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 Integrity What Is it?

Honesty and Trust at the workplace  Are the bricks of Integrity



   By John Wolf      

Wikipedia definition of Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. It is a personal choice to hold one’s self to consistent standards.

It is the value that you what each one of your employees to have. You do not hire a person that can not act with this value. Sound moral and ethical personality are fundamental at a workplace.

The foundation for an interpersonal relationship in a workplace is the integrity that it’s workforce have as a group.

An employee who has integrity will have an honest relationship with the coworkers, customers managers.

People will be attracted by those colleagues that show to be trustful and dependable in their team. Everyone will be happy to have them in the same team because of the integrity the show, and one can count on them to do their job in the best way possible, they are always there for you.


 Integrity in the Workplace Examples in Action

A good employee will show immediately the values he or she have, and the integrity will shine when they are doing their job. You will see how the good worker will treat the coworkers. We will review some cases of using integrity in a workplace. The True Meaning of Integrity

  • The CEO of a company used to update his employees on the companies life, the up and downs were discussed in the staff meetings. The workforce new what is going with their employer. The day that the CEO had to ask the employees to accept a reduction of 10% in their wages to avoid the layoff or unpaid vacation to save the company the employees trusted him.

  • Mike was a programmer and developer that had to work on a new program, but he got into a dead end with the code he used to work. Mike went to his team, told them about the problem and asked for help. Mike’s team joined effort made a new path for the code and a better ending of the project. Being frank and ask for help made the integrity action to succeed.

  • Maria went to make a coffee at the office kitchenette; the coffee machine had only one coffee left, she made her coffee and took care of the coffee beans and made the machine ready for the next employee that will look for a coffee. How to Preserve Your Integrity

  • Manuel missed a deadline for the project he and his team were supposed to have developed and delivered. Manuel did not throw his team members under the bus, he took responsibility for the fault of all the team, and together they put in place safeguards that will avoid repeating under-performing again. Manuel’s team members accepted their contribution to the failure and appreciated Manuel’s taking the responsibility as their leader. The team also knew that they could not let down Manuel in the future.

  • A discussion between two team members about the third team member low performance ended when this person entered the room. Gossip and discussion will be controlled by a good employee that care and have this gift called integrity.


  • One of the employees approached the HR manager and complained that her boss a senior manager was bullying here. Jeff, the HR manager, reacted immediately investigating and found that indeed the manager was acting wrongly. Jeff called for a meeting with both the employee and the manager, the manager agreed to stop bullying but never stopped. There was one meeting more; again bullying did not stop. Jeff went to his boss a VP telling him about the bullying issue. This time the meeting between the bully and the employee was made with the presence of the VP. This time it was positive for the employee, the manager stopped bullying. This case shows you that using courage and insisting on resolving a situation is made by the HR integrity.

  • Bob, a customer service representative, asked by a customer about a software product functions, looking for some capabilities she needs for her business. Bob answered that he thinks that the software has this functions buy he want to confirm before final answer.

After asking Bob discovered that one of the functions the client wanted was not in this software. Bob called the client and told her about the missing function. The client was happy to hear the truth, though she bought the software anyway because there was not a better one in the market.

  • John was responsible for reporting other departments once a week before Friday. Those departments planed their workflow with the information that came with this report. John knew that the report must be done when he will be on vacation. With no one asking or ordering John, he prepared another employee to make the report as needed while he is on vacation. To make sure all will work fine in his absence John prepared a guide for the employee and trained him for two weeks before he left for vacation. Before actually going, John touch bases with the two department people and let them know that an inexperienced person will make the reports.

Integrity can be done in a big or small scale, in invisible or visible mode, opportunities are for the employees to act and demonstrate their integrity or the lack of it on a daily base. If your HR is doing a good job when hiring, you will see the results working with those workers.

Examples of a Lack of Integrity

  • Calling for a sick day because it is a beautiful day and you prefer going to the beach or have a date in the early morning

  • Leave a dirty cup in the lunchroom sink when no one is watching and quickly leave the place.

  • Leave part of the tip in your pocket instead of sharing it with your coworkers at the restaurant.

The lack of integrity will shine negatively on your employees, though they may think no one sees the cup of coffee after no one ells had a coffee or you brown skin after a day on the beach. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog


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