Recruiting Planning That Ensures a Superior Hire

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The most common HR tools for selecting new employees are Personal Résumé or Curriculum Vitae and one job interview. If you use only these two for your recruiting and screening methods of candidates for your vacant jobs, you are missing more ways that will help you to hire better applicants.

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You can use the following ideas to improve your hiring results

Pre-Building Your Candidate Pool

Do not wait until you need a replacement for one of the vital employees that left you with short notice. Create a network of potential candidates for any important vacant that you may need to fill. You use events like professional conferences, where you meet professionals of your industry or social media where you can make friends with more people in your area of interest. Your website can get you more contacts from interested optional prospects for future employment.

‘Curriculum Vitae’ is a professionally prepared to convince you the person beyond it is the best you can find. An interview can end with the HR team of a positive impression of a candidate.
 Before you go ahead with hiring, read these steps, ensure a successful hire?   Some research says that it is not enough with these two factors. You better invest some more investigation before making your final decision about hiring the prospective candidate.

References and Perform Background are your next steps

You probably got two or three candidates that crossed the first interview gaining the right level of acceptance by you and your HR team. Now it is time to check the references you got from the applicants, and their background as the list of schools and other employers and managers that is mentioned of the Curriculum vitae can give you. One routine check will be about the possible criminal record.

There is a problem with the past employers willing to share more information than a job title, dates of employment, and maybe, the person’s salary with you. Here is the reason you need to have contact with the managers from the past.

Social media is a useful resource for information about the candidates. There more to learn about the applicant’s personality. Linkedin my be the place to get a good idea about the future employee of you.

Common errors while recruiting

It is good to open your search for a different profile of candidates.  As the words of Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of human resources at Indeed.

“Think of the diversity of age, experience, background, race, and gender, all of which help bring a diversity of thought,” Wolfe said. “[This] can make organizations more successful and keep organizations growing and progressing.”

Ted Karkus,  ProPhase Labs’s,  CEO, and chairman experience tell us that employers often judge candidates on the base of whether they like them or not.

You must know what you need and look for the right person for it. If you do not define the qualifications for the job and find the right person, you will end hiring the wrong person.

Only with the correct job description, with the responsibilities skills knowledge and experience and talent well described in hand, you will know what to look for as your employee. When you have in your mind the right description, you can find the right people.

Before beginning, an employee search to make sure that your company has a clear hiring policy. Your hiring staff can lose its way if you have not a clear path on how to hire new employees.

Every workplace has its typical culture. It may happen that your prospective employee is not the type that will enjoy the culture of your company or visa verse, that you would not think of the candidate that do have the conditions for fulfilling the job requirements has the right workplace cultural concept. Ber in mind that the companies culture includes the benefits, salary, perks, and flexibility,

With many companies using p

platforms like Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools, a weak social media presence can hurt your company – and the people in it.

These days are the social media era. You can not ignore the opportunity to learn about an applicant or the company he or she used to work before you decide on hiring this person.

Remember that hiring is not unilateral action, you need the acceptance of the potential workforce. The better is the prospect employee, the more demanding he will be, and not only in salary and other benefits. A modern workplace. A good equipt with the last models of technology will attract better the candidate with the best potential.

How To Ensure You Hire Superior Employees?

A big question, what to do that will bring you superior hires?  First, start the recruiting process with a planning meeting. At these meetings, you will need to

At this planning of recruiting meetings, you need to build your agenda to follow up and make your  Recruiting plan to ensure your success in hiring one employee of choice. 

 The meeting will have to agree on the steps beyond the routine with curriculum vitae and interview. An evaluation of the likelihood of the selected candidate’s success at work he or she is expected to do in the open job.
The meeting will have a better possibility to succeed when it a real meeting and not a chat or email one. An agreed recruiting plan will save you time in your recruiting process.

Recruiting Planning Meeting Checklist

Decide Whether a New Employee Is Necessary.   


 The first step is to determine the need for hiring a new employee. Develop a job specification out of your needs and job analysis and job description to cover the needs of your Production or service system.

Once you know what the work that the new employee will have to do is, you can start scheduling the recruiting meeting with your HR and hiring manager. If your business is two small, you can outsource professional HR and recruiters.

You can add to your hiring meetings the manager that will be reported by the recruit and the manager that will have to use the recruit’s work as a customer.

