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Selling Your Products or Services

Create your sales infrastructure.

To avoid problems and headaches, you have to take the necessary time to build your sales process from square one, do not lose your data. You will need a central database to keep in one place the tracking information of your clientele and your target clients. You will need one of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs for small business. You can look for one here Best CRM Software 2018

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There are terms you need to know like ROI (Return On Investment) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) It is simple logic information of your business that you will need to tie up to make it grow, like how much revenue and how much product you will need to sell to rich your goal.

The 20th Century salesman


Typical for a small business owner is the temptation to do everything by themselves; sales are the preferred one, it is a common mistake not to hire a specialist for sales. Sales need someone to be dedicated to hearing and learning about your buyers while selling them. It is a full-time job and a full mind job too. Look for someone that has experience selling on the front lines and understand your buyer’s personas; this will bring your sales up. Read this article it will help you put together your sales process The 5.3 Stages On The Climb To Mastering Your Sales Process Development by Forbes

You need to use the automotive, 21st-century apps like these 10 Must-Have Tools for Small Businesses it will make it easy to look for information and analyze it for use in your strategy planning of your selling plans.

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Sales Tools & Resources for Free

Below are some free tools for you to use for building your best sales engine, prospects and customers, for free.

  • Templates for Sales Emailing Get Yours by searching on Google.

Happy Customers Will Keep You Happy

Customers are your main sales job; you have to gain them and keep them buying. Your clientele is your treasure that you need to guard and attend. The motor of your business are the returning customers. You invested in acquiring your clients a lot of efforts like advertising, salespersons time and expertise that you do not want to let go; you want them to come back again and again. What your sales department got to come close your Customer Service needs to keep close and make repeat buying.

Advertising in the 20th century

You have to make your clients become your business fans. A year ago it was your quality and branding that kept your clientele loyal and came back for more buying. Today we have the Internet with websites and reviews, you-tube and especially the social media where you can show your offers, make your image, branding making the public know about you or give their opinions about your product and the way you treat them. Remember what I was told by one customer “ I care more about the way you treat me when they are problems with a product more than the problem itself because problem or defects can happen to anyone but bad customer service is under your control.”

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Your marketing and sales are under your control and your effort to improve and make perfect a big part of your possible clientele are evaluating your business by reading the content and opinions that other people published on your company or a specific product of yours. You should be on gourd keeping your customer satisfied and happy:

Only cash was used at the beginning of the 20th century

Fast reaction

Nimble reaction to the client’s requests and fast solution of problems is what clients like to see from a good business. You need a system to respond instantly as a consumer service if possible 24/7 response by Chat, email or phone, this will keep your client’s trust in your business 

Learn where your customer mostly mention about your company whether it is good opinions or critical complain, you need to be there for reaction. You need to watch the social networks, Yelp, Google maps or other networks places.

The sales department at 1950

Touch-points with particular customers

All interaction with individual customers should be kept in your database, learning from clients experience with your business will help you for future improvements of your customer service.

Important factors to keep and use are, the time the has been your clients. What they express about your sales process? How many times the purchased? What did they say on the service and products they bought? Knowing your clients feedback on those questions is essential for your conversation and answering other customers.

Create feedback that turns around.

Be actively seeking for your client’s feedback or any other reaction, do it from the first moment you got the first clients transaction. When your business is growing more significantly, it will be harder to collect this critical feedback. Your sales team will have a constant close touch with the customers, feeling the pulse and the temperature of the clientele, they are a valuable source of information.

Your website must have an FAQ page

Your website visitors will feel much comfortable finding answers read for their questions. Your starting website will have a simple FAQ page. With the time and your growing business, you will have much more clients; you should turn the website to a place where your customers can self-service themselves with answers and library of knowledge about your business or complete instructions for clients or users.

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