How to Detect a Fake Paystub

Generating a pay stub online
Generating a pay stub online

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Be careful; fake pay stubs can look like real ones.

Nowadays, it can be challenging for lenders to differentiate between real and fake paystubs. Rapid technological improvement, which enables people to generate check stubs, has made detecting it more difficult. If you are in a similar dilemma, here is something constructive to see a fake pay stub. Read on.

Are you a lender or an employer?

If yes, you might be well-versed with the significance of a pay stub. When you offer a loan or have a job opening in your company, it is the same document that helps you judge the person.

Checking the pay stubs
Checking the pay stubs


But what if you come across a fake pay stub? Sounds dreadful?

Yes, it is possible. There are several methods available that can be used to generate fake check stubs. The major problem is that these are often identical to the real ones up to a great extent.

So, how do you ensure the pay stub you come across is real? Here are some easy ways to distinguish the real pay stub from fake ones. RentPrep website for renters is writing its recommendations.

Ask for permission to verify a stub:

It is essential to first seek permission from the people who offered their pay stubs. Once approval is granted, you will verify its authenticity. You must have a form clearly stating how you own permission from the concerned people to check the details of their financial statements.

This will include a signature and the date filled in by the individual providing you the permission to proceed with verification.

Checking income proof
Reviewing Income proof


Begin verification of the business’s existence:

Have you checked for the employer or the firm specified on the pay stub submitted? Do they exist? This can be done by checking for the business license from the city, state, or country, wherever they operate. The licensing body of the town keeps details of the person running the business. You can seek their help online and get information from their database.

Alternatively, call the licensing office and ensure that the business operates there.

Confirm the person’s existence/relation to the firm specified:

Once you are sure that the company listed on the document is honest, it is time to look a step ahead. You must ensure that the person you check is associated with the business.

If you fail to find any evidence to support the individual was employed there at that particular time, you have spotted a fake pay stub.

Don’t forget to confirm the salaries.

Many people tend to state a higher figure as a salary. Maybe they are looking forward to getting an enormous sum as a monthly income. But this is certainly not good for employers or lenders.

Creating pay stubs


The simplest way to determine if the income is correct would be to verify it through public and private wage databases. These are available on various public websites. All you need to do is enter the region and its designation. And it will give you a clear insight into the minimum and maximum income levels.

If the amount stated is invalid, it confirms that the submitted pay stub was forged.

Thus, follow the guidelines above the next time you hire or approve a loan.

Have you recently spotted a fake paycheck? Don’t forget to share your story of fake check stubs with us. It might help someone in the future!

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