Your workplace can be a better place when you build empathy part 1

Your workplace would be a better place, after building an empathy

Understanding the feelings and emotions of other people means having empathy

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   By John Wolf

Empathy at a workplace is the sum of the people that are naturally good with being empathy to their co-workers.

Not all your employees are that emphatic, and some can have less feeling for their co-workers. Do not worry if nice, empathetic workers do not surround you. Empathy is also taught, it is said that today’s society is less empathetic than the generations of the 20th century. Can you teach people to be empathetic

Here are four ways to create empathy in yourself and improve your workplace.

Psychologist offers four ways to build empathy in yourself and your friend or co-worker:

  1. Look for your internal and external peace.

  2. Once you have a conversation with a co-worker keep watching him and listen to his talk carefully.

  3. Check yourself about what you are feeling.

  4. Give yourself a chance to listen to your instinct.

Looking like she is worried about a you

Be Quiet, Inside and Out

Working under pressure makes it hard to stop and feel what your co-worker is doing or feeling about anything in the workplace.

Sometimes things went too busy and stressed for you to remember your feelings and surely your team-mates too.

No one miss working, everyone would like to have long vacations. The reality is that people keep working too many hours to many for keeping the family and friends live out of working time. Heavy working stress will affect your life negatively.

You need a discipline of taking time for rest. A short walk during lunchtime will do good for your mood, and just a small break will clear your head and recharge your mental energy so you will have enough for work and for attending the people around you.

The importance of empathy – a video

Fully Watch as Well as Listen

Listening and hearing are two sides of our sound detecting and sound processing system. Listening is the fact that we heard a sound, listening means that we got the meaning of the same sound into our brain and conscious.

Watching means using our eyes to see an image and its movement, and understanding its meaning and intention not only the shape of it, when we watch we build the ability to empathize with other people. Body language watching means using the information sent to us by the body language of the other person.

Building empathy in your workplace will need you to listen, watch, and learn your co-workers, starting from the gate man up to the top boss.

Worried or happy?

When a workplace is in one space, it is easy to learn what is going with your co-workers. You start the day by meeting the doorman and saying good morning his tone of the answer can tell you that he is very happy today. Watching Mary working with no making some jokes can tell you that she is passing some rough days. Your boss face can tell you that he has some unusual pressure after the board meeting.

When John is asking for help in doing some complicate calculation, you will see that he is worried because he was called for a meeting with HR staff.

It will be much different when you work from home or different places in the world, this workplace is a virtual place, how you can build empathy when you do not see your co-worker?

You may be an HR person at one location, but your fellow HR are staying one in each working location. You need to cooperate with your colleagues without having them close to you. In this case, you will need to build empathy by Video conference, Phone, chat, and email communication.

The use of video conferencing is the closest way to listening and watching; Some people will not like being in front of a video camera.

The tone of voice has an absolute influence on the way we listen to the same words. Using only written communication

will leave as short in making ourselves understood or even worst, reading can be interpreted, there is little you can do for passing empathy by written.

En empathic face

Learn What Are your Feelings

Empathy deal with the feelings between different people. Your feeling is influencing the way your mood that will make your empathy to others changed accordingly. It is hard to be friendly towards your co-workers when you are not feeling good. Only professional comedians can keep telling jokes while they are sad about their own loses.

You should understand your feeling before you can understand other people feel.

Check about yourself how do you feel when you got a new most important assignment, if you feel happy and excited but overwhelmed with all the work that is expecting you.

Now you can understand Mary’s feeling when she got this new project that will take about six months of hard work and the promotion she is expecting after having a successful project done and accepted by her boss. team thanks you for a visit and reading this blog