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A few weeks pass since you opened your business, the pressure and stress start getting to you. You may feel like running a business is too much for you. There is too much money involved in this adventure you can not drop it you must make it work and save it. You are as healthy as all; it is normal to feel like this for the first time.

How to manage workplace stress in five simple steps

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Here is our advice for you:

  • The first thing to do is take it easy. You need to give yourself time, to get used to this new experience, you are not the first one to feel the weight of running a business on his shoulders, it is a familiar feeling for the new entrepreneur, it is more likely to happen when things are going not that well as you were planning. Even when things become better stress does not disappear, it is always there, and in more significant business, it may be can be higher stress. As the life of many people depends on you. Some multimillionaires can tell you that they are used to it and will never consider leaving this life. The difference between you and those businesspersons the experience that they acquired during the years to handle the stress and convert it into a driving force.

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  • Stress can be useful if it is not becoming a depression and block you from taking the necessary steps to overcome the problems that create the pressure. After a few cases of stress that you dared to take the challenge and succeeded in resolving you will feel much better and great disinfection from having the solution of this problems.

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  • You can ask your self if you have what it takes to run a business and doubt your capacity to do it, the real question is can you take the stress of running a business. You can be the best chef or the best mechanic, but it is not enough for managing a restaurant or a garage. It depends on you. Running a business is always stressful if you make a lot of sales you have a lot of action to cover and think very well about paying your tax and keep growing. If it is not that good, you need to look for more sales and financing the operation. It is possible that you will think of going back to be an employee with less stress. The unknown is hard to tolerate having a new business is having an unknown situation that is the growing feed of stress. Our control of sales is limited so is the control of cash flow, this a stressful situation when it comes to paying bills, payrolls, and other obligation. The balance between parables and receivables can be a constant headache, especially when it is the only small difference between paying or not paying our debts. There is always the fear of the unknown; our studies cannot assure us in 100% that the market will respond as we were thinking. We are worried. From worries comes to stress, from stress comes the feeling that you have a big stone on your chest and that raises the doubt about going into this enterprise and own a business You are experiencing what happens to all startups owners, doubting the decision to start a business and the doubt your capacity to run it. There is no pill against stress, you must get used to living with it.

         5 Tips To Help Managers Manage Stress

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1. Here is what you can do. Make a list of everything that is causing you stress s in one column.  And in the next column write what you think can be done to convert this issue from the point of stress to an accomplishing point. Look for the right solutions for your stress making issues. Those cases that you can not control or create the changes that will take them out of the list of stressing issues, you eliminate them from the list. Do not waste your neurons to resolve the impossible. Some people are addicted to being worry and waste their energy. The sky can be blue the store full of customers and the bank to is full of money, but they are worried about anything that may go wrong. Maybe they feed on bad forecasts and stress.

2. Now check your list and mark the points that are repeating cases. Any case from the past that does not repeat you take it out of the list, the past is something you can not change, do not waste time on it. Arise the point that never happened and may not happen. Make your shorter list of situations that are presently causing you stress and look for the solutions or remedy for this stress making problems.

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3. Do not forget that pressure can come from managing your own company as well as when you manage other people business. Make one more list of the causes of stress as an employee, issues like unclear orders that are impossible to accomplish, coworkers that leave you the substantial part of the job.

Managing Your Boss STRESS Don’t Let Your Stressed-Out Boss Stress You Out

Take yourself time to adjust, look for professional help in areas that you need to know more or hire professionals to do the job that you are not dominating and waste to much time to do your self. Start looking at yourself as the leader, not the owner. Take time for vacations and enjoy the success.

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