Your First Day of a New Job? make a good first impression

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The First Day of a New Job, how to make a good first impression

Teammates like to know who is this newcomer, they watch the new employees and try to make a judgment from the first second they see him or here, they changed a word or notice his way in doing his job. A negative “First impression” may make a hard time for a newcomer to catch up on a new job.

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A new employees would ask a lot of question about the new place code and about the job itself, naturally some question may sound stupid, how you react on this is very important, if you are more like of a sportsman or woman and take things comfortable and cool may build a right image of your character. There are ways to make an instant impression that you are going to be one good part of the team.

How to survive your first day in a new job

Here is some advice on how to make it on day one.

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1. You must define your goals on the new role.

The best to do on the first day is to make sure about what is your exact job, what is expected from your direct boss. Making it crystal clear first so you do not lose time and make unnecessary mistakes. Asking your boss in a simple and strictly way about what he wants you to do and in what time he expects things to be done. Make sure to know what is the expectation and if you have the tools and resources to achieve the goals. Leaving this essential factors with no clear idea of what is the reality will lead you to lose the chance to quickly take a good position or even can cause you to lose your new job.

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2. Humans are more important than problems and issues.

First, meet the co-worker and subordinates, listen to them carefully and with complete attention. The sooner you will know your colleagues the better. The first day is when people are taking each others pulse and build their respect and position. All that was mentioned above is even more crustal if you are in a managing passion. As a manager, you will need the confidence of your subordinates.

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The connection is the first thing to do, starting at day one with a personal touch is more effective than presenting changes by a newcomer. It is easier to accept a change from a better-known person and for you, it is better to know who is your staff how they are going to take the change of manager and managing plans. In short-words, gain the people first and make changes later.

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3. You need to learn your new place, take time to read all about the business you are its employee now.

Instead of starting in action and learn after making wrong steps, Make sure that you know better what is going in this new working place. Take the first day or two more for reading all that you can find about the company’s issues, culture, and norms. The more you know, the better you do your job with success.

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4. Listening is better than talking

Instead of telling about yourself hear what your new co-worker have to tell you. Being a good listener let you gain essential information and their sympathy.

Modesty is a good virtue as a rule of life. Being modest on your first day in a new job is a perfect way to win the confidence and support of your new teammates. A decent start will be avoiding talking about you great past and big your future conquests. Instead of telling the people what you are going to change, ask them about their achievements and trait be a listener show them that you are going to need their collaboration, tell them that you need to learn from them, not that you are the great master that is going to teach them all new world.

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5. Communication with your superior

How you are going to communicate with your boss is the first-hour question, do not leave it for tomorrow. Make clear if you are going to use casual in-person meetings, use email or one of the online messaging applications. You are the new guy in town that should adopt the managers working style. Be one of the team from the first moment by using the team’s habits.

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6. Introduction is important

Your intimidate boss should introduce you to your colleagues; it can be good step to present yourself to those who work near you or on the same project. Be sure that they are curious to know who is the newcomer. Breaking ice is always a good way to start the relationship. Being open and lovely to the people is a good way to show that it will be nice to have you on the same team. Build a positive atmosphere in the workplace; it will help you get better results in the job and let you go home after a long working day with much less stress.

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7. The working place special language cues

Any group of humans develops his particular language, slang or jargon. The fastest you learn your colleague’s way of expression the better. You will feel better at the same time that you will make your new coworkers feel that you belong to their “nation”. Ask when you hear word or phrases that you do not understand, write it down and make sure you use it correctly.


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8. Downtime is not for sleeping

It can happen that in the first day or a few days more you will have some downtime because your boss or coworkers did not finish to introduce you to the place routine. Try not to stay passive, offer help in any way you can though it may be a simple basic thing to do. You can earn the sympathy of your teammates and build rapport with them much faster than by being waiting passively to be directed. 

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