Read about: Walk Your Talk, words, and action

Walk Your Talk, words, and action

Organization leaders can be talking about changes, renovation or a constant improvement, but it is not seen in their work.

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   By John Wolf

When the leader’s words stay in the phase of “talk” and not move to the phase of “done idea” or action taken in favor of the realization of the leader’s words, his talk sounds false and not taken seriously by the employees.

You can hear some CEO complaining that their people do what the CEO does and not what they are told to do, or even worst when a CEO asks if he has to change too. Those are words of low leadership traits or not any leadership ability.

A CEO position is a powerful one, and as bigger, the company as bigger the power is on creating the organization’s values, culture, and general working atmosphere.

We will show you below how to make the talk to walk or realization of changes and improvements.

Can you break out of the catch of not walking the talk? Read and learn this article. I have collected for you the ideas that will help you to improve yourself or make your team heads to walk their ideas from words to actions and real change in their team.

Here are some tips about how to accomplish your talk into a walk

Promoting new ideas will work better when the ideas are coming out of your beliefs and values. You will find it much easier to promote ideas or solutions that you completely believe in them.

Start with the question “why you think that you need the changes.”

A good idea that is congruent with your beliefs will be easier for you to promote, you will find more energy for this mission. The following guidelines will help you to “walk the talk”


Be a Model of the Behavior You Want to See From Others

Leadership cannot be useful if the leader is not the first to do what he is asking his staff to do. People will go after their leader not before. As in the battlefield, the soldiers will go after their platoon leader even if it means the risk of being shot dead.

If you what the people be on time to work you should do the same. When you need your staff to overtime or work in holidays to stay with them, and you will win their hearts.

Follow your own rules or procedure if you what your staff to follow you.

You can not ask the people to follow the workplace rules or culture if you violet them yourself.

Act as a part of your team though you are the team leader.

Do some actual work, take a part of the real job your team is doing, it will make you people appreciate your effort and keep you feeling the pressure and problems your staff has at work.

Collaborate on Achieving Goals

There are three kinds of goals in a company, the company’s goal is making more business and more money, your staff’s goal is his success and satisfaction that naturally depends on the company goal too, and your goals that are depending on the company and your subordinated staff accomplishing their goals. As it all has mutual dependents, you should help your teammates to achieve the goals they want. Make sure all are gaining something from working hard for the organization, I mean materially and mentally, credit is important to be shared and respected.

Do it if you said it, do not forget to walk the talk.

Build the people’s trust in you by keeping your word, do not promise what you are not going to be able to accomplish. Never let your people down if you gave your word in favor of doing something.

Your Organization’s Big Goal must be the main commitment you need to build.

Your organization has a reason to exist that is above the money making. Never forget it and keep your people remembering it,

Utilize Every tool of communication it is your most important mean when you need to lead your people.

The word of commitment to the main goal and values have to be spread as much as possible, use all the means you have, Starting with the company meetings, through the organization’s blog, and email. The social media will help you to get even more people to hear your message.

Conversations should have strategic thinking built in.

People may not understand well your way and idea, take the time to have a conversation with the staff of your operation. Conversation is a two ways tool, you tell your idea, and your decisions and your people can ask questions that you can answer and make your message understood. If you got to make your workforce see through your eyes, you would have an easier job in making them do what you want.


Ask your executive managers to be open and criticize their fellow managers fail to walk the talk.

It is hard for middle-level managers or other employees to point out the failure of a high-level executive. A good culture will create an open exchange of ideas and critics between the senior managers. Failing to make the talk into real action and being the example towards the subordinate will be said openly to the executive manager that failed, it should be done as part of the culture of the workplace and not as managers fighting and killing each other.

Quotes from Machiavelli’s book 

“There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old system and merely lukewarm defenders in those who would gain by the new one.”

Building an open communication between your workforce, showing your staff that you do not ask them to do what you do not want to do. Make it easy and not dangerous for your people to say what they think. Do not hesitate to be the leader that walk the talk. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog