What Is Human Resource Management and how to become an HR

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Human resources are all the people that work in an organization. It may be a workshop or a corporate giant or any governmental office. The unit that manages human resources is called the Human resources department or in short Human resources, mostly marked as HR.

There are three primary sources for the organization to be able to function.

A. Financial resources

B. Material resources

C. Human resources

The term Human Resources is the modern way to call the personnel, employees, workers, team, workforce, and colleagues of a workplace or organization. All those terms were evolved with the modern managing of the human source or workforce of all the organizations.

The evolution of the term from personnel to human resources or shortly called HR is not a simple semantic process. The change is in the function that is taken care of by HR. It is no more payroll and benefits administration.

The evolution started with the understanding that the people are the most crucial resource between the three I mentioned above, You can have the money and the row materials or equipment you need, but nothing will happen in your organization without the people that you need to make the use of the two other resources.

How the Term”Human Resources” Evolved

According to Wikipedia, the first time the term Human Resources was mentioned was:

Pioneering economist John R. Commons used the term “human resource” in his 1893 book The Distribution of Wealth but did not further build upon it.

According to Wikipedia:

Among scholars the first use of “human resources” in its modern form was in a 1958 report by economist E. Wight Bakke.[10] The term began to become more developed in the 19th century due to misunderstandings between employers and employees

The use of the name human resources dates at the ’60s, and now it is used in other languages too to refer to the employees and all the aspects that related to human resources management

Though it is already an international term translated into many languages, some people do not like the use of the word resources for human beings and not only for material resources.

The workplace is changing, and so the terms we use to describe our co-workers or employees as associates, members of the organization team members. This change in the way we call our human resources is the result of taking all our peers as equally valued.

It reflects the spirit of equality in today’s workplace. No matter the ranks, each one is as important as all the team members. The high-rank depends on the low levels to do a perfect job so they will be ablñe to do their high ranked work.

If the janitor will not keep everything clean, the CEO will have no clean area and may have to take someone’s office for a while. Or, if the bathroom is not ready to use how people will be able to keep working?

The Other Meaning for Human Resources

The department of the organization that deals with all that is related to the manging of the people that we call human resources his called the Human resources office or department.

Investing money in your business facilities and materials without investing in the people that will have to make the business work and achieve the goals you planned in your business plan will not make sense. You should hire people and train them, starting with pay and satisfaction through onboarding, motivating, engaging, managing, and developing their careers to retain them for a long time working and growing with your organization.

Your investment in your HR is one of the most important for achieving your goals, through this department you find the right people to work for you, train them and keep their morale as your team that cares for the business to grow and let them grow too.  The HR team is accountable for building the best workforce for your organization.

HR is not directly responsible for the result of your organization, and you have the workers, low managers, and middle managers that run the operation, but who hired them? Your HR department is your human resources builder.

You can train people at your place while they are working or mentor them with your superior managers. It is one of the HR main jobs after hiring the best people in your industry’s market place. Your HR performance with hiring new people and training those you already hired is your guarantee to success.

The Evolution of the HR Team

With the time passing the HR evolved to be something much sophisticated and influential for the organizations. Dr. Dave Ulrich of the Michigan University found the three most significant roles for the HR department team are

  • Strategic partner,
  • Employee advocate,
  • Change champion.

Dr. Dave Ulrich belief that the HR goal must be adding value to the business.

Says Dr. Ulrich

“This direction needs to be connected to the business, both the business context which shapes decision making and specific stakeholders around whom business strategies are created.”

Watch Dr. Ulrich’s video about Creating value based on external business conditions.”

If HR action is not focused on creating value, then the heads of the organization should question the HR head about the goal completion of the HR team in creating value.

HR’s main goals are

 HR is evolving rapidly from past practices like the Annual performance appraisals. Hiring contaminated by discrimination and bias. Old style commands and control managing style, and disempowering and micromanaging. The old way is vanishing as the people understand that human resources are not material but a thinking and emotional source that needs to be treated correctly to get the maximum of it.

