You have eleven reasons why to prefer being self-employed.

PAYSTUBMAKR.COM team have the pleasure to publish this article about the reasons why to prefer being self-employed.

Everything has it’s good and happy moments like a content client and satisfaction of excellent job you just made and collected its pay. Sad and ugly times so is the life of a self-employed person, New clients hunting, deadline to meet and hellish clients that do not know what they are looking but you need to make them happy and collect your pay. These are the daily struggles of a self-employed. Clients from hell The daily hustle can make you forget why self-employment is a great way to produce and be happy.

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1. Enjoy being your boss.

our way without a boss constantly checking in on you and pressuring you to explain your ideas. While your client could be seen as your boss, their primary role is to receive the service you provide. Despite the occasional diffiAs an independent worker, you don’t have any subordinates to rely on. You are in charge of doing things ycult client, they’ll ultimately be satisfied if they receive what they asked for under the agreed-upon conditions.


A  mini home office

2. Your expenses and time spending

Commuting is close to zero cost and zero time spent when you work at home. If you do have your office it should be very close to your home; it is your choice where to rent your working office.

Two more critical topics are child care and launching out; you can eat at home your tasty and healthy food and keep an eye on the child while taking a break from your keyboard and screen.

Things are a little bit distinct when you are self-employed by your own business and have a small team to lead, there will be more headache but may be much more earnings. 

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3. Making more money

If you do the same kind of work that you could do as an employee in a company, you should make more money per order because you have fewer expenses than a company with office direct cost, administration and staff. As per year earnings that depend if you can hunt enough clients. Freelancer earns 45% more Let us see an example, In a design office paying the employee $20 per hour a job that takes 5 hours will have $100 for the work $20 for the office fixed cost and at list $40 for gains. You can bargain better price than the office and make some real money.


A multi-screen home office

4. Interaction with co-workers

Not all your co-workers become your friends only a few of them will be your friends for life; others will be those who make life miserable in a working place. Working alone at home or in your little office will be comfortable and pleasant.

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5. The mixture of projects and the challenge of doing new things

Working like one little screw of a bigger machine (Remember Charlie Chaplin?) in the complexity of a company with many co-workers and bosses comparing to be alone and take your chances to do anything you dare to do. You work close to the clients learn from them what they need and do it by researching and trying in a way that brings you to new professional frontiers. It may be hard to be alone, but you can climb up to a level that you hardly will have the chance in a company where hierarchy is stiff. By taking challenges, you can develop your creativity.

It can be your little office at home

6. The work area as you like it.

Your desk, char, walls, music, and flowers are all what you like, not what all the guys have. Not mentioning the ergonomically designed chair, desk and keyboard you have now at your place. Home office set up

7. Equip yourself with you like and need.

You are alone on the equipment and office stationary no need of authorization by three or four levels of administration. You can look for the stuff you like or the stuff that gives you more job and quality performance, starting with computers, screens, and printers and ending with staplers and pen and pencils.

8. Dress as you like

You need no uniform or suits, dress casual, and comfort. Be yourself and not one more white shirt and blue pans. You should take care of dressing when you meet clients or on a video call.

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9. Timing and schedules are your decision.

Some people are night worker other are early birds, you can build your routine according to your preference. You can take more orders and work around the clock for some days.

A nice niche at your home is good enough

10. Success sharing?

Your success is yours. Not like the company you worked before, the credit is yours, make sure it is proper credit. You can earn more clients and make more money.

11. Client selection

Growing client list can permit you to select your clients, something you could not do es employee.

You may eliminate the kind of clients that give you a hard time because they do not understand what is that you can do and how to instruct you.

The 21st century’s new lifestyle is being self-employed and works from an home-office, I am thankful for being able to enjoy this fantastic productive lifestyle. After being the boss of 500 employees and having my bosses on top of anything that happened with the big business.

I am free to seat in my home office or at the backyard on the garden furniture writing for a living. Dressing anything I feel comfortable with the car in the garage as there is no need to struggle the roads on high pick hours.

You have no boss on your back or hellish clients on your nerves stress is lower, so it leaves space for more happiness.

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