The best pay-stubs creator for 2021

Presented by      By John Wolf and Tom Cullen CPA

The story of Jose and his new car and his pay stub

It is 2021. Jose Gomez has worked in a Latin restaurant since he immigrated to the US in 2010. After long working hours into the night, he could save some money, and now he is considering purchasing a car.

Happy end

One morning, when Jose could have free time from his job, he stopped at a car dealer to ask about the models he liked and their prices and conditions for financing the car. Though working for so many years, Jose could not pay for the car in cash and needed a loan.
Talking to the car dealer’s salesperson, Jose learned that he needs to show that he has a job that earns enough money to make the monthly payback installment.
The restaurant’s owner used to pay Jose as a contractor and never issued the pay stubs.
Jose told his employer about his need for pay stubs for the last months of work.
Miguel, the restaurant owner, did not know what to do. He always left the accounting in the hands of his brother-in-law, Javier.
Javier, the brother-in-law, start looking for a solution using the Internet. Javier searched on Google and found, a website with the most modern and updated software. Fill out the form and get your pay stubs done.

It is easy to fill in your information and get it with all the tax deductions automatically calculated.

The form

Javier found the YouTube video on, and it was a piece of cake to finish the job and get a friendly professional pay stub.

How to make a pay stub no-line

How to create your pay stub online

Javier took all of Jose’s payroll information and introduced it to the Form, it took a few minutes, and he got a professional product by mail.

Jose was happy to go to the dealer’s lot, choose a Honda Civic 2021, close the deal, and take the car he had worked so hard to be able to buy.

Jose and his Honda