Modern organizations can not stay behind with their HR department. The competition will take all the talented people and retain them working happily for a long time. The HR team should be able to enhance company profitability. I am taking the new roles of the HR employees and evolving using these roles in the HR  working agenda.


Human Resources Modern Function May Need a New Name

As HR is becoming more Human than just Human Resources, it may be changing its name. It may be more like a Humanity department.HR is not limited to hire and fire, paychecks, and pay stubs, sick days, and card punching when in or out of the workplace. It may be better to call the team or department that looks for the people that work for the organization a name that will contain the spirit of today’s HR.

HR can be split into different departments:

People management office can do the basic manging of the people that work in the same workplace.

The talent office will be in charge of talent recruiting and developing.

Employee’s success will take care of employees growing in the same workplace.

People source office can be a general replace to HR

The change of name is raising the need to change in roles and job titles. It can be like the following:

  • Chief People Person
  • Employee Happiness Cultivator
  • People Operations Manager
  • VP of People
  • Director of Employee Engagement
  • Chief of workplace Culture

New job titles will be born in the future as a result of the latest evolving needs of manging the new ideas about how to get the best value from what we called HR today.

Specific Job Roles ofHuman Resources

Using the higher term titles for HR roles, learn what an HR manager, generalist, and assistant do at work. Below are specific job descriptions for four critical functions in HR:

  • HR Manager list of Responsibilities are:
    • Developing and implementing strategies forHuman Resources and initiatives aligned with the overall organization goals and strategy
    • Building bridges between the management and the employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues
    • Managing a recruitment and selection process

  • HR Director:
    • Planning and coordinating the workforce to best results of the talented employees
    • Resolve and mediate conflicts between management and employees
    • Lead and supervise  managers on issues like equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment
    • Coordinate and manage his/her specialists and staff
    • Oversee recruitment and hiring of new employees
    • Direct disciplinary cases
    • HR Strategies for developing and implementing
  • Monitor and identify needs and preferred qualifications of new vacant
  • Interview job seekers about their experience, education, and skills
  • Perform background checks and contact references
  • Tell applicants the job details such as salary and benefits and other conditions
  • Look for qualified candidates and hire or refer them.
  • Conduct new employees, orientations, and onboarding.
  • Do the necessary paperwork

HR Career Tips and Information


Choosing an HR career is a good idea, salary is better than most of the other jobs. Work is interesting; you meet many people, every day is a special day, no boring routine. These resources will help you understand if the HR field is a good career for you.

Here you can learn about how to plan and pursue a career in the HR world. You find advice on the education and the skills HR professionals must put to the table, and how to find a post in HR. You can learn about the responsibilities and the role of HR as a career choice. You can determine when you might want to make a transition to another field. You can use Udamy courses to prepare22 yourself for the career

You can prepare yourself for the profession as HR, and once you get the first job as an HR starting level, you can use your superiors to help to make yourself for the higher posts in the HR field.  As you are the one that is interested in this field, it is you that have to invest the work of preparing yourself for it.

Human Resources Management Jobs

The HR world is a world of people that treat people. It would help if you had the managing skills and the leadership trait to be able to influence the people who work for your organization.

The HR staff job is managing Human Resources witch are the people that make the organization move towards the goals that were marked by the owners of the business; fundamental management skills are critical are needed.

The managing players of the HR need to have the  Skills HR Pros Need To Navigate Paradox That Delivers Business.

Managers are the human resource asset that makes things happen in the organization. It is the HR managing team’s job to hire and train the manager to be able to reach a higher level of performance. To do so, you need to invest in the mentoring and training of the managers in all the levels. The culture of the organization must be empowering for all levels. Create a motivational, engaging, productive environment in which people will be able to give the best of themselves.

If you look for a job or already look for a recruit, you will need tools like, where to find job resources, job descriptions, CVs, and cover letter templates.

These templates are what you will need to get started. Take a look at these job search resources to learn what interview questions the employers will ask you, the proper etiquette in job hunting, and why you didn’t get the job despite your preparation.

