What is a pay stub, and how is it made?


Description Of a Pay Stub

A pay stub is a document made of paper or data like a PDF file that an employer provides an employee with each payroll payment. 3 reasons why to use paystubmakr.com

The pay stub must show the gross amount earned during a pay period and the deductions for federal and state taxes, social security, health insurance, etc. 5 reasons to make a pay stub.

A pay stub is proof of income that you can use as a loan requirement, a rental of a place to live like a home or apartment. How To Get Pay Stubs For A New Apartment. 

Why are pay stubs necessary?

It is of utmost importance to possess pay stubs as they play a significant role in maintaining clear communication between the employer and the employee. Pay stubs serve as a tool to avoid payment disputes and ensure transparency in the payment process. It is imperative to note that in several states, pay stubs are a necessity and must be provided to the employees at the time of payment.

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Input For a Pay Stub Creation

Here is the information you need to create a pay stub:

  • Company name and address.
  • Employee name and address.
  • Rate per Hour, month, or year.
  • Total time that was accomplished in the pay period.
  • The percentage of the different deductions.

 Deductions/Withholding On a Pay Stub

  • FICA, Social Security tax rate: 6.2% for the employee plus 6.2% for the employer
  • FICA Medicare tax rate: 1.45% for the employee plus 1.45% for the employer
  • Additional Medicare: 0.9% for the employee when wages exceed $200,000 in a year
  • FUTA tax rate: 6% for the employer on the first $7,000 paid to the employee.

Read about IRS payroll tax.

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