Read the complete guide for a successful startup plan. Chapter 1 bring you this article, The Relationship Between Sleep, Stress and small business managing.

Running a small business takes money, knowledge and significant daily efforts that result in sleep-deprived and highly stressed owners or managing level employees

We all know that it is essential for our health to sleep enough hours every night. Do you give sleeping the priority you should give? Or you think that sleeping is wasting time and responsibility is above sleeping. Reading this article will show you the benefits and importance of sleeping well, having enough rest and the sleep and stress strong relationship.

Worry about your business? Work at home at night using your smartphone or your laptop, your sleep quality and quantity may suffer because of the radiation of blue light from the screens. Reading and changing your lifestyle according to our recommendation will make the change in your life.

Sleeping well gives you the power to run a new day at work. Sleeping is what makes you to resilience.

The sleep won the soldier

Experts in sleeping are worried about this lake of sufficient sleeping time. Doctors too, relate some diseases like over White, diabetes and heart conditions to the lake of enough sleep and stress of modern life. Sleep and Disease Risk Harvard Medical School

A restless worker is not efficient

Other risks are car accidents as a result of sleep deprivation; drivers can fall asleep or get a slow reaction to a situation on the roads.

If you are one of those sleep-deprived business people, who think that they are superhumans, that only by their presence in the business, the thing goes well. That they  are the only saver of the company, you need to stop for a minute and think about the balance between risk and results, what will happen if you had an accident or heart attack, obviously your risk is losing life and business, So take your sleeping time as important as the job you have to do. Not sleeping is as bad as not working, sleep as you need to and work as you can without increasing the danger of losing your life or health. Sleeping well and enough hours is an obligation to your family and business. Watch this video How stress affects your body – Sharon Horesh Bergquist

The benefits that you will enjoy getting enough rest and sleep:

1. Immune system and sleep-deprived or sleeping enough and well.

Being young, we think that we can live without sleep, or that sleeping is wasting our life. Young people do not feel the long term of sleep-deprivation, yet the short-term can be dangerous on the road.

Nevertheless, a few studies show that our immune system suffers and become weaker when we do not sleep enough, the body loses its defense of Bacterias and Viruses.

Sleep deprivation can kill.

The below quotes from Mayo Clinic  explain more detailed:

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease the production of these protective cytokines. Also, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced during periods when you don’t get enough sleep.

The time we sleep is the time that our body refreshes itself, and the brains are an essential part that must restore and get back its capacity to memorize and react to the day action. A sleep-deprived person will feel difficulties with his memory and concentration in reading or calculating, and driving or flying an aircraft. Pilots must sleep a minimum ours before they can fly again.

A study made by the National Sleep Foundation tested how our barns could improve our memory.

The researchers had two groups that where thought the same new skills, one group had a period with no sleep, and the other group could sleep. The results are written below:

The quotes from the study  of the National Sleep Foundation

When people have a chance to sleep, for example, after practicing a skill similar to piano scales, the centers of the brain that control speed and accuracy are more active than those regions in people who haven’t slept.”

 The influence of the sleep deprivation on our immune system is clear that good sleeping and good health are going together and wins the attack of contagious deceases.

2. Better memory when you sleep well enough

Scientists tell us that the brain works while we sleep, the brain process memories and recently learned skills into permanent and better brain regions, this way getting a higher level of proficiency in the next day. It means that the sleep is essential for better leaning and better performance and sleep-deprivation is bad for our next day capacity in using our brain.

It is also found that the next-day that after that we enough and good quality sleep help us to absorb and process new information.

While the brain sleeps, it still processes the knowledge from different sources into better understanding for your next day problem solving and decision making. At the time that you have a lot of pressure and need for big problems solutions – first go to sleep then take a walk, and you will find it easier to take the right decisions. Do not let yourself pass a white night thinking of “How the Hell I will resolve this disastrous problem.

Sweet sleep is the baby’s sleep.

 3. Restore and energize yourself by sleeping well and enough.

Did you experience walking and sleeping at the same time? Well, I did have this strange thing happen while walking all the night, at 04:00 am I ended sleeping and walking at the same time,s dangerous effect of sleep deprivation. There is more negative effect as a result of not sleeping enough. Driving sleepless is one of the major causes of death, small mistakes and difficulties in solving small problems are other effects of sleep-deprivation. We can go against the sleepiness up to a certain point and no more, I have seen my toddler daughter fall in sleep and hare face on the diner’s plate with the egg ready for eating.

Remember! Sleep will win you at a certain moment.

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