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“Where’s My Refund?” how fast you can have the money in your hands?

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       The Internal Revenue Service, IRS in short, mostly take up to 21 days to refund your tax returns. Your patient may be needed for the cases of the tax returns that may need extra review or investigation. Naturally, that would take more time to refund. 

Pay your tax on time and save money and stress

      For those cases and taxpayers that are impatient and want to know about the status of their tax return, the IRS Taxpayer Service has a website that can help you to be updated. You can click on Where’s My Refund?” or use the mobile app, RS2Go. It takes the IRS 24 hour from receiving the E-File for taxes until the status is appearing on “Where’s My Refund?” For those who file the old way, using paper forms it will take long four weeks before their tax return appears on “Where’s My Refund?” Usually, it updates once a day at night time. No need to say that clicking does not make good news or IRS start running or you going shopping sooner.

When you order a Transcript of you can have information about your file that has no connection with the time it may take to respond you with the desired check. Your tax transcript can be very useful for validating of past income and tax filing status and preparing new tax filing or application for a mortgage, small business or students loans. Where’s My Refund?” is the place to be informed about the processing of your tax file by stages. (1) Return Received, (2) Refund Approved, and (3) Refund Sent. Naturally, the refund date will be shown only when the IRS will finish analyzing your declarations about gain and lost for 2017. Get Transcript FAQs

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Beware of Fake IRS Tax Bill Notices

The IRS can delay your return because of different reasons like:

Errors and issues while processing your tax filing.

Making errors while filing your return will cost you time. IRS will communicate you by mail about errors or incomplete information. Waiting for your reply and then start again the work on your file is a time-consuming issue. If you do not want to suffer delay, you better take your filing seriously and do not miss or make mistakes with the information you input on your taxpayer forms. 

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The gained Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit

In the case of claiming Earned Income Tax Credit  EITC and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), the law does not permit the IRS refund before mid-February. The end of February is the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds through bank accounts or Debit cards for those taxpayers that chose direct deposit. This is if there are not any other issues with this file. The IRS is obliged by law to hold the entire refund no meter if there are parts that are not related to the EITC or ACTC.

 At mid-February, you can click on  “Where’s My Refund?” or IRS2Go mobile app and find the IRS updated information.If you are an early bird and filed claiming the EITC or ACTC Your best option for updating on tax return status is “Where’s My Refund?”

Cases of Identity Theft or Fraud

IRS may send a notice saying that there is a suspicious return using your SSN. Another way may find the fraud is while trying to file by yourself finding it was done by a fraudulent person that used your SSN.

J. Russell George, Treasury inspector general for tax administration, testifies at a House Oversight and Government reform hearing on ‘Collected and Wasted – The IRS Spending Culture and Conference Abuses, on Capitol Hill in Washington, June 6, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Reed.

Payroll FICA payment is presented on your paystub

Tax fraud 2018: 3 top scams to beware, from fake IRS refunds to realistic emails and phone calls

Use Direct Deposit and Speeds Refunds.

Do not forget to count working days before cash and shopping party starts. Direct Deposit is the tool to use for refund money to make its way; it is the safer and easier way from the Department of Treasury to your preferred bank account. Eighty percent of taxpayers use this method as minty eight percent of Social Security and Veterans beneficiaries do. It is today world best financial transfers. Just an account number and a routing number is needed to get a fast refund.

Do not pass due day

Refunded money

Refunded money can be easily managed electronically Using IRS Free File or dedicating other software to tax preparation. You can use Form 8888 when you file for the tax. It will allow you to split the refund money into different accounts. Use forms 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ for direct deposit to a single bank account. As you can see, the IRS allows the taxpayer to manage funds between present spending and saving some for rainy days, enjoying the fast and safe direct deposit option.

If you are one of those conservative guys using paper filing or a tax preparer using old-way paper forms, you can still use direct deposit by marking the “Refund” section on the return form.

Remember that your bankers like to sleep on your money on weekends or other non-working days. Money grows interested in any date, holiday or not. Be sure that if the bankers had to pay you interest for the time, it gets the refund until it appears ready to withdraw from your accounts. They would find out how to process it on the same day.

Do not treat your tax return as a gift when you finally get your tax return. It is the money you worked hard for; it is returned to you by law. You just overpaid it to the Government. Pay your loans with it and save painful interests paid to the banks to make them richer. If you have no loans or credit cards to spend, keep it for bad times. Please take a good vacation and enjoy life with your returned money. thank you for visiting its website and reading this blog.

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