Read about the Reasons for Employment Termination?

Read about the Reasons for Employment Termination?

Involuntary or Voluntary, and Mutually Agreed Are the options for Employment Termination

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   By John Wolf

Employment termination should be an interesting topic for you as an employee or employer each one for the opposite reason. One is worried about being fired, and the other is looking for terminating some employees that are not fulfilling the organization’s goals. Other times it is the employee’s unfulfilled expectation by the employer.

Leaving your job

Termination of employment by the employer is an issue that goes through progressive disciplinary actions. The employer should signal loud and clear his discontent of the employee and the possible termination of the employee.

End of Employment

Progressive disciplinary actions can have the following actions:

  • Advice the employee about his low performance

  • When verbally reprimanding the employee for his or her poor performance of their goals at work.

  • Write a formal written warning in the employee’s file.


Ending the employment of an individual who keeps failing and not improving at all.

Termination of employment is the end of working for a particular employer. It can be initiated by the employer as well as by the employee or by an agreement.

Labor law pdf

A voluntary termination involves the following:

When an employee resigns by own will from his or her job.

Resignation can have a variety of reasons: New job, relocation of a spouse, going back to school, an opportunity to climb up to a managerial position or retirement.

Sometimes voluntary termination can occur for a negative reason. People can have problems with getting along with each other though they are a boss or subordinate positions, lake of future in the present job. Changes in the way work are done that the employee does not like to do anymore. Bully at work that is not attended by the employer’s HR, can make worker to leave the job.

One was taken for termination

There are many motivations for people to look for new jobs and leave the old one. Sometimes it is the greener grass that a new job looks like having.

Employers interest is to retain its valued employees and avoid turnover of his workforce. Every good performing employee that leaves the organization is a loos of the effort invested in training and team building of the company management.

Involuntary Termination: What Does It Actually Mean?

Involuntary Termination involves the following:

When the employer takes action and fires the employee, it is an involuntary termination.

The employer fires the employee because of dissatisfaction with the performance or behavior at the workplace. Sometimes it is because of a layoff the company must do for the reason of a downturn in its business.

The reasons for firing an employee vary from poor goal meeting to attendance issue or being violent or bully. Adapting to the company’s culture can be a reason for the employer to terminate an employee.

Employment Contract

Involuntary termination that is not personally related to the employees are the layoffs for reasons like financial problems of the company or merger and acquisition by another company and layoff because of making the system more efficient. Relocation of the company’s primary operation place or offshore new location.

When the problem is about the employee’s performance, the termination will be the end of a process that includes coaching by a supervisor or a co-worker to help the employee to improve his performance.

In the case of absenteeism, it will be escalating progressive discipline that will be used to see if the employee can overcome his lake of responsibility. Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) can be used before the final termination is made. PIP is the last tool in attempting to save the lost of an employee that cost the effort of HR to find him and the team to help him adjust to the company’s level of productivity and discipline. PIP and any other attempts to save the employee from being terminated will be the documentation that will demonstrate why the termination was justified.

Additional Factors that influence the Employment Termination

Employment at Will: Some states labor law allows the termination of employment with no any reason presented, at any time and without cause. You can fire the employee at your will.

Employers are advised to keep documentation. There is a potential issue with discrimination of any type. Employment law courts will find no documentation as a favorite issue for the employee.

Once you have a job keep it and get your pay stub every week or month

Termination for Cause: This is termination that has a reason and causes that should be documented correctly. And stated on the termination latter here are some causes that can justify the termination.

  • Company code and ethics violation is a good cause for termination of employment.
  • Not follow the company’s policy.
  • Acting with violence or threatened to do so.
  • Extreme disobedience to the superiors.
  • Harassment of customers or other employees.
  • Consuming pornography online at work.

Mutual Termination

Sometimes there is an agreement between the boss and the employee to terminate the employment with no any side being culpable. It can happen that neither his happy about the job and conditions after some time of working. Seating together and giving the end to the work is a good solution when no one is doing a lousy job or inadequate treatment. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog