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When you go online for buying a new car, it is an easy and comfortable way of shopping, much more comfortable than buying a used car online or from a car lot. Mostly there is more money involved when you buy a brand new car. New cars makers and their sales system are having their different models o Navigating the car-buying process n Internet; you can learn online, the specifications reviews and see images and videos of any model in the market.

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Taking it step by step

  • The budget should be an amount that you can afford to pay cash for the car or make down payment and pay monthly the car loan you are going to take. Do not make monthly payments more than 20% of your monthly income.

  • Look for the right car for your needs.

  • Look for the options of low ownership cost and reliable car that its makers have right after buying service.

  • Take the cars you selected to test drive, feel the car on different environments and condition.

  • Make some navigation online to see what nearby dealerships have inventory that you may be interested.

  • Check the price that different dealers offer. Ask for quotes and make your list of low to high offers. Check what you may get for trade in.

  • The last step, sign the deal. You must read it carefully!

If you see that a brand new car is too much for you, read about Buy a used car reading about buying a used car

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Define your budget

There are a few factors that you have to take in consideration before you define your budget.

Are you going to pay cash, take a loan or lease the car? You can get a better deal for cash, just do not drain your savings, keep some cash for rainy days. A car loan is needed read Here About car loan We suggest you get a pre-approved loan that gives you flexibility with car sellers.

Find the car that was made for your needs

What do you need a car for? Are you alone, single or married? Have kids? How many people do you need to move on the vehicle? What distance and frequency your trips are going to be. Do you need space and power for cargo?

Do not forget that driving a car is a dangerous action, look for a safe vehicle as your budget can buy you. Checking for car crash test can show you a lot about your chance to survive in case of Accident.

Check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for car crash tests results of your selected car list.

The selection of your new car will be easier by making a list of your required features. You can find help reading this article Must have car features

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Reliability check and the cost of ownership

Some vehicles have a higher cost of maintenance, gas consumption and spare parts than others. You can check and learn about Ownership cost of your car going to J.D. Power study the owner’s reports on their cars. Cost of Vehicle ownership can help too. The market influences the price; good choices get the better market price as sales are easy and high. Bad choices because of high ownership cost are sold cheaper, looking for sales at any cost. Do not save on purchase and pay it to double at the gas station or garage.

Insurance: It is one more cost to check, look for quotes for you car list and take in consideration the lowest rate.

Test-drive the car

Test driving is most important, the car you buy is going to stay with you a few years. Any not well-designed seat will make you safer for years. You better test a few vehicles on the same day, you do not want to forget the feeling of each car so that you will compare it better. Take your schedule the test drive with the dealer in advance.

Drive the cars in different places and conditions. Let the car to feel some hard time like uphill drive highway fast driving and try curves and hard kick on the breaks.

Locate your car

Look at the dealer’s lots until you find the right vehicle that has the color you like. This day you can find all dealers online and their inventory published on their websites. Other option to locate the car you want is Autoradar or CarGuru The car maker would know where to find the exact car that you are looking.

Look for the right price

Kelley Blue Book is the first place to be informed about car market price. Input all the options and variants you are interested. Remember that color can make a difference in price. A white car is cheaper than colored vehicles. Makers website can show you the rebates and special incentives and offers of your desired model.

Ask the dealers for quotes

You can save time by using a website like where you can quote a few sellers at the same time. With enough information about the market of your elected car model, you can go to negotiate directly with the dealer.

Maximize trade-in value

  • Remember that a pre-approved loan client is like a cash client. You have your loan, and the dealer will be paid the whole amount in cash.

  • Play it cool, if you see that the dealer is too hard on you, just go away with no hesitating. You may be surprised by the seller’s personal that will become softer on the exit door.

  • Take your time, note the numbers on your notebook.

  • Make sure you got the all in price, and there are no tricky last-minute additions to the amount you already agreed on.

Trade in is a comfortable way to renew your vehicle but not the best way from your pocket view. Try to avoid trade-in deals or make sure you are not losing it in this way.’s True Market Value used-car pricing shows the difference between trade-in and dealer-retail is about $3,100.

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Conclude the purchase Pay tax and fees

  • State sales tax: is a percentage of the price of the car.
  • Documentation fee: It is you that pay for the documentation, not the dealer, Do not let the dealer add too much to the cost of the vehicle When you compare the different options consider the total cost, not only the price.
  • Registration fees: In this case you better let the dealer do the registration of the vehicle, he does it every day so that he will be faster and cheaper than you.

You made it all right as we helped you and now you are driving the car of your dreams.


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Drive carefully! Do not use cellphones while driving.