Why Small Businesses are Vital to the Economy

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The business started at the done of humanity when people started to barter hunting with collection products. It was one to one business. When humans started to live in villages and towns the market where created and merchants and small business were born. Small business is the oldest way of making business. As humanity became dependent on exchanging goods people find the kind of economic activity they had better trait for doing it successfully, some were good artisans, other was the best blacksmiths and those with the talent of a salesman became the first merchants, Women where at home cooking and racing the children until the start of the industrial revolution when women started working in the textile industry and later became independent and started their own business.  https://www.thoughtco.com/history-of-small-business-in-the-us-1147913

The communities business interaction works well when there is small business exchanging commercial activities, People are working in one business and consuming the other business products the business owners are too the consumers of the different business. It is a symbiotic combined texture where everyone is having a roll and so the community is enjoying the growth of their economy and get a cultural base at the same time.

Running a small business is a much more risky way of making a living than being an employee of a large corporation, in a change of the financial risk and hard work you have to invest on your successful small business can reward you with prosperity, and much more professional satisfaction, and social relationship with your community.

It is common to see how small business owners and employees are mingling together, the grocery shop owner goes to the next door barbershop and meet is client the barber and the bookstore owner at the same time there is a mechanic from the garage cutting his hair. The next day the bookstore employee meet the barber at the town’s library where the garage owner wife is working later at evening they all meet at the pub for a drink joining the Dentist they all know. This was the only reality possible before the big shopping centers and chain store and chain food took place in our life. Small Business Economics

Independence and Autonomy

The traditional small business way is in-fronting the large companies that take one small business that is successful with its business personality and copy-pastes it into too many homogenize stores over the country or the whole world. It is made so that you can not know where you are if you are inside the business. Let us say it is a restaurant, it will look the same in LA as in NY or Moscow and Beijing. The same is with Pharmacies or any other chain businesses. There will be no personal touch on the product neither personal relations with between clients and consumers. A chicken soup will be the same flavor and will be served on the same plate in chain restaurants while the same soup will have different favorites at different places. The local small business is part of the region’s patrimonial history. Local small business will use local topics for their publicity, like T-Shirts of the local basketball team.  Small Business Administration

Meaningful Jobs

In the last 25 years, we can see that small business create two-thirds of the net new jobs. Small business employment is not only an essential part of the total posts, and it is vital for quality jobs too.

It is easier to feel satisfaction from your work in a small business where you can communicate with owner of a business and not a manager that reports to his boss that report to the third degree higher boss or more distance from the decision taking level, not talking about owners that may be in different parts of the world without any way of really intervene with companies management. Survival act

Local Economies

The prosperity of a place depends a lot on the local economic activity, the commerce is creating a web of business interaction and dependency that creates jobs and produces money that feeds the whole tissue of the businesses.

Local business pays the employees wages that produce demand at the local small businesses and payroll taxes for the local authorities. The salaries go to consumption from the local businesses and revenue to pay taxes to the State and municipality. For example, a municipality that is more a sleeping town will have less tax collection than the one that is the center of restaurants, small hotels,

Shops and small stores, and gift shops for tourists, it will not be a surprise to see that the small business area will have better parks, cleaner and well-maintained streets than the sleeping town.

There is nothing more successful than the success itself, the more businesses are feeding and eating from the symbiosis, the more business they do the more they grow and the more people will come to buy eat or make business. An example of how the local authorities can help the small business  NYC Small business services

Hard times can come with no relation to the place you have your business is located. Being part of a strong small business community can help you and the other businesses to survive the crisis, crowd-funding or giving guarantees to the part of the group that needs to be saved and keeps being your clients at the same time.

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