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   By John Wolf    Are you going to start your small business? Here are some tools that we recommend. We know how hard it to start a new business and how hard it is to run a small business. You may be confused by the multiple choices of tools for the small business that is offered to you. We will help you in your struggle to make the small business to grow. has special care for small businesses. They are our gross group of customers. It is in our primary interest to help our customers to grow and get success. We have our blog taken it as a priority and publish as many articles as possible about small business management.

With this mission in the head, we are publishing this guide about the tools for you will need for managing your small but growing business. We intend to create a source of essential information for the management of a small business. We are pointing to the business structure you need and the right strategy for growing your business.


How to Calculate which Tools you should use first

First, we will see how you can evaluate your business so you will look for the right tools for your present situation. We will look at the starting point and then go into the present.  Your business will only grow if you let it grow.

How to  assess your situation:

  • Define your present challenges and what measures you are going to takes to achieve these challenges.
  • Challenges need time table; otherwise, they will be lagging or never being achieved. It can be short-range or long-range time or when you will have the funds for it.
  • Report to your stakeholders who need to know your situation.
  • You need to have a list of priorities for your challenges. You need the more important first.
  • There are many services and tools for small businesses that can help you achieve the goals you planned.

Going forward, here are some business management tools that could resolve your critical challenges with growing your company.

Business management tools for your small business:


Communication is the first in this list, with no excellent communication; you will have no successful team or company. Using phone calls and text messaging will be mixed with your individual and not work-related communication. You can use the following option for your small business.


Slack is a popular and well-built platform, and it is offering instant messaging, file transfers, and useful message searches. You can use its features and integrations with tools like Trello and Intercom.


One of the popular project management tools is Asana. It gives users the option to assign tasks to other team members, add followers to projects, and monitor schedules. You will find it a handy tool as a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning.


It is unthinkable that nowadays, businesses can grow with no advertising. Especially when we consider the Internet. Mentioning advertising may sound large budgets for TV and LED billboards or an add on magazines like Times.

Usually, small businesses are locally oriented. If you are thinking of your market like the City your business is located, you will find that you can reach your public via the Internet. A webpage will cost very little and will let a tool to your area with no cost or a low budget on Google ads can put your business on the sight of your public.  Opening a website is not a costly option. With a blog that you can write by yourself, you can reach more people. Your low-cost presence on the network can make your branding locally built within a short time. Market research and competitive analysis


Internet is a world for itself; it is not enough to build a website and write a few articles for its blog. You should have SEO knowledge or pay to someone to assess you on this. To be able to see what is going with the website, you will need to have a free tool that Google lets to download for free. You will need to know how many page views you have and how this number is changed comparing to the sales you have. Monitor your efforts with the results and get your Return on Investment (ROI). (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs are essential data that you can obtain using your sales report and your effort on advertising. If your business is online, you will need to be more involved in the results of your Search Engine optimization. You may pay for Google ads too. It will appear only on google in your area and will not be that expensive.

Marketing and sales by SBA


Social Media

Being absent on social media is like your business is not existing. You have no choice but to be on social media, and it is a part of the life of your clients or customers. You can not afford not using it for your business. It is like not being in the marketplace and wishing to have clients. Using social media is like opening a channel to your potential customers; you can offer your product or give a customer service using the internet. If you think of Facebook, only you are wrong. Here are the different social media you can find on the Internet.

  • 1– Facebook. That is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used.
  • 2 – WhatsApp.
  • 4 – WeChat.
  • 5 – QZone.
  • 6 – Tumblr.
  • 7 – Instagram.
  • 8 – Twitter.

You have to check what is your target audience Social media. For example, the young audience will be more on  Instagram, and the old once will be found more on Facebook. It may be that you will found your potential customer on the two media sites or more. You need to know where they are and concentrate your effort where it will bring you better results. You need to use engaging content to make the users of social media follow your page.

When we talk about social media, we know that it is a social activity, you have to be there, respond to your audience and learn their minds, what are the trends at any given moment.

Creating content can use the help of a variety of tool To create engaging and compelling content, you need a variety of tools that can save you time and resources. You can find online tools to create visually attractive content and written content related to your product and users. You can create templates for your graphical presence, like flyers, banners, or any graphical material. If you need photos, you can get free online stock images. Make sure that your content has no grammar and style errors by using Grammarly

One essential free Internet tool is YouTube. There is no reason for not to open a YouTube Channel. You can shoot a video of yourself passing your message to your subscribers or your product reviews. Anything that can make your potential customer attracted and later buy your product. YouTube example from our Channel Software for payroll and paystub


Business is about numbers, and you must have control over your finance; revenue and expenses should be registered in a way that will permit you to see where the money goes, for gain and lose, and tax return. There is no way to know the benefit and lose figures with no accounting that is organized by the principals of accounting. If you have no registers of your expenditure, how you can prepare a budget for the next year.

