You are asking for raise, Take a note of the do and do not do

You are asking for raise, Take note of the do and do not do

Bellow are the recommendations we give you for the success of your next request for an increase in wage. 

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  1. Take advantage of success with an essential accomplishment like a big order from a robust client or a new big client you achieved to convinced to chose your company as its supplier. Do not lose the opportunity! Ask for a raise.

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  1. Write a paper do not approach your boss unprepared and empty-handed. Make a list of the reason you deserve a raise. Your last significant achievement and a description of the expansion in your work responsibilities, your contribution to the new direction your department is taking and the improvement it will bring to the company. Learn your paper very well, Do not hesitate, talk openly in a convincing term. Remember that you are selling your work and need to get your boss to say yes. Make a printed copy so your boss will be able to read and discuss it with other colleagues.

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  1. Like any other action, timing can is very important. Your employer can have, or not performance reports every few months or a yearly report. Investigate with your colleagues or HR department and align your request with this kind of reports. Take into consideration the financial state of your employer; it is easy to convince your boss when he does not have pressure with the finances. Selecting a right moment for asking a raise, do not ask for raise when the company is in trouble even if you are the great saver of it. Wait until it was saved to collect your praise. Do not expect definite answers from those who feel like you are blackmailing them. Company policy can be a regular way to hire, give raises of fire employees. If you worth it than the poly will be left aside, they will accept your raise if you worth it.

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  1. Unfortunately, it did not happen as you waited, the company gave you a negative answer. Ask them if they think that you overvalued yourself. This question will give place for another question to ask the employer. “Is it that my worth does not reach what I am asking as a raise, or you have no budget to cover my raise, In case that the answer that it is a budget issue you should answer that you understand it and you will have to see what you can do about it. It is a fine lead to the fact that you are going to look for an alternative job. It will make the employer’s HR and Manager finding the value for your accomplishment of the service you give to the company.

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Would they give me a raise?

  1. Appearance and personality are essential to look for your tie and ironed shirt or blouse and your dress shoes too. Do not exaggerate only be OK and you will feel more confident.

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  1. You may have a NO for an answer, think of alternatives for another proposition smaller ones, it is hard to say no for a smartphone or laptop. You can ask when you could come back with your request for a higher salary.

  2. Email is useful only for coordinating meeting not for asking a raise of salary. You must meet your boss in person and talk about your salary and your predominance in the company. It is an excellent opportunity to feel your boss about your future in the company. A personal meeting may build a better relationship between you and your manager; you can get a better idea of how to manage the next raise request.

  3. Look for a calm moment at work, avoid putting more stress on the person that has to listen to you patiently with using his full attention. You need your boss in a good mood take the time and patience to approach your boss in a perfect moment for your interest.

Your merits are enough for a raise

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  1. Once you are presenting your request, be careful not to sound like you are giving an ultimatum unless you do not care to lose your present job. Being diplomatic with your manager is essential for future meetings. It is all right to ask for a raise as it is for giving a negative answer there is always a second opportunity. If it repeats a few times, you better check for a new job.

  2. Use your accomplishments to convince authorities to pay you a better wage. Never use information about your colleagues’ salary, even if you know that it has not gossiped it is not a professional approach. The right way is to talk about yourself, the quality as to (your) cost. is your payroll mate

  3. Your personal information as nothing to do with your request for raise. Your raise depends on your performance, not on your need for extra money to resolve the personal budget. Do not bag for help, ask for what you believe you gain by your merits.

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Now wait with patience, it is common that your case will be analyzed with more than one person and maybe more than one meeting. Only if you work for small business and your boss id the sole owner you may have an intimidate answer. In a big company, it must be making a route through HR department, budget section and General manager office for final approve or disprove.