Keep Your Employees Happy And Make Your Company More Productive

Keep Your Employees Happy And Make Your Company More Productive


   By John Wolf

he Changes That You Can Make To Improve Your Workforce Happiness

No doubt that you want your customers happy and satisfied, then start with your employees, and you will see how happy workers make happy clients.

When you see a direct manager yelling at his teammates, rechecking every piece of paper, complaining about the workers’ error from half a year ago, you can think that these workplace managers think that the more miserable are their employees, the better performance they will have. Nothing could be so far from the truth. Your employees had to feel respected and valued to be happy. Only a happy salesperson can make the customers happy too. When your workforce is happy with the workplace and with the management, it will do anything to make the business grow.

Happy Workforce Mean Happy Clients

Difference between customer and client

Products and services are something humans use or consume, usually, they will look for the best product or service and the best price too, the other important part of the product or service is the relationship with the people that make the sales. An unhappy employee will do the minimum to treat the customer; there will be no extra energy or one step more done to make sure the sales will end in the P.O.S with the credit card got across the reader. Promoting Employee Happiness Benefits Everyone Studies are showing that it works in real life. Read what Glassdoor studies say 6 Studies Showing Satisfied Employees Drive Business Results

Meeting with someone that is happy at his workplace, makes the event pleasant, and efficient. The employee state of mind is confident with his job and organization, he will look how to please a customer, and he will Strive to achieve the deal and please the client and his boss knowing that it will be good for his career in this business. It is a chain work of happy people. Humans are social animals; they will prefer doing business with those humans that treat them nicer and will have good service or product. 

While Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi had a line out the door we know that that is a TV show, in real life, it does not work like this. If you treat your customers badly, the will go to your competitors that receive them with a smile. Unhappy workers will be naturally teat bad the clients. There will be no line of people waiting for your service.

Happy Employees Perform at a Higher Level

A UK study, participants were given “happiness shocks.”  The study found that a minutes comedy is making the people happy. The study shows that happiness was making those who enjoy it to be about 12% more productive than the those that did not get the happiness from the ten minutes comedy. <a good exchange for ten minutes of working time.

The idea is not starting every day with a new episode of a good comedy series, it the proof that happiness is important for being productive in the workplace. Happiness and productivity in the workplace: The role of transformational leadership. Happiness is there for you, affecting your state of mind. The performance will be positive without real effort, just feeling happy, while the unhappy status will take some of your energy by thinking about the reasons of your unhappiness, the way your boss is treating you, or thinking about the need of a new job will not let you make the maximum on your present job. Unhappy employees are more sensitive to burnout and poor attendance. Read about Burnout Response

Think about this day that you got up too late, broke the coffee mug, gave ten rounds around the block looking for parking space, more than likely you did not start working with your best mood. Your employees are human like you. Believe It Or Not, Your Mood Affects Your Work Performance!

Happy workforce means more production, sales or clients, ending as more money in your bank account.

Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy some studies and articles show the reality of in the workplaces where people are happy working. Companies that care about their workforce will keep them happy and harvest their higher productivity.

Dr. Noelle Nelson, a clinical psychologist and author of “Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy.”

“When employees feel that the company takes their interest to heart, then the employees will take company interests to heart,” says

Good and mature leadership, good selected employees, and happy stockholders. What else can you ask for?


How to make the magic of having happy workforce?

You can do anything that your budget can let you do. Your boss may limit your budget so you will have to take the choice. Below are some ideas about how to make your workforce happier.

End bullying in your workplace

Don’t hesitate to act strongly against any bully; one bully can destroy your people happy. There is no flexibility with bullying.

Pay good enough for the employees

Do not let your people

Do not let your people feel that some are paid more with no justification. Pay the same salary for the same job and level of experience and knowledge. Look for better compensation for some of your employees that need to adjust their wages with their co-workers.

Your feedback must be constructive no matter if they are positive or negative

The communication between the manager and the employees should be fluent and frank. When there are compliments for good job it is good, when there are some critics it is good to express it constructively, never hide the critic your people will love to hear it all and correct the wrong things so the jobs will be done in a better way.

The discussion on a bad and good thing in the work should always be based on positive language and constructive ideas. Being open and fair will make your employees express new solutions for the bad things done at work.

Promotions as a Reward for good work

Making your employees gaining bonuses for good job they have done will help your career. Helping your staff will give you the respect and reputation of a good manager that make his staff grow in the organization.

Remain courteous, professional and pleasant

The workplace should be a nice place to stay and work basic courtesy, professional behavior and being a pleasant person to deal with, will help you to get the best of your employees.

Do not be the jerk manger, do not take the role of the jerk on your workplace. Love your people, and they will love you in return. Business will grow better when you all are respecting each other.

Doing what we wrote above will keep your organization’s working environment positive with happy people working with high integrity achieving high productivity.

The happy workplace will make more money, keep the workforce happy with less stress and better health. Do not lose this opportunity to be happy and productive.