Steps and components of recruitment plans

Recruitment plan consists of five general steps

Five essential steps for your recruiting project:

1. Identifying the need for a replacement or new job opening

2. Decide how to fill the job opening

3. Recognizing what the target group of potential candidates is.

4. Make a connection with the target group

5. Start having meetings with the candidates

A good recruitment plan should include these :

– Publication and announcement

– Timeline for  recruiting

– Advertising plan

– Schedule the interviews

– Use of the assessment tools

– Background checks

– Interview plans

– References

Make a list ranking the Characteristics You want to meet in Your Potential Candidates

The job specification should be your guide to review when you are interviewing a prospective employee. You can talk and discuss this specification in the interview.  You can comper the present person with your experiences in the past with people that did the same kind of work.

Rank the primary qualities, experiences, education, characteristics, and traits of the person you are looking for your job.

The ranking you had made will be the guideline for your recruiter to write the job posting online or in the local newspapers. It is essential to make the post expressing what you need, so it will pull the right type of applicants for you and your HR to be able to pick the best option.

HR responsibilities (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Human resource managers are in charge of many duties pertaining to their job. The duties include planning, recruitment, and selection process, posting job ads, evaluating the performance of employees, organizing resumes and job applications, scheduling interviews and assisting in the process and ensuring background checks. Another job is payroll and benefits administration which deals with ensuring vacation and sick time are accounted for, reviewing payroll, and participating in benefits tasks, like claim resolutions, reconciling benefits statements, and approving invoices for payment.

Determine the Best Hunting area to Post Your Job adds so you will Find Candidates.

 There are a few places for posting your job ads. You will need to look for the most effective ways to reach the most exhaustive candidate pool. You can include your employees’ referral and post n professional association websites of your industry.

handle the complete job specification, but the prioritization helps identify the characteristics you seek in a candidate.)

Determine a Places to Post Your Job Listing

Now having the essential requirements prioritized, determine where to advertise the position to develop the most exhaustive candidate pool. You will want to include asking for internal referrals from employees and posting on professional association websites related to the job you have to assign to the new worker.

Imagen how many contacts you can get by using your employees and their social media. On LinkedIn or Facebook. Each one of your employees can have a cluster of connections from the same industry, and these contacts may have even more contacts. Going to LinkedIn by yourself will do good for your effort in looking for the best guy in town.

Who Will Conduct Interviews?

 Assign your team to interview the applicants for your so needed new employee, and define the qualities of the candidate they will need to look for in the candidates.

Give each one of the interviewers one part of the evaluation, technical skills for one, and cultural fit for another and fitness to the job for one team member more. The summery of this expert’s opinion will define the assignment of one of the applicants for their desired employment.

Phone Screen Questions

 You have to see what will be the questions for the first phone screening, and who will be the person that will make the phone calls for the first contact with the applicants. That call has to give you the first impression of the applicants so you will be able to have a selected groud to proceed with those who have a better chance to be hired.

Candidate Interview Questions

 Interviews are short meetings that have to allow you to see who is the candidate and if he may be a good employee doing the assigned job for this vacancy.
One way of discovering the candidate can be writing scenarios of situations that may be real while working in the related job, and let the candidate tell your team how he or she would resolve it in real life.

Each participant in the interview should ask about the area he or she is covering.

  • Cultural fit,
  • Technical capabilities
  • Ability to communicate
  • Interpersonal effectiveness

Read what Google has to say about  culture fit interview questions—and what to look for in the answers

Pre-Employment Assessments

Testing can be beneficial when you are looking for new employees. There is some pressure element that can show you how the candidate reacts under stress. Besides the pressure, that is the skill that you can test too. For example, if you have a candidate for customer service, you can let him respond a letter from a customer and see how he is doing with the reply. Read what Indeed tells about Pre-employment assessment

The same way you can try if the job is for different kinds of occupations. For a writer, you can ask for a short sample. A programmer can create a small program or resolve a bug in a program. All candidates for the same job should have the same test.

Questions Your Interviewers Will Use

 You need another set of questions to ask after the assessment was done. These questions will be directed to find the most important characteristics that you are looking for in the person you hire. For the vacant position.0.


Planing is the base for the success of anything people want to do. Recruiting is not a different case. Choosing people to be your employee is a complex mission that will need to be planed to use all the means you can use to get the best result. A candidate that may look very promising at first sight may end as a wrong choice.

Only going step by step guided by professional hiring experts will show you who is the best choice from the group of candidates. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog    Pays tub online       About pay stubs

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