Responsibilities and Priorities of the Manager’s job

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An organization can be called like this only when it has a group of people that work together for a common goal. To be able to direct and control the action of this group it must have some employees or owners to lead and manage the workforce to accomplish the primary goal that the founders of this organization planned when they started it. These employees or owner are called managers, some are superior managers, and others are medium level managers, those managers have a group of other employees the report to them. The medium managers report to the superior managers. Some managers will have no subordinates to report them. Those are the managers that take care of essential responsibilities like sale managing that have the responsibility to contact customers and clients and report to the superior managers.

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The organizations have an organizational chart where all the mangers are shown from top to bottom. The head of the organization will be the CEO, or a general manager will be on the top of the organizational chart, and the employees that are doing their job under the whole managing team will be on the bottom of the chart. The duties and responsibilities of the managing jobs will be written on the chart next to the position. This can be called too “the hierarchy” of the organization.

The job description can be different according to the type of organization and industry big corporation will need more managers from the higher level and many skills. 

The roles are subject to the pay grade or classified levels in the company’s organization that integrates functions and departments for the goal of success.

The manager has a role of hard skills, meaning doing what is needed for the operation to work efficiently and soft skills responsibility to lead those who report him.

Managers have leadership responsibilities to their subordinates that are directly reporting to them.

Managers report to the superior managers up to the board of directors depending on the size and character of the corporation.

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Description of the Role of Manager

A manager is a person that is responsible for the leading a group of people and planing the mission they have to accomplish  

A manager has to be responsible for leadership in two aspects, Leading the people that work for the organization and controlling the execution of the plans and the day to day work.

Planning for the future to keep the organization function and succeeding with the goals fa or a long time.

As I mentioned above, there are some managers that have high responsibility but do the job by themselves as high volume sales overseas. Or the head of development or overseas sales development coordinator.

Senior Managers Lead Groups of first level Managers

The manager is a broad term; it is used for different levels of managing.

Starting as a team manager, department manager or section managers. Those are managers of managers of managers. Third layer management will end reporting to the board of directors. Examples:

  • Ruth is the marketing manager, and she has five reporting staff members. In this instance, Ruth is in charge of a sub-section of the company’s marketing results, and five direct reports.

  • Diana is the manager of HR, an administrative area, and sub-section of the company’s results. She has no reporting subordinates members; When the company will grow, she plans to add some reporting staff.

  • Mary is the manager of the trade show. She manages the creation of the trade shows and another marketing event. She has no staff at this moment no future planning is about getting here some employees under her control. She will use the people of the company’s marketing department and the manager of public relations, and the marketing communications writer, and the graphics designer.

No one of them will report here.

  • John is a senior manager of customer service. In this role, he is responsible for the work and results of the four departments that Constitute the department of customer service. In this position, the four department managers report to the superior 

    These four managers, in turn, head up their own functional areas: the customer service representatives, the technical support specialists, the administrative services staff, and the external training and development staff. diverse responsibilities for people and functions. Every manager’s job is different

The job title of manager for the employees means various responsibilities for people and services but all is inside the same scheme

Significant responsibility, accountability, and authority are what the role all of what the manager is about.

Job Description and duties include:

  • Plan: planning the activities and do the job of the area he is responsible and monitoring the execution of the projects he made to accomplish the main goals of the organization.

  • Organize and Implement: organizing the logistics for the services, and the employees, training, and resources that are needed to do the work, by doing it accomplish the vision and essential benefits to meet the main organizational goals.

  • Monitor: follow the activities that ensure the plans are executed on time to achieve the goals of the company.

  • Evaluate The assessment of the success of the targets planed. The allocation of the employees is the one that gives the best for the operation.

  • Other responsibilities would be those that are assigned by the presidentvice president, or directors to whom the manager have to reports.

  • Most organizations will have the same responsibilities for their managers or similar according to that different types of organizations.

    Note: Managing an organization is a network of leaders, from the basis to the top of the pyramid all have the same scheme for doing their job. The difference is the point of view and the weight of the responsibility. 10 employees are not the same as 1000 or 20,000. US$ 100,000 is much more heavyweight on the manager’s shoulders. The more responsibility the better traits are needed. Managers are paid at their level on the pyramid, the highest place make the biggest salary Team thanks you for reading the article and visiting our website.