You Want to Be Happy at Work, Here is How

You Can Convert Your Workplace Enjoyable and Fun


   By John Wolf       

Google is known for the working conditions that motivate the employees. Google’s perks are known as the best in the world’s best, including healthy and gourmet food, Swimming pool, billiard and ping pong, has a gym for employees and more available activities at the workplace. The same is the other big corporations Like Google or Microsoft and more.


There is a dark side to the investment in employee perks.

State of the art perks are attractive to the employees; they can stay after work to enjoy the Gym instead of going to an outside gym in their way home. It may happen that they will stay after work for playing billiard or ping pong and go back home later them the time it would take to commute from work to home. The work-life balance will be going out of balance with bad influence on the family life of the employees. The employer should be thinking on this issue when he floods the workplace with perks.

Perks are not the only mean to use for making the employees happier. A happy workforce will be more productive; you will have to use some more ways to make your people happier.

How to be a Friends and Influence your Workers.

Be Happy at Work because you want to be happy while working

  • You can choose to be happy in your workplace. It is not as simple as it sounds, you may find it difficult to make realty at your workplace, the employer may help or may be indifferent to the happiness of its workers. Be positive about your work. Hold on what you like and enjoy at work, and avoid negative co-workers and negative talk like gossip. Make friend with the coworkers you like and spend time with them. You can make it a happy place if you do the right things and keep the right people near you. Your choices at the workplace are what will make your happiness at work.

  • Do every day one thing that you love to do. Your job may be boring and make you unhappy if you look for the parts of your job that are not boring you will find something that you like to do and it makes you happy when you do it. By finding something that you like to do and do it every day your job will look much more interesting, and you will be much more happy in your workplace.

  • Your professional and personal growth is something that will keep you busy happy. You are the one who will gain from your effort to grow. You can ask your employer to give you a hand with your personal development. Look for training plans at your work, ask for mentoring with the best people at your workplace

How to Create a Happy Workplace

  • Be involved in what is happening in your workplace. Knowledge will not knock on your door, you need the look for it to ask for it, your boss is busy with his work, and he does not know what knowledge you are missing. Seek the information about how to do a better job or some things you miss understand perfectly. Build a network of knowledge with friends and coworkers and online network using social media or forums of the people that do the same type of work. Be assertive asking for meetings with your boss on a fixed scheduled basis. It is up to you to look for the information you receive. You are the one that will gain or lose from a well-done job or wrongly made work.

  • Keep yourself informed about feedback. Do not take the position of the complainer. If your boss does not keep you informed about the way he sees your performance, look at yourself, you must know to feel if you are doing good or bad at work. If you are a salesperson, you may look at the sales and see if you make them grow or not. If you see that your sales went down, look for improvement. You can ask your boss for feedback, talk with your clients too, some of them will be that frank that they will tell you their feedback on the way they feel buying from you or getting your service. Never forget that it is you that be the one who takes care of your career.

  • Do not take more then you can, do not promise what you can not comply. Having a system and organizing is important for the ability to complete your commitments. If you see that you will need help from your boss, ask for it and avoid failing with unkept promises.

  • Avoid Negativity. Do not fall into gossip games and negative or unhappy people; negativity has a strong impact on your mood.

    5 Proven Tips To Be Happier At Work

Always keep singing in your car on your way to work

  • Always have Professional Courage. Most people do not like conflicts. If you have never been trained to manage meaningful conflict, you will be scared to get into a workplace conflict. Resolving a conflict about your job will help you to accomplish your work mission and your vision. Conflict about work can end in a new way to treat your clients, a more efficient process or a new product. All that you need is some courage to present a new idea and stand the conflict until you win it.

  •  Make Friends. Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman in their book “First, Break All The Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently,” listed twelve questions that employees were asked to answer. When those questions were answered positively, it was an indicator that these workplace employees are happy and motivated. “Do you have a best friend at work?” is one important question, having your best friend at work show that this is a good place to work and be happy.

  • If you could not get it all right and be happy in one company go searching for a new job while keep smiling. Your best place is out there waiting for you to join a happier working place. Most of the working places are closely the same. Do look for the place that will make you feel happy and satisfied.

Feeling good at work is more important than the wage and benefits you are offered.

A place where you do not feel happy will bring you only negative results.

1. The feeling of unhappiness on a daily base.

2. Developing your career will be difficult.

3. Living under stress will affect your health.

Take our recommendations and sail ahead with your career and life. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog