Your complete guide for successful startup, a business plan chapter 1

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Just starting a business is not enough you will need to know where are you going, and what you will need to reach the goal. If you do not have a clear vision and a make a good business plan that will lead you through the process that is needed to have your business making money.

First, there is an idea, later a plan and then a new business

This guide is covering from A to Z, from the constitution of the corporation and the finances to the business plan and growing your online business.

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How to Brainstorm Ideas for a Business Management Plan

Starting a business

Starting business is a multitask game, starting from a finding the name for filing taxes crossing through many things that you need to build, create or resolve. To avoid losing your way among all these tasks, you must write a working plan or in more common name business plan. Once you have a well-planned description of what you need, when you need stuff and how the business has to be created, you must have your eyes on the execution of the plan and the updating of it according to the reality of every stage and every day.

The tree of ideas  How to write a business plan

You need a working plan for the same job of planning your business. Below is our overview of The passes you need to do to start a business and get it to succeed.

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What Is a Business Plan?

The business plan is your guide to the steps and jobs you need to take and do to reach the point that your business will do what business are supposed to do – making money.

Your business plan should have your product, the way it is structured, a market study and description, sales system or concepts. Funding and financial sources. Permits and licenses, leasing documentation that will be required.

A business plan has two faces; one is to show why it is a good idea to make this business and the other is the practical way to build it and make it work achieving the goals mentioned in the commercial part of it.

Great ideas for businesses can sprout freely; a bright idea can be a big success or a fiasco it is depending on well-done analysis and proper execution of a well-made business plan that keeps you out of making the wrong decision or missing essential materials or activities. There are some online tools that can help you in writing your business plan. Click here SBA business plan

How to write your business plan

  • Look for the differences that make your business unique from all the other companies in your segment.

  • The concentrated and short plan is more effective, too many words will make the readers – your partners or potential investors confused and not understanding the main salient points. You can add some information in annexed papers, tables, and lists.

  • Leave open for updating your plan must be related to a changing reality.

The first block in your plan must be your singularity, the reason why someone will buy from you and not from any other business that sells or give the same kind of products or services.

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If you choose to start a new bookstore for example, what will be the difference from the other bookstores in town? Why will you be more attractive than the competition? Are you going to have some books that are not easy to find? Or you are going to have a special treat to the clients, is your price is going to be lower than all other stores? Or maybe your store will be a coffee shop at the same time? Things that will make you unique from the competition can make it for you to be unique.


Never forget that what your selling is not only your product or service, it is the value and experience of your brand too.

With no answer about your uniqueness, you have no heart for your business. Do not start putting words and numbers together for your business plan if you do not have a clear winning formula for your uniqueness.

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Keep it short and simple

People have no time for reading, and they can get tired of too many details about your projects.

You must make it short and easy to read and digest. You will be surprised to see how some people look at the bottom line where the gain or lost appears. The feasibility of your plan is what they care, show it in short and clear terms. A brief reader will look for you advantage on in the marketplace and your dollars and cents sheets. In shorter words “Is your product or service have an edge?” are they show possible high Return on Investment (ROI)? You need to make one set of business plan for investor and other for yourself where you can write all the detailed information. A business plan should be easy to take the nut out of the shell.

Your first edition must be easy to update for new investment or new market situation.

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A business plan that was made correctly will be easily subject to updating at any time it is needed. Market research is essential for you to plan as well as the cost of managing your operation. In case that your business is a high tech business a long shot on where the new technologies are going too. Your planning must consider being lean and mean and ready for new products in the market. team thanks you for reading this article, we will keep writing the whole topic