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Moving from point A to point B is a mission that takes planning regardless of the distance or what is in-between the starting point and the target point. The strategy is the name of what you need when you are planning the growth of your business. There are many intermediate decisions to take on your way from startup to the big business you have on your vision. If you do not like to lose your way before you reach your goal, you must have strategic planning that will keep you moving in the right direction, exploiting your sources to the maximum.

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A startup first step is the writing of a business plan where you can build the short and mid-term steps to take, budget to finance and objectives to achieve. Your strategy will look at the midterm and long-term goals, presenting the essential strategy you will need to follow reaching your goals.

Strategic Plan Template: What To Include In Yours

Use this chart to make your strategy plan

The basics for strategic planning will be presented in this guide. You can read here about the critical issues to take in consideration when planning and how to bring to reality your plans.

  • Strategic planning purpose

  • Strategic planning three main elements

  • Analysis building for your strategic plan

  • Strategic plan content

  • Issues to think of

  • Bring to reality

Strategy planning team

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Planning means looking for the way to create anything that is complex or takes a few stages that must be coordinated. Planning your strategy is making clear where you are going, in what timing and the source you may need to achieve your business goals. Your day to day view is limited to a few immediate steps; strategic planning is looking for the actions to come while making sure them you will not lose your focus on your business future growing.

Strategic planning importance for growing business.

When you want to grow your business, you have to take the risks of growth. Planning your strategy should make the risk to be only very well calculated risks. Identifying where you are going to take your business and taking the right decisions on what and how you are going to make the growth will give you a better chance for successful growth.

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Growing business is not only a matter of more sales and more employees it is more about changes in the quality of your staff. It is a complex goal, and it complicates not only because you need to move much more logistics, but it is also more about the leadership and managing capability of your team. Buying a few more trucks and hire the drivers is not enough, hiring good managers with much higher traits that can resolve more significant day to day problems is what you need for growing.

The logic flow of planning strategy

A growing business is much bigger and complex problems that require more leadership and resources to keep it run and grow.

A wider range of information and analysis will be needed to keep your inside activities and outside influence of present and future marketplaces.

Writing a strategic plan vs. writing a business plan.

A strategic plan will deal with information that can show you the direction to take your company and the path to take for growing. Planning your strategy will define your goals for your company while the business plan will have the road-map and the actions your business have to accomplish for reaching the level of growth your strategy was planned to achieve.

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The strategy which is the summary of information and ideas and business plan which is a working plan is complementary poles of your business. An open eye must be kept on long-term changes of markets, and technology new industries that can be the game changer and give you an advantage or be disastrous if you do not adapt your business to the changes. Your other eye should be watching the day to day completion of your actual business plan.

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Working on your strategy requires you to understand your business and your competitors and clients fully. Here are the three questions you will need to know the right answers for them:


  • Your business present status, you have to know very well your business, from the inside to the outside activities, its profitability and competitors situation. You need to know your day to day information like cash-flow, sales, costs updated. Make a written report of the real situation periodically.

  • To where you go? You need to have one vision about where you want to take your business, define the objectives you believe you can take your business. Work out your vision for your business using the information you collected and learned. Be realistic not a dreamer, though look for five or ten years ahead.

  • What are the means your business need for the future? Looking at the present and compare with what you need to make a move to grow and make a list of it. What are the structural and financial changes you will need to meet the goal and timing of the changes? Having a clear idea of what you will make a good business planning for the growing project. Making a reality of your vision will need good amplification and execution of all the factor involved in a business. The human sources are the most important one; you must have the right people in the right place.

    The answer to the second question “To where you go?” is the centerpiece of your strategic planning. You can not start thinking about “going” if the answer to the first question is not showing that your business has the power and condition to make this move. A negative answer to the third question will show you that you miss the means for your vision to become true. In other words “If the first and the third answers are not positive your vision is not more than a dream.

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