The Worst Ways to Manage an Organization

Managers Who Exhibit These Bad Ways Will Fail as Leaders.


   By John Wolf

You may have in the past a bad boss that you could learn how not to be a boss. Your memories from this time are likely not the most pleasurable and happy time in your career.

It is possible that you have bad management but not the worst ways to people. In this blog, we will review the worst way to manage a company.

Driving People Against Each Other

If you want to destroy an organization, start cultivating gossiping and spread different information to different people, in this way we will make the workforce fighting instead of working together as a good team. People will hate each other. The hatred will include you; your staff will hate for being a negative person. They will never work hard for the organization because they will never be happy at work and negatively spend their energy as a result of your negative behavior.


Micromanage Independent Workers

Micromanaging may be in some cases but not for well-trained employees. People like to feel trusted and not watched on every move they do while they are working. If you do not trust your people, they will not you to present some new ideas or looking for problem-solving. Being over managing will give you the opposite of having good quality and high productivity.

When you hired someone it is supposed to be because of his or her good traits and training, do not stand on his or her back and look what she is doing on each step, they will feel about this lake of confidence on them. They will think that if you do not trust them working, you may fire them soon and will take a step before you looking for a new place to work and feel happier.

Implement Super Strict Rules

No organization can exist without roles. Going overboard with impossible to follow like limiting the times one can go to a bathroom break, limiting Internet usage by blocking most of the websites.

Using this kind of control is a sign of bad management. If you feel that you need this kind of roles in your organization, you may think of firing all your staff or yourself. Look for a leader that does not put a  that is impossible to support and accomplish.

Instead of imposing impossible roles, look for the employees that their behavior made you put them and treat them directly by telling them about their wrong behavior and giving them the chance to improve without any that will not bring you more them difficulties with the rest of your employees.

Do not Humiliate Your Employees by Making Public Announcements about their faults.

The worst thing to do when one of your employees fail or made a mistake is to call him in front of the others and chew him about his mistake. Do not coach him,  yell at him and tell him that he is stupid. I can assure you that this person will not work better but worst. This employee will eat you performing lower level, and more than likely will leave you soon for a better place.



Never Hand Out Not Deserved Praise or Thanks

The paycheck is what the workers receive at the end of a pay period. Never hand out any praise or tell them that you are thankful for their excellent performance at the end of an important project, be sure that you will not get from your employees more than the essential work and you may see them going to work with your competition.

Stay in Your Office

The micro-manager will be to much time on tops of the employees and make too much control remark that makes the people hate their job. All the way around which means stay in your office and do not put an eye on the people that work for you’ll effect on the workforce. Both ends are not good for the organization. Leave your team alone, and they will lose the tempo of work and stay sleeping on the job.

Seating in the office without an eye on the working people will bring the department down in any means; productivity will go down.

Flexibility in the workplace

Don’t Allow Flexibility

Be contrary to any special request like a day off. Does the kid have the flu? Do not let his Mom a day off, no matter what she can work from home tell here that you need here in the office anyway.

Do not accept the employees to leave at 4:45 so that they can take a course that will improve their skills. A manager that close to hear the employees needs, to the fact that there are living out of work will have the employees not willing to put one gram of extra effort and be sure they will be looking for a new job.



Growth? Not a Chance

Do not look for growth being this kind of manager, in the best case you will have worker doing the obligatory job and not more. No with no opportunity for advancing in their career. No chance for promotion. Limited to do the job they for they will lose the fire in their heart and never do something more than the minimum you ask them, they may do less looking for a new place to work, a place that will give them what you are avoiding from them.


Reward Butt-in-Seat Time

Regarding the time spent in work and not the real results in productivity or resolving problems and innovation will turn down the interest of your people to work hard. Treat your people as they do their work. Reward those that make more work achieve more goal and help the progress of the company.

If this article shows you that you are not this kind of manager that will avoid to destroy the company, take a mentor or other of course about leadership. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog




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