What to Do With a Negative Coworker

What to Do With a Negative Coworker Negativity Matters


Do you have a negative coworker in the workplace? here we have nine tips for you

Some people are looking for negativity like it is their need for oxygen. They hate the jobs they have, the companies they are working for and the boss is always stupid, or they use another negative title. There is a complaint about anything related to the workplace, even the clients that bring the money for their wages are worthless for the negative worker.

Neds and Nellies can be found in any organization; you need to avoid them. Negative people and negativity are contagious. Hanging with negative people and may become one of then too. Do not risk your job and career to fall into sorrow and negativity, keep yourself enjoying your job and work.

Negativity at work

Some situations justify the ordinary people to be negative. Some circumstances in the organization can be uncomfortable or creating worries between the employees, that a different case and need another way of treating it.

Negative people in your workplace? Here we have some tips for dealing with them

  • Employees or co-workers need to feel that their complains and ideas are heard, make sure that they do feel like this. Have as needed meetings with the staff, let them tell you what they feel and answer with true information and make sure that they listen to you. To do so, you need to make sure that you got what is that make them feel negative.

  • First, make sure about the reasons for negativity by the employees they may have legitimate reasons for feeling like this. You will need to offer help and provide ideas or suggest ways how a co-worker can deal with their negativity.

    Giving the worker on short time advice that will direct him to a positive point will be well done, do not go into therapy or provide comprehensive career advice or long-term recommendations. You can command the worker some helpful books or send him to the HR people for more profound help. Do not cross the limits with a co-worker.

    Taking a Deeper Look at the “Negative Person”

  • One type of people will like his complaints to be heard by a friendly ear, not resolve any problem but get the attention of a co-worker, it is not for any real help in solving problems. Listen but do not over talk it or be involved too much. If it becomes a long term of a story about negative complaining, it will take a lot of your energy. Do not allow it to happen. Tell your co-worker that you need positive talk. Make clear that the negative talk affects you in the wrong way. Hopefully, the guy will stop with you and look for another listener, one that will have more patient at least for some time. When you see this change you better report to your HR people to take care of the case before it becomes a bigger problem. HR will address the problem to avoid losing the harmonious workplace you still have. 

  • When it is not legitimate negativity, take personal and professional courage and a straightforward word to tell him what do you think about the reason for his negativity.

    Keep being friendly telling the negative guy that you do care about his happiness at work, but you disagree with his idea about the situation in the workplace. You may not accept that the management lied or hold information from the employees with the intention to mislead the workforce.

Withdraw gracefully out of more conversations. Do not let the co-worker appeal to your sympathetic nature, do not spend time on something that will bring only bad feelings and no good fruits as a harmonious workplace.

  • Listening to negative talk with no base, in reality, will produce long-term negative feelings and has a potentiality for bad behavior.

    You can become a negative magnet and drag you to be a negative person yourself and damage your position at the workplace.

Regularly negative people will need you to use this tips.

Genuine negative people will sac your energy and may negatively influence your peace of mind, spend as little time as you can with this negative co-workers. Negativity in the workplace can be cured

Causes of their long-term are not your thing to worry about. Negative people always have a story, listening to their story may impact your positive view, avoid yourself from listening to the stories, or reviewing the information about the complains it will cause the reinforcement of the negativity at your workplace.

Negativity affected people need a new life, job in a new company, or consulting

Those negative persons do not need your help, do not come close to them, keep your distance, avoid them, it is not right the close and participate their negative action. It may damage you and your workplace.

Examples Of Personality Disorders With Distorted Thinking Patterns

The way to deal with perpetually negative people

  • Do not spend your precious time with a coworker. For all what you read above, you need to limit the amount of time you spend with negative coworkers.

  • If you have to do it because of your responsibility, control your time, do not let it drag you down to the negativity. Tel the negative person that you prefer positively thinking about your job. Be careful not to show a sympathetic audience for negative issues.

  • If you are not professional mental health person do not take responsibility with a toxic negative person, send him to the HR team for help. Steer the coworker to get help with his negativity.

  • As a last mean, you will need to talk to your manager or the HR manager they should have experience and ideas about this kind of problem.

  • Do not forget that persistent negativity can impact the work environment negatively at your workplace in a way that will require disciplinary action up to employment termination.

  • If the negativity became persistent in your work-place and it is not addressed correctly consider moving to a new and better workplace.

    It may save you the worst situation as a collapse of this organization and losing the job anyhow.