What is the Purpose of a Team in the workplace?

What is the Purpose of a Team in the workplace?


   By John Wolf

Work Team Success depends on how you put it together. Here we have 6 Tips for you.

You create or build teams because a team has the advance of close relationship where communication is easy and instantly. Exchanging ideas and opinions is flowing, and problems can be discussed easily. Whether it is customers or production and service a team can make the work go much better than a classic hierarchical group. Below are some tips for team building:

  • An improved understanding of the decisions

  • Plans are implemented with more support and participation by a team than by regular workers.

  • Problem-solving and decision making have more contribution from a close team than from the employees of a department.

  • A team will feel that the decision and processes are the team’s property and will care profoundly about making the best with it.

  • A team will be willing to participate in performance evaluation and improvement.

6 Steps to Build a Strong Team

A team is not just a list of employees that you put together; you need to develop the team into a working group of people that are concentrated on the goal, mission or a reason for existing. A team must be pushing to the same direction improving the organizational effectiveness. A well-built team will have the sum of its work higher than the sum of its members.

It can happen that you will be hired to promoted to manage an existing team that has its working culture already built. In this case, you will need to adapt yourself to the team knowledge, skills, and abilities. Be careful when making changes according to your way of working, not breaking but getting together in a convincing strategy.

When you are in charge of creating a new department or a special project you will have to build a team from the starting point, selection the people and training them as you want.

If your the lucky manager that has to build his team or renew an existing team here are our tips that will help you succeed.

Six Tips for in Putting a Work Team Together on a Common Purpose


1. Identify the Task at Hand in a Detailed Way

You have to have a precise definition of your task, otherwise, it will be hard to find the right people with the right trait for your team.

Do not be hasty hiring people with the general idea of marketing or creative, trained people. Identify your task and goals first and then start looking for the right people. Find the right people to the right job, the correct skills with the ability to be a cooperative team member.

2. Identify the Skills Needed

Identify the soft and the hard skill that you need for your team kind of work. What is the communication skill the team will need to have with the superiors? Are you going to need good thinking skills like software programmers? You will need to have the people that will be in contact with end users. These employees will need some training of the technical side to the level that they could tell non-technical end users how this software is working.

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If you need programmers and other independent workers, you will need someone that have the traits to bring the team members together, a team leader that can lead and glue the different experts that may have great technical and scientific heads but can be hard to graze.

3. Identify the Right People

Building an internal team has its pro and cont. The advantage is that you know the people that you are going to chose. You have an idea of their strong traits and weaknesses. You also know who creative or good in technical jobs. The whiny and this one that will sell a fridge to the Eskimo.

Pooling your team members from the company staff can be a disadvantage and head hake. You can expect the other managers to object giving up their best workers, and look for replacement instead of you looking for new people.

Some of the workers will insist on staying in their position and do not want to move to a new team. This kind of problems can be frustrating.

Looking for an external you may fall into the superstar trap, paying high and getting low results. Looking for a low salary team will lead you straight to failure.

4. Hire in the Right Order

Hire from the important role to the less important role. For example, administration and sales will have no work before the team starts working and producing

The importance scale will start with the team leader. The team leader should be helping you to hire the team members. By having a part in the election of the team members the leader will feel comfortable with the final team members.

5. Be honest while you hire your team members

Tell your recruits from outside or those you just move from another department, the truth about the project. Tell your candidates that it will be an exciting project, and promise them that it is going to be a hard-working project with long working hours. Remind your chosen people that this kind of project will have high-stress levels, high management will be looking closely on the development of the new software or another new product.  Hiring a Manager

Make it clear that it is a challenge for all the team, and avoid losing members because they will be surprised by harsh working situations. Unsatisfied team members will leave the team at the moment that you are less able to find a replacement

6. Managing is your job, do not neglect it

A great team will need a great manager. A group of thinkers and inventors with a developed sense of independence can be very productive but hard to control and put together working as a team.

To lead this high profile professional, you will need to use your traits as a leader with all power. A leader should lead asking from himself the same that he asks from his teammates

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Use the team leader empowering him and letting him enough independence to be a leading head of the team.

Use our tips, and you will have the most excellent team in your organization. Your team will put the basis for teamwork in your organization. You will be happy, and your career will have a bust-up.

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