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   By John Wolf 

You Feel Over. Exploit on Your Job

You can be feeling exploited by too much work. It is common to see employers cutting on hiring and putting the pressure on the workforce instead.

An office building had the reception staffed with four employees until the day the budget was cut off, and only one employee was left in the reception station. There are two options. One is that the reception was over overcrowded, and the other is the employee that is alone now is overworked.  No doubt the if the lonely receptionist will be asked she will complain about bei¡ng exploited.

  • Collect useful information about the work and the capacity to finish it in a reasonable time.  Go to your boss with all this information. Show the manager that it is more work than one person can do. Use the data to brainstorm the following:
    –recruit a new worker,
    –Look for one assistant employee or an intern to help you.
    — Look what the tasks that you can stop doing are.
    –Evaluate the value-added tasks and eliminate not necessary job component.
  • Take the time to make a flowchart of the process you need to do at work. Look for wasted time and see if you can make it efficient. You may find that you do some unnecessary work and lose time on it.

The Pursuit Of Happiness In The Workplace

  • Looking for happiness


You Dislike Your Career Field and Job

What if You Dislike Your Career Field and Job

It is a critical situation when you found out that you have chosen the wrong career or field of work. You can not like what is boring for you.

I was graduated as an industrial engineer and when to work in a factory. I did not like the factory floor at all. I did not find a common interest with the workers. Now ten years later, I am still an industrial engineer but work in a consulting firm office.

If definitely, you do not like the work consider the below:

  • Take an all year to explore your option for a career.
    Look for people, that are already working in the field? You consider. As an option for your career and talk about this career.
    Lear the education you need to go on with this career.  Determine the training or credentials necessary to move on.
    — Do the required reading about choosing your career.
  • Plan your timeline carefully and move towards your career.

 Your Employer, Coworkers or Customers are not Your cups of tea

 You may be happy with your career but unhappy with your co-workers or customers. If that is the situation, start looking for a new job.

Start from yourself, making sure that you are not having the unhappiness inside yourself, and it is coming for who works with you or your boss.

Look at your way in the workplaces you used to work. Are you quickly becoming disillusioned, and is it repeating?            If you find out that the unhappiness is coming for your inside, it is you who can change it.

Are you looking for a new life option?

  •  Start looking into yourself and explore if you have any control over the cause of the situation that is making you unhappy. If you identify what makes you feel miserable? Take responsibility for it and try to fix it. It may be something like giving to much attention to negative talk in your workplace. Stay out of these situations.
  • Try transferring to a new post area with different customer and coworker.

You and Your Boss are Like Water and Oil.

Hating or another level of not cooping with the boss is the number one reason that people say they leave their job.

With a nasty manger, abusive and over controlling one, it is understandable that employees will leave.  There is more wrong behavior that some managers can do to the employees.

Manager fails to:

  • direct the staff,
  • Let the people be involved  in decisions that concern their work,
  •  staff contributions, and
  • help employees to grow using their talents and abilities of their employees.

 Here is what you can do if you find yourself in such a situation.

  • Talking with the manager can do the magic, telling the boss what you feel and discussing solutions will help you awake the leader. Do not hesitate to discuss the problems. It is a necessary measure to make changes.
  •  When you already made your decision to leave, you have nothing to lose, talk with the boss’s boss and the HR manager, maybe that could cure the problem.
  • Transfer to a new department. Go apart of this manager you can not support. You may find a better one for you. One that you can feel well and let me feel good too.


Sometimes we run away from the job, the company, even our careers. I discuss these issues in-depth in my new book How to Be Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope and Friendships . In this article, I’ve focused on some of the major components of happiness and unhappiness, and what we can do to become more fulfilled at work. Most of us work hard, and we work a lot. Presumably, at one time or another, we were excited about our jobs and passionate about our work. Work is where we grow, where we learn, where we can reach our potential. Why, then, is disengagement so prevalent in our workplaces? The Disengagement Epidemic Gallup has been reporting for years now that nearly two-thirds of all American workers are either neutral or actively disengaged with their work. I, personally, have seen this time and again in my work with leaders worldwide. Frankly, I’ve also experienced disengagement myself and have been unhappy a time or two in my career. This makes no sense to me. Why would we let this happen to us, when the consequences are so obviously bad for people and our companies? I decided to try to find the answer to this question, and began to reflect on what I’ve discovered over the years as I supported leaders to become better at what they do and to help them create cultures where people can be and do their best. What I found was stunning in its simplicity and clarity: people want to be happy at work, and they know what it takes, too. More, we know that running away isn’t going to make things better. To be happy you’ve got to run toward something: meaningful work; a hopeful, team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog      Paystub

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