Training Management Resources

It is not enough to find the best people for management, and you can make them do much better if you train them. Newly hired managers should be threatened as potential high managers and trained in this position. The HR department should take care of the training. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) study about the reasons employees are retained shows us five of 18 factors that workers look for staying in the same organization are depending on ongoing professional growth.

You will need the tool to help you to transfer the skills learned in training from the classroom to the workplace. Here is where you will need coaching and mentoring to help make the changes that your people had learned in the school into reality.

Best Practices For Recruiting, Hiring, and Termination

Build your checklist for hiring new staff. Use these recruiting and staffing guide to develop a high-quality, high performance, an excellent working team that is dedicated to making your organization goals to come true.

Find your way to learn how to reject the candidates that you think will not be good for your organization. Make sure to contact only those people that can fit your organizational culture.

Develop Your Employee Management Skills

Do you manage and lead employees? If your answer is yes, you better read even more about leadership and human resource. Look for help with mentors and build your workforce to be professional on all the levels.

Dealing with bad bosses will be an essential part of the skills you will need the be a successful HR manager.

The other side of managing your workforce are the difficult people, the retention of the employees will be one of the goals of HR managing  Employee Retention Strategies in 2019


Motivation and Recognition Practices For HR Managers

Motivating and engaging employees Once you made all the effort of recruiting the best people in town, you have to keep them in your organization. If you can retain your best people, you will not be able to get the best team and the main goals of the workplace.  There is an economic cost too. The recruiting, onboarding, and training have a value that you lose once people go to your competition. The following resources will help you achieve your goals. Motivate your reporting staff members.

Wellness and Work-Life Balance of Your Workforce

Employees in general and the last generations in more intensive care about work-life balance. You can read about dedicated to work-life balance. Work is where people make money five days a week to be able to spend time with their family during the weekend.


Team Building and Motivation of Employees

You will learn reading here How to Build Strong Teamwork These resources can show you how to 10 Ways to Empower Your Teams to Be More Productive

Teamwork means that everyone puts in the best he or she can. How to Establish & Maintain Good Relationships in the Workplace

Communication in the Workplace

Excellent communication in the workplace is essential for the functionality of the workplace. Communicate in ways that will produce results with your workforce, learn the art of being an excellent communicator. Use all the media you can to keep communicating your messages to your employees.


Organizational Development, Culture and Change Management

The environment created for people in the workplace. It is the result of working with your people with your knowledge, experience, values, and beliefs for your workforce.  It is influenced mainly by your senior managers and founders.


Workplace Relationships and Problem Solving Tips

To get the best of your employees, you need healthy relationships between all of the workforce. Professional and collegial relations are a must be for your workplace.   You can read about relationships that are positive, supportive, and respectful. Resolving conflicts can be very healthy for your workplace. Learn how to: Get a Successful Conflict Resolution in your Workplace. 

When the conflicts are not personal but professional, take care of resolving the conflict in a way that will improve the conflict topic without leaving bad sentiments within your staff.

When a conflict is about; how to do better a critical part of the process of production or service, your role as an HR is to make sure it does not become a personal issue between your teammates. It is one of your most important problems to take care of and avoid, the workplace bullies. The negative atmosphere at the workplace will affect the results and may end in lawsuits against your organization.

Salary and Benefits

People go to work for the money and like to be treated well while working. If you want to succeed as an HR, you need to keep both in proper balance. Stay updated on the trend of compensation. If you are not up to date, your competition will and your best staff will go to the better-paid workplace.

Learn here how to negotiate a salary, Find the best salary that can keep your employee happy and avoid them to look for greener lawns. Pay employees. You will also find information about paid time off for employees.

Employment Laws and Rights


Keep your eyes on the latest changes in the laws. Inform your workforce about any changes in the law. Mandatory Labor Law Updates by State for 2020

You, as an employee and all your colleagues, will feel better being up-dated on any changes in the labor law. It will be better for the company and its employees to know what are the obligations and rights of each side.

You can learn here about HR Guide to Managing Human Resources

Human Resources are a lot of human relationships, alway take these words with you to work.


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