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   By John Wolf 

If you are not happy at work, do not get up every morning and feel that you want to be in your office working. Are you counting the hours for the end of the working day? Do you hate Monday morning, back to work feeling?

 If it is that bad for you, then it is time to take action, or looking for a new job or take care of the situation. Learn what is that makes you unhappy? You can address the issue and stay in the same position.

There are six common reasons why people leave their job. Review your reasons for feeling inadequate at work, and it will help you to take action and make your work work.

Learn Why You Are Unhappy in Your Current workplace

Do you dislike the job or the work you do day to day? Or other issues affect you about your job?  Maybe you like the job but can pinpoint other problems that make the problem, if it is so, you can consider looking for solutions for these issues and keep working at the same place.   

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 You already have a job, is it good enough to correct what is wrong and keep it close to your chest? Good jobs are not easy to find. Do not make a hasty decision or burn the bridge before you did everything that can be done concerning the parts that you do not like in your present job. You may have a possible fix and save to trouble of looking for a new job that may have unseen issues too.

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Below are the six common problems that cause people to quit their jobs. Read and see which are the problems that are giving you a hard time and what are the solution that you can find in the advice provided.  In the case that you failed in resolving the issues look for the list of reasons to quit.

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You Feel Stuck and do not see growth in Your Current Job

Do you feel that you are stuck in your current position with no signals of promotion? You do not see the next post that you can be promoted, take the time to ask your boss to have a conversation to explore the options that you may have.

  •   By talking to your boss, you make sure that your feelings are correct. Ask your boss about opportunities for a lateral move or more interesting position, assignments that will stretch your skill horizon. Most employers will appreciate an employee that is interested in learning and growing in their workplace.
  •  A straightforward option can be swapping assignments with a co-worker that feels like you. Your manager will have to authorize this change.
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    15 Keys To Workplace Happiness

Feeling That You are Unappreciated in Your Present Job

You think that your boss and your workplace do not recognize your effort. You do not remember the last time you were given any recognition for your hard work.

  • Tell your manager that you like to hear her feedback on your performance at work. Tell your boss that you are looking for frequent meetings with her about your status at work, and it will include the good and the bad parts of the feedback so you would be able to improve what is not perfect.
  • Offer to create a recognition team with yourself on top of it. The team will develop the process of recognition for the entire workforce. More than likely, you are not the only one that gets no feedback or recognition.
  • Money makes the world go around, remember? Maybe your wage is a little low for your needs, so you are unhappy as a result of money. Try to ask for a raise. You may be surprised by a good increase. Many managers do not give if not asked for a raise.



Life really is too short to be unhappy at work. Yet far too many of us aren’t even close to being content—much less delighted—with our work or our workplaces. Instead, we are stressed and exhausted. We can’t remember what we used to love about our jobs. Colleagues we trust and respect are few and far between, and half the time it doesn’t even feel safe to be ourselves. All of this is spilling over into our personal lives. We’re having a hard time sleeping or have given up on exercise. Relationships are suffering, too. We feel trapped and struggle to see how things will get better. No one wants to live like this. Still, a lot of us give up and settle for less-than-fulfilling jobs. We tell ourselves that we’re not supposed to be happy at work; that’s for other parts of life. We try to cope by avoiding that bad manager or getting that stubborn, annoying person off the team. We shut down, give less, and fantasize about telling someone off.

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