When you start to feel that something is wrong, you miss important events and make many mistakes – It is possible that you have to disconnect yourself from work. Otherwise, it cost you your health.

Although there is a lot of talking about the importance of vacation, many people do not take vacations seriously. A survey made by Glassdoor shows that American workers use only 51% of the vacations they are permuted.

Some people are simply workaholics, and others are feeling that they are not up to date at work so they are afraid to have more unaccomplished tasks if they will take a vacation. Michael Kerr, author of “The Humor Advantage.” , Write that part of the employees are afraid that the boss will not like their will for vacation specialty when the other employees are staying at work with no vacation. Part of the employees is afraid of losing their job to the workers that do not ask a vacation time.

 It does not make a difference if you just love your work or worried about your future in the job you have. Not taking your yearly vacation is the way that will lead you to have health problems that will need a longer period of rest from work. Kerr says that:

“The list of stress-related health issues caused by an endless work schedule is enormous, including sleepless nights, stomach issues, irritability, backaches, and tension headaches.”

University College in London found in a 2015 study that overworking will increase in 33% increased risk for heart problems like having a stroke or 13% higher risk to get a heart attack.

Documented severe impacts on your health are not the only problem when you miss taking your annual vacations. Reduced productivity, and a higher risk of mistakes and small accidents. Your vacation is an essential part of your work just like writing a reporting job is taking rest in a vacation. Working hard and take vacation will be much more productive when you take in account the balance between the work that is done and the mistakes and lake of creativity when you miss the rest of vacation. <your health problem will cost lake of productivity at work as a result of Health leave and doctors visits.

Coming back from your yearly vacation will make you less stressed and much greater power to cope with the day to day stressors.

We have to remember Kerr’s quotes:

Unplugging from work, even just for a day or two, can help you maintain a better overall perspective on life, help strengthen your personal relationships, and boost your happiness levels which will all support a healthier, happier person showing up at work,”

More quote:

Since creativity is fed by new experiences and serendipitous encounters, taking regular vacations can lead to powerful insights and new ideas that you can bring back to the workplace. And although some people worry about their job security when they go away, the reverse can also be true: If you’re a valuable commodity at work, then going away can serve as a great reminder to your boss and colleagues of just how sorely you’re missed when you’re not around to handle things.”

Learn about the 12 signs that tell you that it is time for  a vacation from work:

1. You look at the mirror and see that you look like your passport photo

Kerr tell us “It’s an old joke with a lot of truth to it,Any signs of chronic stress that might be signaling impending burnout are obvious red flags: irritability with colleagues, finding it difficult to concentrate on routine tasks, chronic tension headaches, back strain, stomach issues, or more serious health concerns.”

2. Sleeping is not easy, Insomnia

Overworking and the stress it creates can be expressed as insomnia. If you start having difficulties falling asleep or you wake up before 3:00 AM on most of the nights. It might be as a result of your overworking at your job and the stress you get form your focusing on working without having enough rest and vacations on the short range like a weekend and the year around a lake of relaxing time at your missing yearly vacations.

3. Are you work for a living or live for working? Are you start missing weddings or other personal essential events

Being absent at family events missing family dinners, your kid’s school concerts or football games it is an alarm calling you for action, a pleasant one your annual vacation

4. Founding yourself at work making more mistakes than before.
Kerr says:

Whether it’s errors on financial reports or customer transactions, if you find you’re making more mistakes than usual, it could be a sign you need to reboot your mental hardware,”

5. You lost the enthusiastic spirit you had about your work.

Monday morning you got up and need to move ahead to start working, but you feel like staying home, or you see your work as a punishment than it is an alarm that sounds like VACATION! VACATION! VACATION! VACATION!

6. Your sense of humor was turned off.


No jokes, no laughing! This one is sold sign the last alarm; you must be running to by your air ticket to Fiji Island or the Dominican Republic for an escape of at list one month.


7. The black hills of Dakota routinely become the same as the Everest.


If you see small jobs becoming big and long missions that make you feel tired before starting you do have a problem that needs a vacation as a solution.

Kerr quote:

“A lack of healthy perspective on issues can definitely be a sign you need to re-calibrate your mental settings.”

8. Your entire life revolves around your work.
Kerr adds this quote:

If your entire identity is wrapped into your work — so much so that you’ve forgotten who the real you is — then it’s time for a vacation,”

9. Your life became work work work and nothing more
When your talk is only about your job, stop and start running to the travel agency for your Iceland vacation

When you spend most of your off hours thinking or talking about work, it could be a sign you need to refocus with a vacation,” says Kerr.

10. Your downtime should be taken to get some good entertainment
More of Kerr words

“Rather than going for a run or participating in fun activities in your off hours, all you can manage to do is drag yourself to your couch when you get home because your energy level is so depleted that you’re not getting the health and wellness benefits from your off time the way you should be,”

11. Making unhealthy choices to wash stress.

Kerr words “Reaching for a glass of wine as soon as you’re in the door from work, overeating, or forgoing your normal exercise routine, can all be signs you need to shake things up with a vacation,”

12. Your daydream is flying to the moon but no to work

“When you find yourself daydreaming at work more and more about winning the lottery or dream vacations rather than focusing on your goals or demonstrating concern for your company’s goals and well-being, it’s time to book a trip,” Kerr says

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