Understand the Reasons Why You’re Not Called for a Second Interview


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   By John Wolf 

Why a prospect employer HR did not Invite for the Second Interview

There is a lot of frustration in job searching. The most annoying situation is getting stuck again and again in the interview process. You can have trouble with the hiring manager impressing of your personality or fail in the last stage of closing the deal. It is tough to fall short on your goal. Your frustration will grow if you feel you made it well on the first interview. And the HR department did not invite you to the final and conclusive meeting.


As it is repeating the reason for the derailing of your job search, it will be easier to find what to do better in the next job searching.

Some reflection on your way of treating the search for a job may help you figure out what you are doing wrong and how to avoid it in the next search for employment.

The Reasons You Are Not Getting a Second Chance Interview (Not depended on You)

There are some reasons for not being called to the second interview that does not depend on you. “You can not win them all,” it can happen that you do not get the first two first interviews,  there are many reasons for it that are not your misdoings.

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The Employer May Changed  His Idea on What He Needs 

The employer can change the plans in the middle of the search for new staff. Budget cut can come surprisingly and stop all recruiting for new posts, and teams can be reorganized or relocation to a new place. These are some of the reasons for not gaining the job. Some employers will not bother telling you why they did not take you to this job.

Cultural Fit can be the reason why you was not the chosen one. 

 Coming from a different cultural background may be the reason and not your skills. In this case, you are gaining not to suffer working in an environment that will not be good for you. Both sides are winning here.

 A recruiter will not hire the candidate that is coming from a completely different culture. A workplace is full of cubicles with workers that have a great social life, to a small team that works very closely together sharing the small space with a lot of feelings. In this situation, it is right for you to keep looking for your new working place.


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The Hiring Manager Have Someone Else in Mind

It is cruel, you feel you already got the job and then boom it disappeared in front of your eyes. Sometimes the HR was asked to see what options for this post are available, but they end promoting one of their employees.  CEOs can prefer a known person on knowing a new one, no matter if you are much more skilled.

The Reasons That You Can Control, Why You Are Not Getting a Second Chance 

 You fail in the first interview. Calling the hiring guy by a wrong name. You did not learn about the company and show your ignorance and laziness to learn about your most important goal, a job. You could not explain why you are interested in this workplace or did not answer correctly to the standard interview questions. You were late for the meeting or showed rudeness at your interview.     

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 There are many ways to blow an interview, Some can be recovered by follow up, but others will be final with no recovery. The only benefit you may get from this failure is learning from your mistakes and get better in the next review. If you are starting your career, it will be your try and error trail to be an experienced employee.

You did not tell your story. Prepare your elevator pitch before you go out for the reunion at the headquarters of the employer. Add short, engaging stories, telling about your skills and training match the employer’s needs responding to the job ad and job description. That will help the HR manager to see how you can fit into the post that the company need to fill.

Go to the interview with this information, and talk in your head, do not start a monolog, be natural while having a friendly conversation and find the moment that you can introduce your pitch and accomplishment. Humans like to hear stories. Try to tell one. It may be this little thing that will give you the edge on the other candidates.

Make sure that when you say to the story, you focus on what is the essential points for the employer. If you focus on your leadership skills but they are not looking for a manager it may make the hiring person leave you out of the list as he will think that you may go soon for an executive job. Pay attention to the specification on the ad and focus on your skills that will be used when working on this post.

The thank you note? Did you forget about it?  After all the communication and meetings, a thank you note should be sent to the hiring manager.-  In a 2017 survey from TopResume,  show that 68% of hiring managers and recruiters expressed the importance of the Thank you note in their decision about the elected person for the vacancy. The thank you letter was considered as an advantage for those who took the extra work of sending one.

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Do not delay more than 24 hours sending the thank you latter. You can email or handwriting it, make sure to emphasize your skills and express your thanks. Proofread it double check it before you send it making sure about the correct spelling of names and the right tiles.

You failed in following the Employer’s directions. Each hiring team has its request list on the employee search add. It will be a resume, cover letter, portfolio, and references letters if you have. They should have their formats for these documents. After your interview, be sure to follow the hiring manager instructions. The tank you note should be sent right away, but any followup will be left for the time that the HR manager told you he is going to end the interviews.

 Do not be too persistent — a dilemma, how to follow up without annoying the hiring staff. You already sent your thanks. Now you want to know if you are going to get the job. You threw everything you were asked for and yet did not get any word back. It is better to let it go. You do not want to work for someone that does not care or do not want to make the final notice whether it is yes or know and leave you in the dark.

 These day social media can be a problem if it is too reviling or the HR does not like your opinions. According to a CareerBuilder survey, Close to 60%  of employers have not hired a candidate based on something they found in the social media of the candidate.

Employers can have a different idea about your posts on social media than yourself. It can be your bikini photos or your political opinion. The best solution for this kind of problems is keeping your profiles lockdown to people that are not your friends, as the hiring managers.

Do not go to the other end and delete your account. About fifty percent of employers in the same survey said that it is unlikely that they will hire someone that they could not find online.

It can happen that one of your references is not on your side. Do not use as your references someone that is not on your side. Make sure you know the exact opinion about you before you use someone as a reference.

If you do not know the reference that your referee gave on you was, you can ask to be told why you did not been elected for this job.


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