Read how to spot the attributes of top leaders during the recruiting present you the article:
Read how to spot the attributes of top leaders during a recruiting interview

When you need to recruit a new senior management team you have to look for the best you can find. Management needs leadership and innovation traits. How to find the right person for your need? Your interview process should be proactively identified, exceptional leaders. Recruiting is critical to the future of your business, you need the best-talented leaders to work for you.

You want your business to have a leader-manager that can create innovative ways to make more money and not a conservative one that will keep the business in the same place.

That a good thing to want for your business but not easy to find and recruit. Paystubmakr outlined for you the main characteristics of strong leaders, and some helpful hints to help you identify the traits while you are interviewing the candidates.

1. Is your candidate a professional?

The exceptional leader is a professional expert in his field. This candidate will be on time and will help, mentor and be supportive of his workmates. Will be proud of his work and have a positive attitude; they are a strong example to their team that takes this example to all workplace.

Look for the details like dressing like a professional, the way the candidate answers the questions and the level of language he uses and his body language.

2. Is the candidate results-orientated?

The systematic and strategic way is the way a good and strong leader will work, focusing on the important tasks first and asking their colleagues to take the same way. They can concentrate on what is more productive and have the biggest impact on the business

The interview is your opportunity to ask your questions about the way the candidate solve problems in his past or present jobs. Ask about the initiatives he implemented to get more clients and his relationship with the clients. The candidates’ answers will tell you about a candidate’s ability and the way he focused on achieving results.

5 Keys to Inspiring Leadership, No Matter Your Style

3. Candidate inspirational skill?

Great managers can motivate the team and inspire the team members to overcome and achieve the extra mile that is always needed to get the best results.

The leaders that do have this innate talent push their team out of the envelope. Understanding individual needs and mastering the ability to bringing the team all along to a common goal using the win/win manner.

These leaders know that they need to approach each one of their co-workers in a personal way. The vital question to ask for the task of finding those good leaders is asking them to tell how their past employees used to describe an example of how they have inspired a team member.

4. Is the candidate can Take responsibility and justify his actions

Great leaders can take responsibility for their words and actions. Make sure to chose this candidate that show he has the trait of being accountable.

A good question to you candidates will be: “Describe a time when you failed in a leadership role, and “How you managed the situation?”

Another question to assess accountability can be: Asking the applicant to explains which of his skills or competencies need improvement.

5. Is the candidate influential?

Leaders need to have the power to influence a multitude of a workforce, and it may be a handful size of team or thousands of employees

Being able to influence a large number of people is one of the most important traits they are needed for leadership. A leader has to implement a set of common goals and principles in the organization he manages.

While managing the interview, ask the applicants to provide an example of how they have influenced the workforce they managed in the past, and what were the results at this time.
What is an intuitive person? What are their traits?

6. Being intuitive is an essential skill, Is your candidates have it?

Make intuitive, and sometimes risky decisions is an essential trait for an exceptional manager. “Gut instinct” plays a role in the struggle to make a big business. That is an innate ability.

Ask your applicants to describe a time when they took a risky decision that became a great success. Or how they make a decision based on little information.

7. find a candidate emotionally intelligent

Emotional Intelligence

An exceptional leader regards their workforce as unique individuals who require investing time and effort.

They know and understand their team’s personalities with their special characters so they can offer care, attention support and guidance at a time it is needed. This way they can create the special relations between the organization and the individuals that make it work.

It can be helpful to ask the candidates to show their experience of building a solid and professional friendship at work. This is the indicator of their ability to build and nurture relationships.

8. Big picture thinker is what you are looking for.

A good leader can make everything work effectively without interfering in every step or nonstop monitoring the process. They are easy to delegate authority to the subordinated staff. An exceptional leader will let his staff grow and take more of the weight and leave the leader to deal with the big picture.

Ask your candidates how they stay focused on the whole picture and if they communicate this spirit downwards the hierarchy.

9) Find evidence to confirm your impression

Asking questions is not enough, look for evidence to make sure your the answers were correct, and your impression was not wrong. Collect as many references as you can from their ex-colleagues and employers.

Psychometric Tests

10) Psychometric questionnaires and test help.

Psychometric questionnaires and tests are good tools to complete the interview and solidify your assessments. If you have to hire a manager for your business, you must do the best in the recruiting process. The wrong person will create a lot of damage to your business.

Use the hints and recommendations is presenting in this article.

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