Recruiting and Hiring Practices help to gain better diversity part I

PAYSTUBMAKR presents an article about Recruiting and Hiring Practices that can help to gain better diversity

We have read about the advantages of a diversity of employees and discussed they to make it happened. The struggle for a good level of diversity starts with your recruiting process. Ambitious goals are declared but not achieved; you find yourself again with the same backgrounds workforce. It seems to be easy to say hard to make the situation. In this article, we will focus on the hiring process.

Hire the wrong people will not make your business any good, above all is the need to get the best-trained people, with the best personality. Diversity is important but not as a favor to anybody. The best candidates of any group of people living around your business.

How to make it work and get the best ones and at the same time achieve as high diversity level as possible.

We can use a process with nine strategies starting with the easier once and advancing to the more complicated strategies.

Set Your Focus

First, we have to focus on what objectives we are aiming for starting.

Let’s have a look at the previous article Dimensions of diversity. As we say “you can win them all” we need to make a list of priorities and rate of difficulty and start with the easier few, or one by one gain them all. 

Make an assessment of the situation of your existing staff so you will be able to see where is the priority to start.

Is it the gender or age differences? Make your choice from your list and your reality

We will review the gender equality; you can adapt it to any other dimension that you may find better to start with. It will take time to see results in your workforce. Take your time and do not over push the process.

Below are the different strategies :

1. Work on Your Job Ads

Do qualified candidates are turning away from your opening job announcements or advertisement looking for filling the vacant employment?

People of different dimensions can perceive in different ways the same words, so with gender, even small differences can make women different reaction to the same advertisement Wired New Study Exposes Gender Bias in Tech Job Listings

For example, the use of “visiting clients to determine appropriate products for a discount sale” or “visiting clients to establish appropriate products for a discount sale.”

For an inexperienced eye, it looks like there are no differences between this two sentences. Researchers found that to determine will repeal women and to establish will be better perceived by women.

You can use this tools to help you write better advertising when you look for new workers: Gender Decoder for Job Ads or Textio, you can paste or write directly on the text window and get a correction and suggesting the use of a better word for recruiting.

The word important is marked for change.

The word meaningful is suggested as better

2. Create a Diversity Policy

Keep your job adds and your mission statement or company values tuned, so applicants will not find the discrepancy between your words on the job adds and your website. On your website or any other media that you can be found by the public that is looking for a job, make it visible that diversity is important to your company.

Swimsuits for all is a good example of a strong statement about diversity.

Your website can do part of the job of showing your commitment to diversity; there are more ways to do it that can complete expressing your commitment to diversity. Like any mission, you need a clear policy so your efforts will focus on achieving the required level of diversity.

3. Represent Diversity

You need to be attractive to the people you need and want to hire for your workforce, it is so for no diversity interest and even more important if you are interested in the more diverse workforce. People that look for the job will feel better to send you an application when they see images of you present workforce with the same diversity dimension already working for your business. Unconscious bias

An excellent example of having a face for diversity buy inside made of a pure white team.

The BBC created a recruitment film The BBC cast was all white. This day you can see that the CNN correspondents team is made with a diverse group.

Diversity is not only gender and race. Remember to consider all the dimensions of diversity we mentioned in the past article. Make your image to reflect your values.

4. Be Accessible

We are in the year 2018 your company should be a working place that has and can accept people with disabilities. In many countries, it is required by the law. It is not a surprise to see people in a wheelchair working as a supervisor in a park in the middle of Lima the capital city of Peru.

The diversity’s disability dimension is one of the important dimensions. Your office should be fully accessible. Read this self-assessment test, and make the adjustment required for having your office accessible for wheelchairs. The election has more women response.

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