an adult that can make responsible choices on there work. At the workplace, everyone should feel equal about the right to have and express opinions and criticize anything that can be improved and bring better results to the organization.

  • The feeling of being a big family, and work for the same goal. Being one of the in-crowd comes from the fact that anyone has the same access to the information in the workplace. Employees do not feel respected when they are excluded from the information they need for understanding and supporting the company mission, vision and goals.

  • If you want, your employees are feeling updated share with them as much as you can the information about the change that the company will need to make, its financial, and budgets plans, and do it as soon as possible to avoid them to fall into rumors and gossip. Let your people know what is coming it will help them to take the right decisions for the business.

  • Employees would like to take part in the decisions that are made about their jobs. When employees feel that they are involved and empowered it will make them engaged and willing to invest their power in the business.

  • Discretionary energy is the extra energy that an employee can or can not exert when working with his coworkers or clients. The employer pays the employee for the basic tasks that he was hired for. The employee will exert the basic effort that is needed for accomplishing those tasks he was hired for.

  • The employee desired empowerment is not a free-for-all. To make the conditions of empowerment you need to have a framework that will have the organizational vision, goals, and clear responsibilities and make sure your managers will inform it to the employees.

6 Ways To Empower Others To Succeed

  • You need to inform your employees about what they are accountable for producing. Parameters for their empowerment must be clear. And rewards, recognition, and compensation have to be clear to reinforce empowerment that is related to the framework you made.

  • .Leadership is something that employees need to let them feel on the right track, and the organization is going to the direction that can assure them that the job is secure and not tumbling and may fall because of lack of vision and clear plans for the business survive the downfalls that may occur in life. Being part of the struggle will make the workers willing to work harder for the business.

  • The executives and managers should show confidence toward the employees that may sense measly any lack of clarity in the company policy and solution finding.

  • Employees want to know that they will have a job next year and the years to come so they can commit with this company and their life, things, raising children or buying a house, need long term planning. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog


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