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What Shall We Do With a Deadbeat Employee?


   By John Wolf

Some employees may be problematic other can be a big help in the workplace

A deadbeat employee is something you do not like to see with your workforce. It is a nightmare or a curse to have one employee like this. That is the employee that will more of your time than all other employees. You will need constant correction and follow up on the deadbeat employee. A deadbeat will not show up for work, call to say he is sick, milking any time off possible, always on the edge of workplace policies.

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The typical deadbeat will do just enough to stay in the job, only avoid being fired. Keeping this behavior, he will never grow or become a better employee. Sometimes he will reach the goals but still will be lacking any enthusiasm. A deadbeat employee hallmark is, always be on edge between failing and succeeding.

Criticizing the organization at the water cooler, or at lunchroom not with the suggestions routes nor with the idea to improve anything is the way a deadbeat express himself. Some are always unhappy and complaining about whatever policy or process the company sets.

Their unhappiness runs all over the workplace contaminating the environment with negativity, criticism, and gossip. You will have to intervene to clean up the atmosphere of your workplace from those bad habits.

The Deadbeat Employees Impact on your workforce

A deadbeat employee will impact your workforce negatively, your smart employees will keep a distance from the deadbeat employees, but some can take the bad apple rotten way contaminating the workplace atmosphere.

Some worker can feel a little bit like the deadbeat about a change or the workplace in general, dislike their jobs, may echo the deadbeat’s ideas. That is a poison that will affect your workforce productivity and morale.

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If you let the deadbeat stay and keep spreading his or her negativity, show him that he can stay working and keep doing wrong to the workplace. Some of the co-workers may be picking up the slack, lose their morale because they are working hard and the deadbeat is on edge doing as little as he can.

Neglecting the treatment of deadbeat employees will create feelings of disrespect of the management, everyone on the workforce will see that the administration is too lax.

Your job is to Deal With  Deadbeat Employee

Your employees depend on your action to clean up the deadbeat employees. Your staff may shun the bad apples, but it is you that have to make the significant steps, like writing a letter from the HR department to the problematic employee or finally fire the deadbeat employees.

How to Approach the Deadbeat Employee

The first thing to do when there is a deadbeat employee is to investigate what went wrong when you hired this person or after that this employee starts working. Most of the people start working with enthusiasm and desire, which made this employee turn down the desire to achieve a successful career in your workplace.

Was it a privet issue or a workplace problem? Knowing what happened is something you must know before you start looking for a solution. If you send the new employee home and not know what went wrong, you may have it repeated with new employees.

Naturally, people are looking for success and developing their careers. People do not get up in the morning to have a bad day at work and go home feeling that they fail in the workplace.

Unfortunately, there are some cases that it happened and the employee will believe that it is not him to blame, but it is the workplace and the boss.

After that you worked with the employee trying to discover what causes the unhappiness and the lack of morale, it is the moment to assist the employee in taking action about it. Supporting the deadbeat employee will be a tough step. Before moving ahead, he has to own the responsibility for what happened maybe some years ago. It may be a hard moment to you too; you may realize that you have to accept the employee’s position that the workplace is responsible for his or her unhappiness. You would have to give a sincere apology even if you had nothing to do with what happened in the past.

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You may conclude that it is the employee that brought himself the problem and brought his lousy attitude to your workplace and your HR department made poor job screening out low-performance employees.

No matter what and why happened, the employee must assume their own responsibility about his reaction to the circumstances. After all, the only factor that we control is our reaction to reality.

Co-workers can encourage a deadbeat employee to contribute as a teammate, putting the team norms as a goal. That may or may not make the change for the deadbeat employee. Deadbeat behavior is a management responsibility.


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Tips for Dealing With a Deadbeat Employee

Bellow are the actions you have to try.

  • Help the deadbeat employee see what he can gain if he succeed to improve. Focus on the personal and professional points of view.

  • Let the employee feel that you have faith in his capacity to succeed. It can happen that for years she did not hear a good word for a superior at work.

  • Setting with the employee some short-term not hard to achieve goals. Those goals should be based on time and have a clear and easy to measure agreed outcomes. Some of the goals can be directed to the employee attitude to behavioral terms as behavior is related to being a deadbeat employee, like coming late to work or sick-day calls. It is a way to monitor progress.

  • Find what of the job tasked the deadbeat employee like better and give him as much as you can to do this kind of tasks.

This article should help you to improve the deadbeat employee chance to get out of this unpleasant status. With these steps, you have done your best if there is no positive change made by the employee. It is an ethically, and legally help the employee to move to the next employment opportunity.

A new start can be the best thing that will happen to a deadbeat employee: a new beginning, a new chance.

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