Your business is too small to pay for an outside accounting firm. You can use one of the options on this website. Free accounting software  


ZipBooks a simple accounting software. It is designed for small businesses. ZipBooks’ free beginning option. Includes invoicing, unlimited register, and managing of vendors and customers, no limit bookkeeping, the ability to manage one bank account. About ZipBooks

xTuple PostBoks

xTuple PostBooks is a project resource planning (ERP) software, It will let you do the accounting of your small businesses and in addition can track sales, integrate your inventory and help with your customer management system.


SlickPie provides essential expense management for start-ups and small businesses. This software offers what small business needs for its accounting, including invoicing and detailed reports


Wave provides completely free accounting software that allows you to track expenses, send invoices, get paid, and balance their books. You can make invoices and track the payable accounts payable and receivable. You can also accept credit cards and get paid faster with this software.


Inv24 is free inventory management and invoicing software.


Brightbook is a free online software for the accounting system, designed to help time-strapped and cash-strapped small businesses with no accounting experience run their business easier. Companies can send professional-looking invoices in any currency, track bills, and find out who owes them money in an instant with the easy-to-use Brightbook system.


TurboCASH 4 provides free accounting software that is recommended for people earning less than $10 an hour. TurboCASH 5 is recommended for small businesses, with cash book, general ledger, stock, debtors, creditors, and invoicing features. TurboCASH 5 is now available as a Cloud Service. Unlike TurboCash, which is free, TurboCash 5 costs $60 a year.


Inveezy is a free software for invoicing tool for small businesses. You can get paid with PayPal or credit cards with the Inveezy system.


GnuCash is open-source software, which means that it is free. It has a simple approach to bookkeeping and accounting for your small businesses. This free accounting software is available for multiple Operating systems. You can easily do your Invoicing, account-payable, account receivable, and payroll.


In the past, you could put a schedule on a paper and let your team or employees have a copy, every change or correction needed the new version to be printed and delivered again. Nowadays, you can do it on an electronic file on the free option like Google Drive or upload it from your word processor or spreadsheet. It is instantly available to your staff.

Any member of your team participates in the preparation and updating of your schedule. The same will be with any activities of your workplace, like meetings or updating information. Making appointments can be done with this free software.  You can see below some more options for scheduling your work.

AceProject has a centralized dashboard from where you can control your project’s tasks, documents, expenses, and timesheets. You have a set of tools that provide you the utilities to visualize complex data so you can get more productive and much faster.  

Basecamp will enable the collaboration between the team members and different teams that work on different parts of your project. Joining Basecamp to Its companion software Highrise for your CRM (customer relationship management)  and contact management will give you the information in one place instead of on different apps. 



You can make an extensive to-do list that is precisely what your business needs for its success and yet have difficulties in achieving the completion of it as it becomes a complex issue to get it to control and monitor the advance of its end.

Without productivity, you can lose your business. You can use an excellent tool to monitor productivity on a daily base. One very popular is Trello. It will let you work collaboratively and get more jobs done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards facilitate you organize and prioritize your production in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

Calendar Management

When you say planing, you mean calendar when you talk about monitoring the completion of the plan. You say calendar. Without planning, you do not know where your business is going nowhere. You need a good calendar that will help you see the timeline of the event and compare it with this you planned.

How to make Google Calendar to sync with Every Other Platform   Google Calendar is considered the easiest, intuitive, and versatile tool to organize your day’s schedule. 


Payroll and Pay Stub Software

Salary is mostly paid on a weekly or biweekly base. It involves the calculation of worked time and pays rates. Some are hourly employees. Others have a monthly wage. First, you have to have the total worked time. It may be on the card punching system for the presence in the workplace. Once you got the whole worked time, you have to multiply it with the rate and get the gross payment. Accounting software that can do it for you is expensive for a small business. The story of James the Barber the payroll and the pay stub generator

Things become complicated when you have to calculate the withholdings for tax. You have to know the tax rate for each tax status of your employees. There are online pay stub generators that calculate automatically all that you need for your payroll. You need to input the data of your business. The employees’ names and addresses. The rate, and the worked time or the salary. It will produce for you a perfect pay stub with the correct taxes and the right net pay for the paycheck or wire to the bank accounts of the employees. You will pay for the service online using your credit card, and within five minutes, you will have the pay stub in your email inbox.

If you take care to update yourself on the internet about the tools that are invented every day to help small businesses,  you will find that running a small business is much easier today then ten or twenty years ago. Even a little book store needs the help of modern tools.  Some tools can make you a graphic designer or photographer. Some online apps can let you make logos, others that can make even a short announcement for your website.

Keep updating yourself on our blog at this site. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog    Pays tub online

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